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Trading of the combined company can be tracked by the "TMUS" ticker on the NYSE

After a standard delay when looking to combine companies of this size, the T-Mobile/MetroPCS reverse takeover has finally gone through. While there may not be any instant noticeable changes on the consumer side, there's a whole lot of business restructuring going on. The combined company will now be known as "T-Mobile US, Inc.", and will in effect be taking T-Mobile "public" (previously a private company owned by Deutsch Telekom) under the stock ticker "TMUS". The "new" company has the same CEO, John Legere, with former Vice Chairman and CFO of MetroPC J. Braxton Carter taking over the new CFO position. The board of directors will now include two members previously of MetroPCS as well.

So what can we expect as consumers now that the deal has gone through? As a T-Mobile customer, not a whole lot. The "UNcarrier" is in a serious transition phase with its new plans, device financing and LTE rollout right now, and this deal completing doesn't change those plans. As a current MetroPCS customer, you can expect things to shake up a bit as the CDMA network is quickly phased out in favor of T-Mobile's GSM one and T-Mobile's vision for the MetroPCS brand is put into effect. As we previously noted, MetroPCS will continue on offering service as a separate brand for the time being. 

The end result will hopefully be a stronger T-Mobile with more customers (43 million now) and money to work with to expand its new LTE network. MetroPCS brings a positive cash flow and solid spectrum holdings that compliment T-Mobile's existing spectrum nicely. T-Mobile stated today it plans to have a 20x20MHz LTE network available in 90-percent of the top 25 metro areas in 2014, and cover 200 million PoPs with LTE by the end of 2013.

Source: T-Mobile (BusinessWire)

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mech1164 says:

This should be interesting. Maybe they can close down the CDMA network faster than Sprint has done with Iden. Looking forward to getting LTE here on Tmo now.

jsheehan223 says:

Niiiice! This will be a good thing for everyone, except for my sister-in-law who is on t-mobile seems to have some kind of unfounded animosity towards metro-pcs. lolol

DWR_31 says:

Have you ever dealt with MetroPCS's customer service? Your sister-in-law has every right to feel that way.

jsheehan223 says:

The thing is that she has never had MetroPCS as a provider. That's why her animosity is unfounded.

S_C_B says:

The pic is just bugging me. Is that a janky pic of a micro sim cut into a nano sim? If not, that card didn't come from that holder.

Jon_Doh says:

They can change their name all they want to, but they won't be able to get away from the fact that they're still T-Horrible, a subsidiary of Douchebag Telecom.

RaiderWill says:

Nice to see this coming along.. Having my Unlocked G-Note on T-Mo's HSPA+ at only $30.00 a month has been pure heaven :-) 7-10 Down speeds and only $360.00 a year for Unlimited Net / Txt I was paying AT&Ripoff That much in just 3 1/2 months..

Thanks T-Mo.

Jay Holm says:

How did you get unlimited net on Tmobile for only $30/mo???

I'm paying $70/mo for unlimited everything.

angryGTS says:

$30 prepaid plan from WalMart. Only 100 min come with it.

Diskoman says:

With Google Voice and GrooVeIP it works quite well indeed for the money.

Jay Holm says:

Top 25 markets getting 20x20 LTE, I live in Connecticut, probably won't be seeing a 20x20 LTE network here.

Diskoman says:

Even if your area only gets 20Mhz LTE, that will match the offerings from Verizon and AT&T. When considering T-Mobile's pricing too, that's still a good deal.

Saturn1217 says:

Kind of amazing considering how recently I was freaking out over the imminent demise of T-mobile by AT&T.