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Tasks is a bit of a favorite in these parts. We all rely on Google's services immensely day in, day out, one of which is Google Tasks. In lieu of any kind of official application from Google, Tasks is the next best thing. Simple, excellent looking Holo UI, and of course, syncing up with Google Tasks. Today, the developers have pushed out a little update aimed specifically for users on Android 4.2

We're talking about a lockscreen widget. While the whole notion of widgets on the lockscreen is a point of debate for some, the ability to add something like a tasks list is potentially a great time saver. You get the same great widget as on the main homescreen, without the need to unlock your phone. 

Additionally, theres a bunch of minor bug fixes, and an updated app icon for anyone with a Nexus 10 and other ultra high density screens. Tasks comes in free and paid versions, and the updates apply to both. You'll find a link to the free version at the top of this post. 


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Tasks update adds lockscreen widget for Android 4.2


How does this app compare with gtasks? I use gtasks right now and I absolutely love it, but I'm always willing to make a switch if this has better features.

pretty much the same. don't know how gtasks work but tasks add a sync entry in the Google account and sync. it syncs seemlesly.

now it has HD icon and lock screen widget.

Agreed. Recurring/repeating tasks are ESSENTIAL. Unfortunately, even GTasks is limited in that respect, itself spamming your task list with duplicates is the only way it can achieve recurring/repeating tasks.

Astrid can do it better. It sees when you've checked off a task on your Google Tasks, and then automatically reschedules it for the next due date as a recurring task, thus it only shows up once on your task list.

And of course, Tasks app itself as linked here is unusable without a similar feature.

Maybe the guys writing these apps have great memories. Myself? I have to be reminded EVERY DAY to clean the kitty litter. Or the cats remind me. At midnight. By finding alternative locations to urinate. Usually the laundry.

I use tasks instead of gtasks just because the theme is better. I wish google would create a full featured tasks app though.

I installed this app a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! I use it every day :) To bad I can't have to lock-widgets though, as my Nexus S won't get 4.2 :(