It's time to tell us your favorites of 2013

It's getting the time of the year where we look back at all the Android stuff that got released, and sort out the wheat from the chaff. As usual, there was a ton of stuff, and we can't go through it all without your input — and we're pretty sure you would like to have some input. 

We've put together a survey, where you can tell us your thoughts on what was the best of 2013 in the Android world. Phones, tablets, apps, accessories — you name it and it's got a category. The survey will run for two weeks, and we'll use it to create a ballot where we all can vote for another two weeks. Of course, we'll share the results the first week of January.

So grab your Android (you can use your computer, too if that's how you wanna roll) and hit the link below. Tell us what you think needs to be on the ballot!

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Reader comments

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Oh yeah, you’re right, it’s not the best overall phone… I forgot that your phone preferences were the deciding factors around here..

Ouch! A lot of great phones out at the minute. I drive a note 3 and would love that to win. We will have to wait and see.

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So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

No its a phone. A big phone at that but still a phone. Did I say the screen was awesome and the battery is awesome? I must have done at some point. :-) plus the snapdragon 800 rocks. But each to there own eh. :-)

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Yep...everyone knows the G2 is the only powerhouse phone available...

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You really should get out more...(I honestly don't give a shit...I just like watching panties bunch up when I say phone y is better than phone z. People should always pick the phone that is best for them, and not the phone Beyonce is using (for example))

Notice I didn't mention a phone? I did that as to not have some one say exactly what you said.

The X is a great device. The N5 is a great device. Neither deserve top overall. The cameras on both are suspect at best, the battery on the 5 is nothing great.

Honestly all the flagship phones this year are great but they all are flawed in a significant way. In 2012 you had the sgs3 and, for its time, it had no significant issues.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

The S3 was a very nice phone. I liked mine until Verizon wrecked it with their 4.2 update. Then I tried the One, and now I'm on the G2 which is also nice, but absolutely screams on T-Mob in my area. (That'll start the carrier flame wars in 3, 2, 1)

eh i started taking the survey until i realised its limited to apps actually developed in 2013... i don't have a clue which apps came out this year I just know which ones i enjoyed and couldn't do without in 2013. will be interesting to know the results though. as for the phone - no contest: the htc one (m7). no other android phone has created so much buzz and praised throughout 2013. the rest just had their 15 minutes of fame upon release and only talked about by the fanboys who bought them.

its the phone that made me take the plunge to android from years of iphones. i would not have turned my head for any other android phone that came out in 2013, and now with 4.4 and sense 5.5 its even more appealing to use and enjoy every day. loving every second of it like i did no other phone before it.

It's the best phone I've owned, still; and I refuse to allow it to update to 4.4.

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Google play edition versions are best, hope to see a HTC One Max google play edition soon

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I have a black, 32GB HTC One...I have an LG G2, also. The LG G2 kicks it in the ass in every category except the front-facing speakers.

Yeah that was tough. I didn't list all that many because I didn't want to look up dates and determine if the 'updates' to older apps were significant enough to qualify as 'new'

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

On my scale, everything was significantly updated. They were probably updated at one point in 2013, but not sure how each was significant. I'll just list 'em all. lol.

Some of these Cyber Monday deals are pretty good. Free White LG G2 on VZW? Free HTC ONE on AT&T or a Lumia 1520 for $79?

I thought I got a good deal on my Moto X for $99, looks like I was wrong.

Done. I left many answers blank because I don't game, RPG or play with innovative apps. I'm the boring survey respondent.

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As far as games go... Candy Crush Saga can eat it because Ingress is just that damn better!!!! By far the most unique, and fun game ever created in the Android World!

That was far from easy-and im sure many will agree-So lets applaud the AC team that review apps, Cases, phones ect "well done" and thank you for putting in the hard work so i dont have to lol

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In the words of the man we all love to hate,"Plain and simple,nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period."Ladies and gentlemen I present to you by popular demand Richard Yarnell.And the crowd goes crazy :-)

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Every phone has their pro's & con's and like one said anyone who bought their chosen device is going to say its the best. That said if you weigh up the facts in regards to changes and implimentation and taking that great leap forwards then the Award has to go to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Reasons-changed form factor, new faux leather back (yes still plastic but a much better implimentation and nothing wrong with plastic if used correctly which the Note 3 does) Snapdragon 800cpu @ 2.3ghz, 3gb Ram, Andreno 330gpu, 32gb&64gb base storage and still expandable, 13mp Camera, Full Hd crisp and beautiful screen.The performance is just sublime as is the features that a select few regard as bloat and yes it does have many features and yes its not for all. The battery life is really goood.

Yes i like Samsung and NO im not a fan boy just stating that it is all round the Phone of 2013 if you look at the big picture. Yes its priced high but that where it is wasnt aimed at being a budget device hence why the Moto G and Nexus 5 would be clear winners there.

Im only making this claim based on specs and my hands on experiance of the Note 3 and cant compare as i havnt used the moto x, G2, Htc one ect ect.

That said if fair the Moto x cant Honestly lay claim to that title as its only sold in America.

So the Award should go to the Note 3.

Now for the select few to jump in and make reference to bloat, Plastic, Samoled ect ect in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and...........

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I would have to agree that the Note 3 is an awesome phone. Too bad its so expensive, otherwise I'd probably be typing on one right now. I guess the Nexus 5 will be my settling point for my rather shallow wallet.

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Why is Google Calendar on the top of the article? It is definitely not the best calendar app....most annoying is the bars depicting the events in month view (I want to be able to read the events not just see that I have something coming up)

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But seriously, the best phone is very personal. My favorite is the Nexus 5 and Note 3.

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I'd vote the Moto G for best phone. It may not be the best spec wise, but I think it's combination of specs and price are a new re-defining moment for low/mid tier Android phones.

In the next year and beyond, the Moto G will become the standard for non-flagship phones.

We can hope

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.

That survey was frustratingly difficult to fill out on my phone. It did not like to type in the fields..

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Talking phones from the survey, I went to go buy 2 Nexus 5's and I left with 2 Note 3's. They screwed the pooch with that tiny little speaker hole on the N5. The second I made a call and put it against my ear I was like, no, this won't work. Also the top edge of the phone felt like it was sharp when placed against my ear, no way I could have that against my ear for an hour. I was really disappointed once I actually had it in my hands (or should I say against my head).