We're getting some great commentary from our readers over at the old "Have You Got Cupcake Yet?" post that went up a week ago. For the most part, everyone is still waiting to receive the goodness that is Cupcake (we are too). We've been assured that it's rolling out and a rough "schedule" (if you can even call it that) has been revealed. As follows:

  • 5% of Android Devices will receive the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update on Monday, May 18th
  • 15% on Tuesday, May 19th
  • 30% on Wednesday, May 20th
  • 45% on Thursday, May 21st
  • 60% on Friday, May 22nd
  • 75% on Saturday, May 23rd
  • 90% on Sunday, May 24th
  • 100% on Monday, May 25th

So as you can see, the plan is to release slowly but surely. Remember, it's supposed to come OTA (over-the-air) so the only thing we can (officially) do is just wait our turn. What we still don't really understand is why doesn't T-Mobile/Google/Android just make it available for official consumer download via website? That way the die-hard Android Users who've been waiting for Cupcake since who knows when can get to downloading while the casual Android user receives it OTA. Makes sense to us.

So let's start up the conversation again! Did anybody residing in the US get their Android 1.5 Cupcake on yet? Holler in the comments and don't forget to tell us where you're from!

Thanks for the tip Ryan!


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T-Mobile's Android 1.5 Cupcake Update Release Schedule Revealed ?


No updates yet. I am in Ohio. T-mobile/Android need a better method of pushing out the updates or a more efficient schedule. Make it available on the internet or synch it with Google like the iPhone and iTunes. There are so many better ways of doing this. If they want to grow 900 percent in sales then they need to polish their processes. Sorry. I am anxious to get this update for my wife's G1. Seems like hot air until I get the update.

I got my cupcake a week ago. . . on my rooted phone. ;-) If they had put the cupcake upgrade up for public download, I may not have made the decision to root my phone. As it is, though, I'm way too much of a bleeding edge early adopter to wait.

Happy to help with Tips. You can always check that site out... they are as up to date as you can get.

Also there are non-Branded HTC Magics with Exchange support.

Happy to help with Tips. You can always check that site out... they are as up to date as you can get.

Also there are non-Branded HTC Magics with Exchange support.

Give me that link, please

Nothing here in Colorado Springs, yet. I'm with everyone else. There needs to be a better way to roll this out. Was thinking about rooting but decided to wait for 1.5. I may be sorry!

i had my phone since the day of release, and i dont know if this helps or hurts...i received the first update a day earlier then most. but im still waiting... Deebz from Jersey...


You should get an alert stating that there is an update for your phone. Accept it and the download should begin. It is probably wise to download it on a wi-fi connection. The virtual keyboard, video recording, faster camera, and improved UI are just a few of the improvements. Do a search on this site and you will find most of the features included in the update.

Over here in the Netherlands the cupcake update was done about 10 days ago. Interesting is de added feature of uploading video. Check a little movie I did with the camcorder function. I posted it via posterous, because uploading to youube didn't work. http://tinyurl.com/qtboh5

Im not from the states (Scotland), but thought I'd chime in with some thoughts on cupcake. My G1 was constantly lagging on the homescreen , to the point where i was losing it. Cupcake has completely fixed this issue and the whole OS in general is far faster. I once again love my G1! If anyone knows how to make the softkeyboard vibrate on keystroke id appreciate it.

To Everyone who has not rooted their G1, ur missing alot, i already have cupcake 1.5 running also got the JesusFreke Update on 1.5 and have it with the Citrus Graffiti Theme!

damn i am SO tired of waiting for this. video recording is a must. also (and i haven't heard of this being part of the update) the camera is sadly lacking with no zoom . . . is any one aware of and add-on that provides zoom?

Video recording has ALWAYS been mentioned in the update... zoom does NOT mater if the lens isn't constructed to zoom. At best you it would be digital zoom which is pointless as that's the same as cropping.

That way the die-hard Android Users who've been waiting for Cupcake since who knows when can get to downloading while the casual Android user receives it OTA. Makes sense to us.


Last update for the RC33, surprisingly came sort of fast (in Oklahoma we tend to get everything last). But not signs of cupcake. Wanted to root my phone, but decided to wait for cupcake. But won't rooting your phone take away the warrenty? Or insurance? Or something? Feedback on this would be useful

No update in new york. I agree they should push the update online and let those of us that can handle software update! I mean I was able to get the youtube downloader after they took it down, I think they underestimate the users ability with thinga like this, that or they don't want to deal with a bunch of tech calls when someone messes up an install.

