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Existing Tapatalk HD owners get the upgrade for free with phone compatibility included.

After releasing its updated Tapatalk HD for tablets and beta testing Tapatalk 4 for phones, the new version is now fully available and kicking off with an 80-percent off sale. As we've shown before, the new version of Tapatalk brings a whole bunch of new features and modern design that is well worth the upgrade price. Users who have previously purchased Tapatalk HD for tablets will now get the upgrade to Tapatalk 4 for free, supporting both phones and tablets in one app.

For those who have an older version or have yet to pick up any version of Tapatalk, the version 4 app is on sale this week for just $0.99, and will go up to $4.99 after this week. The new Tapatalk 4 app requires Android 4.0 or above, but Tapatalk 2 will continue to support devices on Android 2.x.

If you're a user of several different forums you'll want to pick this one up. While it's a great purchase at $4.99, it's unbeatable at $0.99. You can grab a download from the Play Store link above.


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Tapatalk 4 now on sale, just $0.99 for one week


I'm in this boat too, I really don't want to pay for something I've already been using for free for months.

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This app was Tapatalk HD. It's been out for ages. You're effectively paying for Tapatalk HD and getting Tapatalk 4 support continued

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lol does that make you entitled to get it for free? It's a dollar, you can find enough change in the streets to purchase it. Don't be part of the reason that app developers choose iOS over Android; buy things.

Considering I've paid for tapatalk 2 and HD I'd say yeah I'm entitled not to pay for this shit again just because they updated it

Does the owner of 2012 model car get an upgrade to the 2013 model for free? Do owners of Windows 7 get an upgrade to Windows 8 for free? Do the owners of the Galaxy S3 get an upgrade to the Galaxy S4 for free? The list goes on...

Plus you might want to read the post: "Users who have previously purchased Tapatalk HD for tablets will now get the upgrade to Tapatalk 4 for free..."

Speaking of softwares. Have you purchased Windows 7/Windows 8 with different theme but same price as the deafult. Here the each tapatalk app is worth same for different themes and Tapatalk 4 may follow the same.

Really? How does that work with every freaking thing else you buy?

I guess reports are correct, android users ARE pathetically stingy.

If you red the article you would see that it says owners of Tapatalk HD can get this update for free. Tapatalk HD is Tapatalk 4 now , which has tablet and phone support.

The beta will expire soon. Might as well just spend the dollar and buy the full app while it's on sale.

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For some idiotic reason Google still doesn't have paid apps in a lot of countries...

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I have now paid twice for this app, and twice on iOS. Not getting my money a 3rd time. I'll keep using the beta as long as I can, and then will go back to Tapatalk 2. Unlike any other Android app I can think of, they seem to feel that they can upgrade and abandon the old version and charge again.

If you payed for this twice then you likely have Tapatalk HD and 4 is just a free upgrade to HD, you don't have to pay again. though I will say this will be a problem if we have to pay for tapatalk 5 and/or 6.

IDK about you guys but I'm pretty pissed this dev is forcing people to rebuy his app for this update, what a fucking scam artist. The app was already retardedly overpriced at 5$ now people that miss out on this will have to pay this fuck head 10$ total.

No, Tapatalk 4 is an upgrade to Tapatalk HD (the tablet version). This new version works on both phones and tablets. Buy it for $1 and it'll work on all your devices. It's definitely worth it, even at full price.

I get sick of being asked if i want this app when i go to a site. That kept me from never trying it. And im glad i didnt.

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I wouldn't be near as sick of the prompt, if it actually prompted to use the app when it is already installed vs just sending you to the Play Store.

Xparent Skyblue Tapatalk for me sorry 1 purchase for 1 app seems fair no offence but stock Tapatalk is fugly anyhow.

So I bought Tapatalk and Tapatalk HD on iOS, and now Tapatalk and Tapatalk 2 on Android. Now Tapatalk 4 for yet another buck. I'm officially the sucker they saw coming.

So let me get this straight....I paid for Tapatalk which I currently use...and instead of updating the current app for paid users you make a new one, rename it, and expect me to pay for it again? Wtf man?...that's not gonna happen.

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Got it. Don't get why the tablet version of the app doesn't have swipe to change pages.

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Sooooo....one thing missing form this article...for those of us not keeping track of such things....What the hell is Tapatalk?

Normally you can login & participate in online forums, like using Android Central web site or app. Many people participate in more than one forum, e.g. cooking, gardening, automobile, electronics etc. TAPATALK is an app that can help you view all forums in one place. So instead of you having to jump into many screens, just open TAPATALK and view all your forums.

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Read the whole article. WTH, click the Play store link too. ;-)

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I really like Tapatalk (purchased the original app, now buying this too), but as more and more sites adopt mobile-friendly layouts I think it will become less and less relevant.

What the hell Microsoft? Charging money for upgrading to Windows 8 when I already bought Windows 7???

I hate not being able to specify different notification options for subscribed threads vs forums, I've had to turn notifications off or it would drive me crazy...

I can see this app being perfect for smaller screen phones, but is it even worth it on the Samsung Note 2?

This needs some serious improvements imo. I've bought it in the hope but will continue to use the old Tapatalk for now because it's much nicer. I can't use this until they include a 1x1 widget like the old version for a start.

Unless it gets rid of that annoying nag pop up everytime I try to access a forum, or at the very least the nag pop up opens tap talk to the appropriate forum, this app is utterly pointless

LOL @ all the cheap android users ... pathetic really i purchased mine . its my most used app easily

LOL Bob... wanted to make sure that was correct. In play store it shows it as 10.99 mb ... wanted to make sure I didn't get some corrupt DL as mine shows 31 after DL

Sweet! I have been eyeing this up for a couple weeks now. Consider it downloaded!

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These posts should start "Tapatalk is the app that does..."

'Cause I have no clue what it does, and no clue why I should care.

Oh my God!! 2 Tapatalk4 on my SG4. I had Tapatalk before (not sure which version). Then I downloaded & installed Tapatalk4 during the $0.99 offer. Now my SG4 has TWO Tapatalk4 icons. Going into Application Manager, one shows version 1.4.3 of 23mb & other shows version 4.0.25 (yes!) of 17mb. Both login but I don't want the extra one. Which one should I uninstall? Please help.

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Version 4.0.25 is the beta. You can uninstall this one.
Version 1.4.3 is the "new" one you just bought for $0.99.

Though now touted for phones and tablets, it throws a warning on the Nexus4 about screen size. D'oh.

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I have both he iOS and Android version of this app but don't like either one. I think the interface is terrible in both cases. It's easier to read forums in a web browser. Plus there are a lot of forums that don't work with this.