T-Mobile Vibrant 4G

Behold, the T-Mobile Vibrant 4G, apparently. It largely looks like the original Vibrant, though it appears to be sporting a front-facing camera and is supposed to hook into TMo's HSPA+ "4G" network. Oh, and it's rumored to launch with Android 2.3, once Touchwiz is ported to it (which BGR explains is the reason it's unskinned in the pic above). Otherwise, same 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, and we'll wager it has the same 1GHz Hummingbird processor (though a slight speed boost wouldn't be out of the question). It's still rumored to be headed our way Feb. 23. [BGR]


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T-Mobile Vibrant 4G shows itself


I dont think this about T-Mobile releasing a 4g version but about Samsung having a skinned nexus s just like T-Mobile released stock android v
ersion of the desire z with 4g

This is funny and pathetic at the same time. So glad I returned my galaxy s phone (Epic 4G) before my 30 days were up.

Screw touchwiz, leave it like that tmobile!!!! Why cant Galaxy S get pure gingerbread so they can take over the android market with the Znexus as the leader of the pack

Hopefully this sucker's system will be cracked quickly so the rest of the Galaxy S family and get the benefits in some shape or form.

You're right, it also has the old market 'app installed successfully' icon which has changed in 2.3. I could have done a better job making this photo look more ethentic. I guess GBR doesn't bother checking his sources and androidcentral as well.

Don't act like you know everything. The app successfully installed icon up there is legit. That icon is part of the market application, it is no where found in the framework of Gingerbread. I've got CM7 on my Evo with the latest 2.2.11 market update and that exact same icon pops up when I install an application.

I'm not so sure about the PM next to the clock though. I haven't seen AM/PM next to the clock at all in anything Gingerbread.

I'm not trying to act like I know everything, but I'm just pointing out what seems out of place. Another detail that this is just a Rom on an old vibrant is the status bar in gingerbread doesn't have that lighter line below seperating it from the rest of the display, like the one pictured, the status bar on 2.3 is pure black.

I haven't bought a samsung phone since the behold 2. They do not do a good job updating their phones. Its like their corporate structure or something. Like project finished and moved to a smaller maintenance team.

They make nice hardware but they wont get any more of my money.

Wait, they have it unskinned and it works? WHY the hell can't they just give it to us unskinned, or at least give us the option. Touchwiz is such crap!


O and @androidcentral. i dont think its real because google took the PM/AM out in 2.3. Maybe samsung added it back in but who knows.

I find interesting how everyone complains when a new phone comes out like progress in technology is some kind of conspiracy against people who bought the previous model. LOL Its a good thing the manufacturers don't adopt that attitude or we would all still be using the G1.

I do agree with the comments about touchwiz and wish we all had the option to turn off skins. But remember if the manufacturers did not skin their devices then there really would not be any way to differentiate one brand from another. HTC sense is an example of how good a skin can be if done correctly. In fact, I would go so far to say that the latest version of sense is better than vanilla for most users.

This isn't a conspiracy against people who've bought previous devices, we're not saying that at all. Were saying we were lead to believe a product would be functional and updated in a timely manner. We've had promises since day 1 and reiterated promises since and nothing to show for it. Hell, even their GPS "Fix" wasn't consistent or reliable, many people are still having issues. I got the update, it didn't work, then I never got it again, I had to go out and get the miniKeis program, which also didn't run reliably. After a couple hours it was finally able to connect to the internet and push the update.

@rc46 said: "But remember if the manufacturers did not skin their devices then there really would not be any way to differentiate one brand from another."

How about hardware design? These guys *are* phone manufacturers, right? I'm tired of companies using smoke and mirrors to lock me into their product line.

There are two reasons companies skin their phone OS. The reasonable one is that they want a common look and feel across all their products, regardless of underlying OS, so naive users recognize the look and feel. HTC uses Sense on Android and Windows phones, and I agree with @rc46 that they do it well. The unreasonable one is to hide the fact that they don't have enough confidence in their hardware to compete on the strength of what should be their core competency: great phones.

I've played with Sense on my Nexus using eViL's NXSense ROM. I still run vanilla Android full time, but at least HTC has developed a skin based on good UI design. TouchWiz just looks and acts like a pretend iPhone for people who didn't want to switch to AT&T.

If Samsung thought they built standout hardware, they wouldn't need Touchwiz. If they don't have confidence in their designs, why should I?

I'm going to say it's a fake...Looks like any old Vibrant running Gingerclone or Nero with the FFC mod. Looks just like my phone. :P

As to 2.3, I doubt. But it would make for faster porting to us.

If it came without Touchwiz I would move to this phone (from my G1) in a heart beat. If not, I'm waiting.

Android n sammie are just tryin' to make you run n buy somethin new, dont waste yur $ on the lie. SOMETHING BETTER IS ALWAYS GOING TO COME OUT IN 6 MONTHS FROM NOW NO MATTER WHEN IT IS. Stop wasting $ n they can't afford to tease us.

Why do carriers and manufacturers insist on placing there logo on the front of the phone. They should be like the iPhone or nexus with none. What's ridiculous is the the Samsung label right over the soft keys.

T-Mobile this might force me to more to another provider and samsumg I will never buy your products again my vibrant GPS never worked and the phone is buggy, 500 bucks down the drain

This is how you fix your problems Sammy you want us to buy another phone try fixing your first vibrant, very poor Sammy very poor this is not acceptable

this is why the tmobile ceo from Germany is coming to usa to fire the tmobile usa product manger himself.hehehe.

Seems like none of the carriers can upgrade in a timely manner. Take it from a person who has a Moto Cliq....This is what's gonna happen. The reason the Vibrant hasn't been updated to Froyo is as everyone thinks...They are waiting for the release of the Vibrant 4G. After the Vibrant is released...give or take 2 to 3 weeks afterwards they will start releasing the upgrades. I'm still looking at getting the 4G...anything is better than this phone and Moto must be smokin' if they think im gonna continue with them after waiting almost a year for an upgrade that does more harm to your phone than good. We are done business. & the nexus S doesn't hold a match to its predecessor. It's gonna be the G2 or the Vibrant 4G for me!