Still No update in Las Vegas yet either! I've been blowin up t-mobile asking them if they can just send directly to my phone but they said I would just have to wait!

Still waiting on my update it sucks tht its taking so long........ PLEASE T^MOBILE HURRY UP!!!!!....... by the way I'm from new jersey.

If I have a T-Mobile G1 just for development purposes (meaning that I don't have T-Mobile cell service on it, though a T-Mobile SIM card is in the phone), will I be able to get the update via WiFi?

No news in Greece , no cupcake.
I buy the phone from the states still waiting for 1.5.
Past release arrived right away , even i don't have t-mobile provider...
One friend that he brought his G1 from Uk he already received cupcake....

You're right no cd. No need though, the whole update thing will be done over the air. Although a WiFi connection will greatly improve the data transfer it is not required to even be near a computer to receive the download. Hope this helps a bit. By the way I'm still waiting for mine here in kansas city mo

First my problem is I woulnt be able to download from web cause 4 some reason my phone won't sync with my computer. It can't find drivers and then it says put in cd that came with phone. As u all know it don't come with no cd..I can't figure out how to reinstall the drivers. If anyone can help with this I would b e greatfull. No cupcake in ct yet. Lookin forward to the ota update.

I just bought a second hand G1 and I'm using it with my Tmobile sim from my Blackberry 8100 and everything is running fine. Will my phone be getting the update automatically or do I have to do something so that Tmobile knows that I now am using a G1?

OTA=OVER THE AIR,which means its gonna take a while...do you people not realize how many g1 users are across this earth!!!I'm sick of seeing thread after thread bashing tmobile think if they send out the updat all at once to everybody its gonna F up g1s across the nation leading to more attacks on tmobile about how they're so careless!!!I still don't have the update and I'm in baltimore md and ima very patient person so if I don't get it by may 18th or the end of may I'll be happy either way just as long as I gets it lol

I'm running the JF 1.5 because I was impatient as most of you all are and decided to root. Cupcake is really all hype, nothing too special besides video recorder. Don't root just be patient its coming.

Okay I Live Chicago N I Still Haven't Received The Update. I Just Found Out About The Cupcake Update Or (1.5) Like A Week Ago So Im Not Really mad That It Hasnt Came Yet. I Mean Video Record Is Pretty Nice And An On Screen Keyboard Is Pretty Sweet But What More Can u Want From A Phone Like A G1. Its Has 3g Speed N It Has Youtube SO It Talks For Itself. Just Be Patient And You WIll End Up Getting The UpdaTE wEN u lEAST eXSPECT iT!!!1 GAMERTAG FOR XBOX LIVE IS : Flyyguy14 GED

no update here yet in los angeles,CA...i think they will start to send the ota updates tomorow..i cant wait to get mine..almost decided to root my find but ill just wait for the update :)

Yeah Any One Is GOnna Root There Phone, DONT!!!!!!!!!! they Started To Make G1 Phones Not Turn On. Its Making The Phones "Crash"


Neither Tmobile nor Google have promised anyone anything till about a week ago. Websites like AC and Phandroid.com are the ones telling you this shit. Have some patience people, it will come. If you don't want to stay with this phone, cancel your contract and farewell!

Sorry, but I'm just annoyed with people whining.

Dude why are you complaining? If you did your research before buying the phone you would have known it didn't record video. If you think video recording is so important then go buy a video camera that's made to record things. Man I'm really getting tired of all you people complaining about something that you knew wasn't on the phone in the first place. For all you impatient people why don't you return the phone and wait for "bigfoot" on the G1 v.2 that's rumored to come out later this year and read all specs before buying and complaining about that phone as well.

I bid you good day.


COTTO, you must be a new user because we have been waiting for this update for HALF A YEAR ALREADY.

For HALF A DAMN YEAR T-Mobile/Google has been lying to us while we (well, most of us) are paying over $100 a month for the G1 plan and we still don't have VIDEO RECORDING? How dare you say we are 'complaining' as if we don't have a right to. T-Mobile gets you under contract, then you are stuck with your phone slipping into EDGE constantly, no update for over 6 months and not to mention T-Mobiles network SUCKS.

