ThunderBolt update

Finally, the Gingerbread update for the HTC ThunderBolt (that'd be the one we told you about this morning) is once again pushing out. This is the second time Gingerbread's headed to the ThunderBolt; it was pulled earlier because of some bugs, including by not limited to voicemail.

Go to settings>software update to get things going, and hit the forums link below to see how it's going for everybody.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!
More in the HTC ThunderBolt forums

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motodunner says:

Just got mine...I am located in Oregon

carter17 says:

Wack think ill stick with cm7 so much better then what HTC and Verizon put out IMO

RUSH says:

Damn.. I hope they finally got this right this time. I'm just sorry for those poor souls who is dying to have the features of gingerbread. I'm looking forward to ICS update.

Small_law says:

Jeez Phil. I know your T-Bolt's had a hard life, but at least stop cleaning the screen with sandpaper.

FreudSlipped says:

My first reaction too. Jeez, can't they give him a case?

Firespyer says:

service unavailable when I try

markhick says:

mee too! Outside Philadelphia

tmijares95 says:

Me Too Tried The 1x Thing But Also The Same-__-

wahoo321 says:


Dirty Crow says:

Yup, same error, service unavailable. I'm in Albany NY.

I hate VZW

Same with service unavailable, gotta love our tunderdumps

cea1203 says:

I have had my gingerbread update from the last time and it worked perfectly? Never had a problem and it made the phone so much better

Small_law says:

Getting service unavailable too...

DJEDYK says:

Getting service unavailable too!!! And Im in Wilmington Mass

emerald9954 says:

My T Bird updated it self at 9:30pm

CrazyEyed says:

I updated mine the first time it came out and it seems to be fine. Phone performance greatly improved. I believe battery improved too...that is until 4G was recently turned on in my area lol

trpttrooper says:

Same here Service Unavailable..... Phoenix,AZ

markhick says:

Are you/were you rooted? I unrooted for this but still have s-off, wonder if that matters?

taylordg85 says:

Its sad when you try and update with mind you all bars showing and you get Error: Service Unavailable. In the famous words of Ed Lover: "C'MON Man!!!"

ScottG says:

Now the question arises, do I unroot and revert to stock just for the update or not? (Previously running Das BAMF Sense 3.0 GB)

DocJ#WN says:

I'm getting service unavailable too. I'm in Chicago, IL

MinaSamy says:

service unavailable in Orlando

carter17 says:

Scottg no if ur running bamf ur allready running GB no need to inless you just want to run stock for some crazy reason

DC Damien says:

It pushed out to my phone. I picked it up earlier tonight and had the update notification on the screen. perhaps because i also finished the last update before it was pulled.

Montanaboyy says:

Service unavailable here too - Utah.

Service Unavailable here in Northern Cali ALSO....

Service Unavailable in New Orleans....

jls9999 says:

I've had Gingerbread for a while now. Smart people root their phones and download updates at their own leisure.

doctorg23 says:

What the the heck does service unavailable even mean? I am getting the same error on my phone and my wife's!!!!!!!

bldmovs says:

Service unavailable. Omaha Nebraska.

Some smart people dont want to deal with rooting phones....although I will say rooting my phone was the smartest thing ever. Haha

Davhed says:

Service Unavailable in NYC.....

doctorg23 says:

How is Verizon so stupid? This is so unbelievably unprofessional and ridiculous!

Kronko says:

I got GB the first day it was released and my phone has been working just fine.

Now I get service unavailable as well. Atlanta, GA

chuckc01 says:

Service Unavailable also in Seattle (Well Bremerton WA) also... We don't have 4g yet either...

chuckc01 says:

Yes VZW you have the best coverage in my area but I still hate you! Your just the lesser of the evils. I'm glad I'm rooted and getting wifi teathering for FREE and more! Bastards...

jhod says:

Service unavail... Phx, AZ... 1x does work either! I mean come on! Got my tbold on day one and it was outdated before I turned on! Weakness!

jhod says:

Oh, now 4G is out...AGAIN.....................

jmc2543 says:

I am going to check out the update to see if I like it. Kept s-off so I can still change back if I so please. As far as the error people are getting its actually something that other owners of the TBolt have gotten in previous updates. Here is the link to the post on the VZ Support forum regarding it.

juanmph1 says:

Error service unavailable..this is making me mad.

You Been doing that since last night

I keep getting.... Service unavailable, go to settings to check when service is available. Or something to that extent..

vickery1956 says:

Service unavailable here error here also in southeast S.C.! What is up with this!! Come on Verizon!!

I keep getting.... Service unavailable, go to settings to check when service is available. Or something to that extent..

