HTC ThunderBolt bootloader

Anyone with their RSS reader pointed toward Taiwan should know by now that today an Android 2.3.4 test build has leaked out for the HTC ThunderBolt. If you're not the sort who enjoys buggy test builds, better to stay away for now. But if you're the adventurous type, links to the source files and a rooted, flashable build are below.

Source: 911HTC; flashable download: XDA Developers


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Test build of Android 2.3.4 leaks for ThunderBolt


Let me start by saying I basically love my Thunderbolt(s)... Now, let me also say:
- battery is woeful
- GPS takes forever to lock in
Now all of the tweaking, settings and additional batteries and chargers are fun, but I hope the 2.3 release addresses these issues at the core. Will it? Any chance or are we doomed? This phone has so much potential that may never be realized unless these issues are addressed. I keep mine in 3g mode to try and save the battery and can barely make a day. There are forums and places to gripe, but why should I have to work so hard to enjoy what would otherwise be a great device. Is there any chance a 2.3.x upgrade will address the fundamental issues users are having?

Bottom line people have to come to terms with exactly what LTE really is. That is what drains the battery on any LTE enabled device on Verizon. That will not change no gingerbread will help that. The thunderbolt is a nice device but something has to be said about their version of 4g every carrier deals with how there network effects the devices they run on. LTE is a WOEFUL BATTERY DRAINING NETWORK

actually YOU have to come to terms with the fact that LTE is superior to wimax, wimax is just as bad if not worse than LTE

I have the Samsung Charge and HTC Thunderbolt. Currently I am in a non LTE area, which is changing Thursday. The Charge has a much better battery life in 3g, and marginally better on LTE. Its not only the radios that are used. It is a new technology and efficiency will only get better. Programming a device is just as important as the technology of the power delivery system.

My question is, since this is a flawed version, does anyone have a guess as to when a stable build will be produced? Or is my Charge going to be updated first?

I switched from a BB Bold to a Thunderbolt. Thank GOD I only signed up for a one year contract. Battery life is terrible. There is no way I would put a product out with this type of battery life. Thanks for paying two hundred and some dollars for this phone, now go buy a $50 battery so you can make through the day.

Like cguella stated. I keep mine in 3G and the background data turned off so I can make it with a standard size battery. I have the large battery but there is no good cases yet.

Overall the Android OS is not that bad. The messaging sucks compaired to BB, but the browsing and apps are better.

But, in the end, I learned my lesson. Never leave BB...

I think your in the minority having regrets about leaving bb. A phones battery life doesn't speak for all of android. The choices you have and ability to customize on android is far superior to bb. I used to be a long time bb owner and wish I left sooner. But your entitled to your opinion

The reason the battery is no good for the thunderbolt is because of the DRAINING LTE NETWORK...Android is not a reflection of that trust me people will find out thqat LTE and paying all that extra money for LTE device WILL NOT BE WORTH IT after every see's what LTE does to the battery on their devices.

I realize that it's the LTE network more so than the OS, however, that is what I paid for. I don't want to turn off 4G, background data, this and that, this and that, so I can make it through the day.

I am guessing that this means there is light at the end of the tunnel for my T-Bolt. Since I wait till after warranties expire to do any messing around I will be waiting for 2.3 to be released unless my warranty expires before then.

Have this and the Charge. The battery on the charge is pretty amazing on 3g, haven't tried lte yet but houston next week, and maybe get some when Pensacola goes live. But will be interested in seeing what happens when gingerbread hits my TBolt. One is going to my mom and I am keeping the other. Wonder when gb is heading to the Charge. I know there history, but they have it on the nexus s.

Can you define "pretty amazing" battery life? How many hours and what kind of usage? I keep reading about great battery life on the Charge and am now very curious.


Yeah ok, pretty amazing on 3g for the charge my Evo 4g gets great 3g battery life as well. Place that charge on LTE and I bet the battery life won't be no better than the thunderbolt..LTE DRAINS BATTERIES FASTER THAN ANY OTHER 4G NETWORK.

Wow, guy, give it up. Most of the people you've replied a variation of this too explicitly stated that they run it in 3G. Around here, that generally means they know how to shut 4G off completely. We all know that LTE literally sucks power out of your phone. I'm sure if VzW wanted to spend the money, it could transmit power to our phones. Yeah, it's that awesome.

For the Charge without flipping any switches
Heavy use is 8-10 hours on 3g
Very light to moderate almost 24hrs. Just checking email and messaging on 3g.
In an LTE area with LTE on all the time fairly dismal but heavy use on LTE 4-6 hours

For TBolt about 12hrs on very light use on 3g, no switches turned and maybe 4-6 on heavy use.
On LTE 6-8 with almost no use and 2-3with normal to heavy.

The battery in the Charge is slightly larger than the TBolt, but shouldn't make that big of a difference.

Love both and one is going to my mom, but am heavily leaning to keep the charge for myself. Plus it has better docking stations.

I get 12 hours atleast with my TBolt on 4g constantly. I never use 3g because im in Pittsburgh...

Rooting and over/underclocking help A LOT.

I get 12 hours atleast with my TBolt on 4g constantly. I never use 3g because im in Pittsburgh...

Rooting and over/underclocking help A LOT.