Get me my damn CUPCAKE and a beer...NOW! I earned it.

SORRY COTTO...I meant MSTEE. lol.

I was reading the name tag as if it came before comment. Again, my bad.

when can Asian user receive their update? I am not using the T-Mobile sim card and it kinda pisses me off when the phone is sending messages to T-Mobile USA without my consent. I'm just hoping that the update will fix that problem.

From Bellevue, Wa and have not received the 1.5 firmware update yet. Sad part is, I live 5 blocks from T-Mobile Corporate HQ. *sigh*

Yo still waiting sac cali. Expecting it to hit like last time when I wasn't expecting it while taking the browns to the supwrbowl

Florida is still waiting... until then I will just dream of my cupcake.
In regards to all the whining and all the whining about the whining: I can see both sides of this... I understand that people know what they buy when they get a phone and none of the things on this update were promised in the original purchase. However, you must also understand that once it was mentioned as a possibility it was like they took an amazing phone and made it unbelievably amazing... we just want that for us.
I will wait :) I have learned patience in life. If it isn't here by June 1st, I will most likely attempt to jailbreak my phone. Everyone I run into in Florida has a freed phone. I just don't want to do it unless it's a last resort. I have this picture in my mind of a mushroom cloud... anytime I touch anything electronic in an attempt to 'fix-it' it explodes.
-B2tHeRad (Brad)

Still waiting in vegas...I ain't trippin tho the G1 tight....the camera shows nasty tho,the youtube shows so blury unless you use wifi in certain areas which makes it clear or clearer...but other then that I Love this phone and lol you guys are right almost everybody does pay 100 or more every month for their bill...so let's just all complain to T-mobile and google at once and see what they will do? (Yep nothin lmao)

Tmobile just announced today that the update is delayed one more week. Go to tmobile forums or read Bonnie Cha's blog on CNET. Don't understand why UK gets the G1 after us but the udate before us. Love the phone, frustrated with Tmobile lately.

The update is delayed 1 more week like i said on a previous post something was goin to go
Wrong on monday 18 im rooting my phone 2 day but if i dnt like the update im going wit the
New side kick or iphone.

Hey they bumped the update back a week! You've failed me yet again T-Mobile! Always something, but I don't have a choice!

how can you believe what t-mobile say any more we may not get the update until the end of the year not to pis anyone off ..just dont be surprised come june and t-mobile comes up with another bull s..t excuse they should have never posted it in the fisrt place knowing it was not ready .....you can bet your life on it come just they wil say they need to add or take something out giving us the run around once again the ota method is stupid the more people by the g1 the longer it wil take to get an update

how can you believe what t-mobile say any more we may not get the update until the end of the year not to pis anyone off ..just dont be surprised come june and t-mobile comes up with another bull s..t excuse they should have never posted it in the fisrt place knowing it was not ready .....you can bet your life on it come just they wil say they need to add or take something out giving us the run around once again the ota method is stupid the more people by the g1 the longer it wil take to get an update

enough is enough i had other phones in the pass and never had problems like this i am going to sell my g1 and go with another cell phone like the samsung i8910 i had phones by them and when a update was out i could get it unlike t-mobile ...you just cant trust what they say .....come june you wil not see the cupcake 1.5 firmware so stop dreaming everybody they are playing you another excuse will come up

t-mobile will contenue to lie and lie to everybody .....you think you are going to get the new firmware come early june? dream on if you do get it it will probaly be at the end of the year sometime....that over the air is garbage because the more people that buy the g1 the longer it takes to get an update...if you own a ipod touch or iphone when a update comes out you can get it right away not this bullsh t ota in phases...so if your phone is roaming because you cant get the t-mobile network due to where you are you are ass out....t-mobile should have never posted the cupcake firware until it was ready to go in the first place...they really need to clean up their act...if they want a good rep

Still no update here in utah either. I think by time I get my cupcake its gonna be moldy lol jk hope it comes soon

Hello im in Chicago too and no update..... i quit looking at it like a magical thing and now i just say f*#! it and laugh because its like an ongoing sick joke.....just the kind i find hilarious if im behind the joke so .... it will be cool when 1.5 comes out.... till then i have open home and its pretty close to the update...well everyone just take a breath and laugh....or cry cause you pissed your britches.... i love my g1 regardless it pretty awesome... just my 2 cents
its better to laugh and say f it then let it stress you out...
ps i love the notepad because i wrote a whole essay for a final taking the train to and from school and all of the research was at my finger tips.... that was a life saver...