Edwill86 says:

"Error: service unavailable"
here is NJ (right near VZW corp HQ)
I have the first GB update hat was pulled with all the issues

just got this right this sec



MD_Kearns says:

I received my update automatically around 0550, EST, in Dayton OH. So far, I have found no problems and the 4G issues I was having seem to be better. I got in early on the original update, but I found no Serious problems with, except the 4G issues. I was really concerned about the HTC Logger issues when it was revealed, but I paid extra attention to my security.

bmcdon02 says:

Just downloaded 2.11.605.5 took about 5 mins, only about 13MB. I had 2.11.605.3 from the first "update". Location Philly.

droid83 says:

Who was the lucky mofos who told you the update was out and on thier phones. This is bullshit. Error since last night. HTC Rezound here I come dAmmit

Synycalwon says:

Chill dude! It goes in batches. Not everyone will get the update immediately. Constantly mashing that "Check for new software" button isn't going to make it appear any sooner. If you're that impatient, go get the full RUU (ex. from Android Police) and flash your phone with it. Of course that wipes your phone, so back up your data first. Otherwise, patience young padawan, patience. :)

AFirefighter says:

Mine pushed this morning around 7:50am outside of Philly.

DJEDYK says:

Still waiting on my update....still says SERVICE UNAVAILABLE....whatever!

lloydbeatz says:


doctorg23 says:

Still service unavailable. I wish I had the cajones to root and tether and do all the naughty stuff, but I am a loyal, by the book customer and this is how I am treated! VZW is pissing me off!

I am having the same issue & also don't know if I have the balls to root.. But once the nexus comes out then I can take this phone a try & root it

smthomas66 says:

I will attempt the root procedure after my warranty is up and I get the upgrade notice. That way if I brick it by doing something stupid I'll just order a new device. I'm pretty savvy with tech devices but the thought of voiding my warranty before it's up and not having a local friend that can give me a quick hands on in person is keeping me away from trying it especially when the instruction basically give a big warning before it should be attempted.

joewyno says:

Service unavailable in the Chicago area.

Service unavailable in Boston

Is anyone else having rebooting problems.., when I try to reboot my TB sometimes it takes 3 to 4 times to get it to turn back on.. That's with battery pulls.. This just started happening about a week ago & also not receiving calls every now & then.. I was on call at work, they were trying to call my phone fur almost an hour till it finally rung.. Hopefully thus update helps.. If not I am going to have to try & root it..

emmac1 says:

I was able to update last time and don't have any issues that I've noticed but I would still like to get the new update to bad Reno Nevada has no service either

GregMargie says:

I got the original gb update. Messed up my vm alerts and other problems. Have not received a pushed update. When I try to check for new updates, I too g et the Service unavailable

lajuan08 says:

I just spoke with a Verizon tech. He said the Gingerbread update isnt out yet... Smh! Do they communicate with each other?

Knyte says:

So I called VZW and they have no idea why the Service Unavailable error is happening and shifted me over to HTC support.. and wouldn't you know it.. HTC claims the update has not officially been released and that is the reason for the error AND anyone who claims to have gotten the update already may not be telling the truth or obtained the update by "other" means.

Also looking on the HTC Tbolt forums a poster claims it WILL NOT be available for manual update and you MUST wait for it to push to your phone via VZW and that could take up to 3 weeks... hrmm

smthomas66 says:

Actually, my phone was just able to get it through the check for new software means. I got the original GB push before they halted it so this comes in at 13.927 MB (version 2.11.605.5). I'm almost done with the install and hoping the TBolt is as good as ever.

DJEDYK says:

I'm still pushing, in Wilmington Mass. NOTHING. GREAT PHONE....but no update.

DJEDYK says:

WAIT!!! Checking now!! I think its downloading!! Cant wait to see it!! in Wilmington Ma.

vickery1956 says:

Just got the update file, downloading file now!!

vickery1956 says:

Will let you know what happens soon after update. There really IS a update.

vickery1956 says:

The update went well, does not seem to be any issues so far. I got original Gingerbread update so I don't see anything really new, but I will check it later. I guess they are pushing this out in waves,so just take a breath, I am sure all of you that are getting the error message will soon get update. I too got the error for a long time, but eventually it will come. :)

K_Daddy says:

Just got my update, do far so good.

Downloading in Tuscaloosa, AL. I got the original GB update, so this one is only a little over 13 MB.

Rebooting now...

Voicemail works now. They did not fix the desktop/bedside clock, it still doesn't work, was fine before first GB update. :(

Knyte says:

ok downloading now in Chesapeake VA. w00t!

vtmtnbiker01 says:

I was able to pull the update last night around 10:30pm. However after the download and the phone restarted I get the error image of the "!" mark in the triangle. Luckily I had a backup to go back onto. Should also mention I am rooted but without a custom rom.