Tegra Note 7

Chimera computational photography architecture support for always on HDR now enabled

Nvidia has a little holiday gift for everyone with a Tegra Note 7 this morning. The Android 4.3 update is pushing out, and it brings along two notable enhancements — and improved stylus experience, and the Tegra 4 specific AOHDR (Always On High Dynamic Range) camera mode.

The DirectStylus enhancements start with the addition of a left-handed mode, which should help reject errant touches for all the southpaws out there. There is also a new help entry for the DirectStylus in the device settings to help answer any general questions, and the overall stylus response has been improved. In addition, there is also a new stylus removal and insertion notification, and screen capture now has the option to include the notification bar.

The new AOHDR feature is a Tegra 4 exclusive that allows the camera to better capture low light and bright light areas. As part of the Chimera computational photography architecture, AOHDR allows the user to take a full dynamic range picture in just one shot, with a real-time on-screen preview. This should reduce the slight blur often introduced with normal HDR photos that need two or more exposures to create the final product.

Other listed changes include video capture stabilization, improved camera performance under certain lighting conditions, and the ability to move application data to the SD card

The OTA should begin pushing now, so if you picked up a Tegra Note be sure to check for updates!

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Tegra Note 7 gets 4.3 update, brings AOHDR and new DirectStylus abilities


I am glad to see this be one of the FIRST to have hdr always on. Any opinions from a FIRST adopter?

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

I SECOND your opinion, even though it was the third! lol, anyways, im really intigued by the Nvidia devices, nice to see they are actively updating as promised, Apps 2 Sd is quite a big thing for me, more companies should follow suit.... Looking at you LG and the G Pad

Got one for the other half for Xmas. Only cost £89. (Approx $135).

Pretty impressed with it and thought about using one to replace my ipad 3.

Reviewed all moaned about the screen however seems fine to me.

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Agreed mate, bought 2 for my nearly 4 year old twins to replace their archos tabs (also for 89.99) and wow they are so good, if it werent for having a giant note 3 I would have bought one for myself. Best tablet for that sort of money hands down. Just keep checking the kids tabs now for the OTA haha

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Update available for me in UK now so should be good to go for most I reckon.

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Just keep checking mate. Id be surprised if you didn't get it today

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Just keep checking mate. Id be surprised if you didn't get it today

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Still haven't got it, I'm hoping to get it by the end of the day but its frustrating that most people have received it but not me.

I lucked out and got one from Newegg last Friday and it came today..these things just scream and the 4.3 update fixed a ton of little buggy things I'm told. I have a Nexus 7 also and between the two of them the Tegra notes stylus feature is pretty sweet. I'd hate to part with either one so I'm not..lol.

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I cant deny this update has brought to the us some great features like full screen app2sd etc... But I cant help but notice performance (especially 3d gaming) has dropped massively. I know benchmarks aren't reliable but using antutu i have lost 800-1000 after the update (tested at maximum performance and several times)