Cupcake - not yet i bmore i dont really care if it does or not. i bought the phone and love its capabilities and dont even want a full touch screen or i would have bought one. soooo. . ive never been that into the cupcake update if it happens it does and when it does i will most likely not update with it.

I agree with you demon.

The big things are an on screen keyboard and video recording.

Dont care about either.

Find the qwert works much better than tapping a screen to type and to this day, Im still waiting for someone to show my a phone recorded video thats actually worth watching and listening to...

Until phones have the capability of one of those handheld mini cam recorders (1-2 years) whats the point?

While I like to have the update, the G1 is great as it is for me. It is the most capable cellphone today with great applications that work for me.

I think we all should complain to HTC about this phone because its a good phone in all but sometimes it starts trippin and be foreclosing for no reason, or like mine won't let me erase any txt messages it just keeps adding them up...and then it charges slow and when its fully charge it only last 4 hrs at the most if you ask me and you always have to take a charger with you....I mean if the G1 features and hardware, camera and etc was exactly like the iphone but just had the key board it would be the best phone out....but its not so let's complain some more ahahahaha strike lmao

u guys r all gay theres more to life than a phone. stop whinnin like whores and be patient and to the bitch that said he pays 100 a mnth so do i and i can give a fuck less about cupcake

I've been waiting for cupcake since...what, january when they first teased us by saying they were releasing it? Siiiiiigh. I wish they would shorten it to a 3 or 4 day rollout. Not a week. There's only 3 more days and I still haven't gotten it.

Here in Houston TX AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Almost 25 COME ON I WANT MY CUPCAKE ARHTHARGAHIWH But really when they Make Donut 2.0 Better be fast and when hero come out if i dont get it by 3rd day i will root I WANT HERO!

Here in old kansas city no update. I think I'm gonna get an I phone. I think the only reason I got the g1 was because it was open source, but I am seein way many limitations with it ill give it to my girl she has a blackberry curve and they really suck. At least with iphone I have kick ass apps

GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE U POST STUPID STUFF! Donut is 2.0 and that postpone was like 2 weeks ago DUH!

Everyone should get it by Monday.. it's still cupcake 1.5
donut will probably be 2.0

I finally got the update here in Ohio. The on screen keyboard doesnt work as good as the regular key board, and the video always forces closes like the shitty app in the marketplace.

i have unlocked g1 and i still have not recieved the udapte.. i am also from las vegas? would i still get the update even tho my g1 is unlocked and using a At&t service

no cupcake for us crazy brazilians either :( I bought the phone in Firsco but came down to brazil soon after . i received the 1.1 upgrade but no cupcake as of yet .

hoping for the best

Its 5/25 in New Jersey...
No update...
This is sooo lamee...
But if you go to the t-mobile g1 fourm you can download the cupcake manually but the thing is it might mess up your phone and t-mobile isn't covering you for it..soo thats the only reason why i don't want to update it myself...
soo i'm still waiting...

We are not gonna get cause is memorial day and they don't work holidays so we'll probably get it until tuesday so good luck

Nope haven't got the update yet still waiting. What's taking so long been waiting seance Feb. I'm form Houston TX

Nope haven't got the update yet. Hopefully it comes soon. T-Mobile likes to have "strict" schedules, but who would really know?

This is BULL FREAKING SHOULD LET US DOWNLOAD FROM INTERNET OMG Im going to T-Mobile And im gonna yell at them how stupid they are look how slow this is imagine how slow Donut will be or EVEN HERO!!!

Still nothing. Has anyone heard whne it's actually supposed to be out? I have two friends that work at T-Mobile and they don't even know.

Still no update kinda sucks but its ok I just heard of the update 3 days ago kinda excited but if it fucks my phone up tmobile will be shvving it up there asses and giving me my 500 dollars back no lie... but I love me phone =D. Honda Grl BAYTOWN TX

Just got off the phone with T-Mobile... told me that if I didn't have it by June 5th, they could write up a ticket... still waiting in Vegas, has ANYONE gotten the update yet?

