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High demand to blame for the outages; wireless network was not affected

If you had trouble accessing the T-Mobile website over the weekend, you weren't the only one. Not only were other customers having issues with the site, but also customer service reps in stores trying to operate internal computers. The sporadic outage, which seemed to take place for most of Saturday, was confirmed today by T-Mobile. In a statement to FierceWireless, the carrier said the issues were the result of extremely high demand -- with no further elaboration provided.

With the launching of a completely new plan and carrier strategy, along with some high profile device launches, it's not surprising that T-Mobile's website was under some serious pressure in the last couple of days. While the carrier thanks customers for their patience with the issue, it says that an apology is in order for the services being temporarily unavailable. It has also been confirmed that the wireless network did not experience outages over the same period.

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T-Mobile website, computer systems down over the weekend


After I placed my order on Friday to switch my carrier to Tmo and buy the HTC One, I got a call Sunday night which I returned this morning. Apparently my order was keyed in wrong and I essentially had to place a new order over the phone. At least I'm still going to get the car kit. But I wonder if this downtime affected my order. Also, I wonder if it will push my ship date back.

They sorted it out with me. Same thing happened only I did not have to place a new order. I also get the car kit. Excited :-)


From which carrier did you switch?

Which (rate) services did you choose?

What's your service area? Does it have LTE?

After 13 years, I may switch from Sprint although Sprint appears to be currently lighting up parts of San Diego ahead of T-Mobile.

I'm just going to chill with my HTC EVO LTE until I see which of these two carriers lights up San Diego County with LTE first.

Fortunately the HTC EVO LTE is a great smartphone with an awesome camera. In fact, I may hesitate for reviews to determine whether I want HTC/Sprint's OTA to Sense 5, et al.

Then I may wait to see if/when HTC incorporates Qualcomm's A800.

If I had any other smartphone, I'd be on this new HTC One immediately simply for the UltraPixel ImageSense f/2 kens camera, Zoes, video clips, BlinkFeed, BoomSound in addition to the HTC Sense 5 UI.

Just Saturday? I couldn't log into my account yesterday at all. I think its still a problem.

I was going to switch from ATT to Tmobile. I bought 2 HTC Ones online from Tmobile, they checked my credit, approved it, put a 300 dollar hold on my bank account and a few hours later I checked to see when it was going to ship and it said the order was canceled.

TMobile knew they were having issues but were still letting the system check peoples credit and put holds on their accounts. This went on for 2 days. After the second day and talking to CS 4 times I figured if this is what TMobile is, then I don't want any part of it.

So I went out and picked up a HTC One from AT&T. Maybe I'll try Tmobile again in 2 years

This is very similar to my experience. I ended up having to place my order for an HTC One three times this weekend -- once Friday, once Saturday, and again (this time over the phone) on Monday. Each time I placed an order, I would find that it had been cancelled automatically within a day.

The representatives I spoke to were very friendly and claimed that their order processing system was overwhelmed. One representative told me that it was the credit authorization system in particular that was failing. They also claimed that they saw similar issues when the iPhone launched.

Hopefully this bodes well for the carrier's financials, and they can upgrade the twine and paperclips they're apparently using for a server farm. However, I found it rather aggravating that I was not once notified that my order had been cancelled. There is indeed an apology due somewhere in here.

That said, I do have an HTC One out for delivery today, so everything ended well.

That is EXACTLY what happened to me. I have those reps hell. I was so irritated. Especially after canceling my contact with ATT for tmo to get the ONE.

Because it's the reps fault that T-Mobile corporate had technical problems over the weekend.

I'm not sure why people feel the need to take out their frustrations on people who A) didn't cause the problem and B) can't resolve the problem.

Grow up.

Oh please it's life. It happens to everyone who works in the service industry. Myself included. As a hotel Property Manager I know what it feels like to get your ass chewed out for something that's not even your fault. But I let them do it anyways. Blow off some steam. Normally the client is mad at the situation (like I was) not the guest service agent. But since the agent is the closest thing in the path they get the full blow of it. If someone is paying for a product they have the right to be pissed when things are not going right. Guest can be mad at me and I will feel ba D for them. Not only because they are not enjoying their stay but because they paid over $400 a night. Reps are an extention of corporate.

+1 (or several, actually)
Having done customer service as a job for many years in my past, you understand that sometimes, your job is to listen to people vent over mistakes made by others. Then, you try to help them as best you can.

I haven't ordered my One and or jumped from Sprint yet. I'm so tempted. It seems that they are going to be an improvement.

As much of a hassle as this may be, I don't think it's enough of a hassle to completely give up on T-Mobile, AT&T system's had a hard time handling IPhone launches,... nothing new.

But definitely not a reason to give up on T-Mobile.

THIS ! It was similar to the Nexus 4 launch. How many gave up on android because of that? My experience was that I couldn't log into mytmobile.com. No big deal. My order went through on Friday and my One is set for delivery tomorrow. that's all that matters to me !!!

Guess its good I switched when I did. Went from AT&T to them last weekend, bringing an outright bought Nexus 4 for myself and three outright bought Optimus L9s for the rest of the family... no major issues so far aside from a billing fluke that was sorted out by their CS.