You guys go to this link and get your update already. I did and it is the official release. http://www.androidcentral.com/did-anyone-us-get-android-15-cupcake-updat...

There are instructions on how to update. You do not have to root the phone. Simply place this on your SDCard via computer. Restart the phone holding HOME+POWER and when you see the exclamation point, hit ALT+S and you will be updated to the official T-Mobile release. Hope this helps calm all your anxiety. It did mine.

Still no update for me,I'm in South Philly,Pa. TMobile said we should have the OTA update by the beginning of June. I personally think it's a crock of shit,cause it was supposed to be out May 11th

Haven't received my cupcake update yet either. I'm in Phoenix, Az and today is 05/27/09. supposably in june is what I was told from a t mobile rep.

Yes Yes everyone the update is here....My friend got his OTA Update today...but i still havent...and were in Las Vegas

Just received an update about 10minutes ago but what all is it supposed to entail? As far as I can see the skins for messages have changed and pictures was changed to gallery..... is this really it?

Yes Yes everyone the update is here....My friend got his OTA Update today...but i still havent...and were in Las Vegas

I got my update the day after complaining about not getting it. I love it. Now, why hasn't some brainiac come up with a Cupcake Facebook App?!? C'mon!

I have a g1 and its unlocked by T-mobile for use with my European sim. I am now in Europe and according to your list I should have recieved my OTA update from Google. Well, I haven't. My phone isn't rooted and I don't want to root it. When, if ever, do I get my upgrade??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there..I just wanted to let u all know I got the OTA this morning around 9ish. Cam is wayyyyyy better. Oh btw I am in Orlando, FL area!...It seems to be working just great! Also does n e 1 know of n e surveys for the g1 yet? Curious.

Well you may not want it all that much after all..I am a T-mobile customer but I live part time in Belgium. I had my Belgian SIM in my unlocked G1 and I got the message about an update. I did not really think about it I just accepted. It updated all right and I do indeed have cupcake, but now I cannot get phone service WITH ANY SIM not my Belgian sim, not my original t-mobile sim (and I know they both work - because they work fine on other phones). I just get the message "your sim card does not allow a connection to this network". I have tried manual selection, automatic selection, you name it...any ideas anyone? At this point my phone is useless as a phone....

Hey felas, I do have the G1 and I did not recieve the Cupcake Android 1.5 upgrade as of now yet. Is there anyone who is eating his/her cupcake in here yet?

BTW, I am here in Minneapolis, MN

I'm still waiting... patiently I'm in Texas 409 area and can't belive how long this is taking!! *In Arnold Shwarz voice* i want cupcake now!

Hi........Just got my update today--- actually at about 5:30 pm and I got my phone last Feb 2009 so its coming people.........played with the video cam for a sec seems like its going to be pretty cool but would like to know EXACTLY what was in the update? anyone??


My wife got the update last night... but I haven't yet. So not sure when but at least I know it is happening.

Tha Update Is So Cool. For Everybody That Doesnt Have It, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Missing Out Big Time. It Taste So Good On My Phone, Yum Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Just got the update here in MN its so f*cking cool i love the video recorder and the on screen keyboard!!!

Down here in galveston texas..got my update..on the 26th of may..I'm lovin the camcorder and the touchscreen keyboard..also new animated transitions from screen to screen.. other than that its pretty much the same..the touch screen has predictive text ehich is cool and u can share your videos..

nothing in boston. g1 is a load of waste. google truly dropped the ball here. this phone is ok, but save the hype for a real novel product, like the iPhone (which I used to have) and is a much better product.

Dallas, Tx no update yet, this is bull $h¡t, next phone I get will be an Iphone f*** android. Market apps sucks ass.

In memphis, tn - boyfriend got cupcake yesterday morning, but still none for me! I wonder how long this will take?

I still didn't get mine, I called tmobile and they said everyone should have it by june the 1st , I'm in pflugerville, tx

I still didn't get mine, I called tmobile and they said everyone should have it by june the 1st , I'm in pflugerville, tx

Well mi husband and brother got their update... the hubbie around 9am and the brother at 7:40pm on may 29 stockton, ca.... I am still waiting for mines! What I can tell from their phones there's a touch screen keyboard for texting/emailing with android smiley faces, a camcorder, touchscreen keyboard for web browsering and etc... its a complete make over!... so hopefully I get mines soon or I am about to trade phones lol =]

I'm in Pennsylvania and i didn't get it yet but my friend in the next town got his two nights ago. what is up with that???

My gurl got hers and I'm still waiting on mine I bought both on the. The same day and I'm still waiting lafayette La.

You fucin whiners!....1...they had 2 delay the cupocake because of all the other app designers...who have 2 re-do all their apps....or they won't friggin work!....how mad would u whiners be if ur paid apps didn't work....soo...its those slow developers fault....so jus wait....the phone is amazing.....so wait...it'll be even b etter!

I just got the cupcake update this afternoon in Minneapolis.

Scrolilng in the web browser is smoother and quicker, there's a bunch of user interface tweaks. The pull down notification screen looks different, the app menu has a new background. The browser icon is the planet earth now.

Camcorder app is new, and so is google talk. Still can't figure out how to zoom the camera though, the hard buttons don't seem to do anything.

I have two G1's one of them received the update May 28.
The other (my phone) has not received it yet as of May 30th. 8.09 PM

Bronx, New York . Got the update yesterday and I'm loving it!! A lot of cool features including the camcorder and the on screen keyboard with T9 and auto correction for spelling all on your touch screen keyboard. Hope ya all enjoy the new update! !!!

got my update this morning around 6am here in tampa florida... sometimes update wont show on screen u have to hit menu then settings,about phone then hit system updates thats how i received mine.... good luck

got my this morning tampa florida..sometime update doesnt show on screen have to hit menu, about phone then hit system updates try it it might work...

Cupcake 1.5 is not all that it is hyped up to be...can anyone tell me how to get.2.0 some people already have it and I am hoping that its features are better than 1.5

I have cupcake! I went to go check for system updates and it was there to download. I had to turn off wifi and turn on 3g to download tho. Weird. Anyways I'm in SoCal. Orange county to be exact. Cupcake!

today is may 31st in miami florida and i still haven't gotten cupcake. my bro got it may 29th. it is awesome. cant wait to get it and i want it now so jealous

I'm in pasadena tx still haven't gotten my damn cupcake still waiting on it I have friend in shepard tx that said he got it a couple days ago can't wait for mine, anyone with more info email me at guy1129@gmail.com

I'm In Boston, Ma and I still haven't got my update....t-mobile needs to issue the update all on the same day...that would be better and make more sense. But I'm going to keep patiently waiting.

I'm in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.. and still no cupcake. My boyfriend hasn't gotten his either. But his phone is rooted. My friend got hers about a week ago. And I'm getting pretty irritated from waiting.

for all you people that are complaining about not having it and bashing the g1 for it, your retarded. this phone is meant for people who ACTUALLY KNOW THINGS ABOUT COMPUTERS, it runs on what is essentially linux, its an open source project, and everything about it is fully customizable if you have the patience and stamina to do so (go look at android rosie vids if you dont beleive me). If you don't have the patience or intelligence to wait for one of the most sophisticated phones on the market give in and go buy a retarded mac product that is so strict on standards that what you own will be another plain and stupid copy of what everyone else has.....jeez >_<

Well May has offically passed and still no update. The fact is that this phone is garbage. It lacks in design,performance, and the app market is about 99% worthless with only about 4 or 5 decent apps. I loved T-Mobile before this 3g era but they have failed since the smartphones have came out. All the other company's have multiple options for phones and most of them already have features that we have been waiting for now for at least 6 months. Their markets are also better organized and have better apps. I was worried when I got this for fear it would basically be their test phone so that they could learn and create much better. I mean the camera doesn't have zoom and I hate the headphone/chargingport. You would think a company like HTC would think of these things and they probably did and then were told to make it as simple as possible to make so they could make more money off it. That is what our society is comming to. Dumb people, crooked bussiness and a laughable government. How I got to that I don't know but anger keeps growing with things like this happening.

OK - so I'm running firmware 1.0, I've not rooted my phone, tried to find update in about phone, kept my wifi on, called t-mob, and I still haven't received this update.

First of all, does anyone know if I need a firmware update to 1.1 in order to receive cupcake 1.5 and secondly, where would I go to get that update?

I'm in Corpus Christi

Well the wait is FINALLY over for me. I got my cupcake! YEAH BABY....lol. turned on my phone this morning and it was waiting for me. Gotta admit I was frustrated and ready to try that root thing. I spoke with T-Mobile customer care a few days ago and was told it should be out for everyone by the 5th of June, so be patient people if you don't have it, its on the way. And for those who may think I'm not being honest:
Kernel version 2.6.27-00393-g6607056 san@sandroid#1
Build number CRB43

Got my cupcake! Well actually.. i'm trying to install it.

for those who are still waiting.. try going to your settings - about phone - and then system updates. See if the update is there for you to download. Hope that helps :)

Didn't get the update in Chicago this weekend or today, so I gave up and decided to do the manual update. I should have done this in the first place, it's really easy.


It's also pathetic to see the dopey iPhone fanboys posting on this thread pretending to be disgruntled G1 users. Android is here to stay and my G1 is now clearly superior to that little toy phone you worship.

Still haven't got my update. I'm so anxious. My husband got his this morning but I'm still waiting. I'm in california. Orange county. A lot of my friends have gotten the update and I'm getting desperate now because I want mine too...

I still have not gotten my update either. My husband got his last night when he did a factory reset of his phone. From what I saw it looks cool. The text seems a lot more clear and neat. I'm in Florida here and still waiting....

I'm still wating on my update. I keep checking the update screen but nothing yet. I'm in tennessee. Any ides on when I might get it?

Im freaking out still no update!! my girlfriend got hers about 3 days ago. We got our phones at the same time but hers had 1.1 and mine 1.0. anyone with 1.0 get the update to confirm that's not the problem?? Oh I live in snellville GA btw.

i still havent got my update and i live in philadelphia,but everyone else that i know who has a g1 has already got their update.when will i get mine

Sunny San Diego, Cali, NO FRIGGIN' UPDATE!! WTF, Chuck? Is this thing going to reach the West Coast or what? I've been waiting too $%!* long and am about to manually install the damn thing...

i still haven't got the update!! my brother did he even lives in the same house as me! ugh really disappointed!!! hes making fun of meh! >:(

WHERES MY CUPCAKE??? I keep checking the system update but it says currently up to date! its very irritating! i think ill manually install it.. been waiting since last yr... from california.


lol... at PUTA MADRE!!!
valen verga estos gueyes yo tampoco lo eh agarrado!!!
y unos primos que tengo ya lo agarraron ase como una semana...
pinche madre..............

Omg with my luck in going to be the last person to get it...or even worse not to have gotten it...jajaja..puta madre...EL PASO TX STILL ROCKIN THAT 1.1

Still no cupcake and I'm in Wichita, KS. I'm still going to patient but I hope I don't get it on the very last day.

i am so mad!!!!

i live in riverside, CA and its june the 5th, && i still havent got my update, my BF got his a fucken week ago && i am getting frustrated!... they need to hurry it up! i keep turning my phone off and on to see if it decides to update, but its not working! DAMN IT!!!

i am so mad!!!!

i live in riverside, CA and its june the 5th, && i still havent got my update, my BF got his a fucken week ago && i am getting frustrated!... they need to hurry it up! i keep turning my phone off and on to see if it decides to update, but its not working! DAMN IT!!!

i am so mad!!!!

i live in riverside, CA and its june the 5th, && i still havent got my update, my BF got his a fucken week ago && i am getting frustrated!... they need to hurry it up! i keep turning my phone off and on to see if it decides to update, but its not working! DAMN IT!!!

i am so mad!!!!
i live in riverside, CA and its june the 5th, && i still havent got my update, my BF got his a fucken week ago && i am getting frustrated!... they need to hurry it up! i keep turning my phone off and on to see if it decides to update, but its not working! DAMN IT!!!

No OTA update for me, I kept waiting but couldn't hold on anymore so i tried out the link on the 1st page dated 5/27/09 at 1800 hrs and did the manual upgrade. It works! Cupcake is working without any problems. I still haven't even gotten an OTA but now I don't need it.

I'm in Illinois and i got my update on May 27th then it went away for a day and came back. What the fuck ?

Hey I live in tampa florida, I've been trying to jailbreak my phone... I'm a rookie and only got as far as downgrading it. Can anyone help me? Ill give whoever a sprint instinct phone for help. Email me at austin5621499@gmail.com if you are local