'Uncarrier' revenue up 27.5 percent in second quarter

T-Mobile US has announced its second quarter 2013 financial results, and it looks like the "Uncarrier" campaign is starting to bear fruit. T-Mo added 1.1 million new subscribers from May to July, which the operator says represents its strongest growth in four years.

Revenues are also up 27.5 percent year-over-year, "primarily due to the inclusion of MetroPCS results for May and June 2013 and higher equipment sales due to record smartphone sales." ARPU (average revenue per user) was up 27.9 percent for prepaid with the inclusion of MetroPCS, while postpaid ARPU fell year-over-year by 6.5% to $53.60.

On the network front, T-Mo says its 4G LTE service now covers 157 million people in 116 metro areas, beating its goal of covering 100 million people by mid-year.

It's a significant turnaround from the situation last year, which saw an LTE-less T-Mobile hemorrhaging customers to the larger carriers. Time will tell whether the company's recent "bold efforts, including the "JUMP!" upgrade plan, will hasten its turnaround.

Source: T-Mobile; via: Engadget


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T-Mobile US increases revenues and adds 1.1 million subscribers in Q2


Wow, Congratulations T-Mobile! I have been a customer since 2000(Voicestream days) and this is possibly your best you've ever done. I've seen you through your worst and now it's time for your best. Keep Calm and Continue this! :D

Same here. I've been with "them" since 1996, the PowerTel days. While there have been some up's and down's, it's good to see something good happen to Pink.

You mean they made money without punitive pricing, crippling devices, and slapping their logo on everything?

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I'm happy for them. Their new promotions will change the market

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I wish I could get their signal at work. That forces me to use AT&T, if I want a signal.

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Will never go back to t-mobile after the crap they put me through.

I had a sony Erickson that crapped out and wouldn't work properly 11 months in on a 12 month warranty and was given the shaft by T-Mo on it. Then I needed a better text plan so the CS recommended that I pay to break my contract for their new, at the time, month to month plan in 2009 which would give me the text amounts I needed. After all that I left T-Mo being with a not properly working phone and on a month to month plan they sent me an ETF bill 4 months after I ported my number to Verizon. I have yet paid that ETf, even though I did pay to break my contract for a monht to month plan.

Screw T-Mo and their shotty no coverage outside of a dense population dwelling

Yeah, T-Mobile is definitely not for hillbillies. You have to live in civilization to get a signal.

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Plus this you can't port tmoble to Verizon. Two different network types. So the OP thread is probably BS!

Umm, wrong, you can port your number to any carrier. Just can't take T-mobile equipment to work on Verizon network.

You can port your number between any two carriers you'd like. Doesn't matter what network technology you use.

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This is all good news! I'm not a customer as there is no T-Mo coverage at my home and it's so so in the surrounding areas, but it's good to see an underdog begin to thrive. Competition can only help drive the industry forward and keep all the carriers on their feet.

Well, 100 more quarters like this and Tmo will be a real player! Love em!

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These suckers will soon find out they've been duped by T-Horrible. Unless you live and STAY in one of the major cities you ain't going to get LTE. It's EDGE everywhere but the biggest cities.

I live 50 miles east of NYC and get T-Mobile LTE in more places than I do VZW. In fact I even get T-Mobile 4G or LTE on the the South Shore beaches all the way out to Montauk Point which is about 125 miles east of the city. T-Mobile coverage here on LI at least is pretty comparable to VZW. WiFi calling makes up for the rest. It's all about coverage where YOU live and travel to regularly.

I've been a customer of T-Mobile's for about 8 years but am about to switch to ATT simply based on data coverage. As most of us I've come more and more to see my device as a data based computer and less as a phone. T-Mobile is a great choice if you are in a city and can live with very spotty EDGE/GPRS data coverage when outside of an urban area. Despite cancelling my service with them I really do want them to succeed. They will keep price pressure on AT&T and Verizon, especially if they are able to expand their non urban data coverage. I will probably consider them again in a couple years but for now the weak suburban/rural data issue has me leaving T-Mobile.

thank you for a mature post instead of
"omggg t-shit sucks you can't even get 3g outside of metro areas so they shouldnt be marketing 4g at all omggg"

you seemed to take an approach that was calmer and more organized. thanks a lot

Yeah, every once in a while I look at my Verizon bill and consider a switch to T-Mobile. Then I look at the coverage map and remember that I might be ok at home and office but 2G if I go into town I live just outside of. Plus throw in that the unlimited data has a 50MB limit when roaming on a service partner network. That just won't work for me, when I travel to northern Michigan it's all service partner network. Wifi isn't readily available everywhere. I can live with a slightly bigger cap on service partner roaming and a better network when I'm home. Those things happen I'll give them my money. Unfortunately, probably isn't in the cards.

I've been a customer for 12 years as well....Good news. Keep up the good work on your network build out and Jump program. I bet by years end you will be the number 3 carrier, taking out Sprint, which will cause AT&T and Verizon to panic. It's only;y a matter of time when Deutsche Telecom comes around and say keep them or better yet let them stand on their own two feet. Good job......

Save your money, T-Mo! So you can buy that 600Mhz spectrum when it becomes available... you really need it!

Great news, my HSPA+ speeds are crazy fast, recently LTE has come to my area and hot damn Sam my LTE is even faster. I can use my HSPA+ and get 15-23 mb down all day and save a little battery or flip on my LTE and get 30 mb down. Great choice to be lucky enough to have. I get real unlimited data with free tethering. I'm freaken thrilled. Honestly, if you have T-Mobile service in your area try them out, they have come a very long way very fast. I don't choose T-Mobile to save $ but because of data speed. T-Mobile is faster than any, yes any other US Carrier in my area. (Suburb of Boston) Thank You T-Mobile.

How do you have unlimited data with free tethering??? Just curious? I have unlimited data also but I have to pay for tethering. You rooted?

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Great news... Good job T-Mobile. Keep getting all the latest handsets and work your competitive pricing you can only go up. Yeah people have coverage issues, for those people there is always Verizon and their ugly logo phones :)

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Can't wait to dump my Verizon contract and try t mobile. If I get service I'm sold. Even if I don't get data in some areas that's cool. Just want service.

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Great news. Been with T-Mobile since they were Voicestream. Yes it's been choppy at times regarding their coverage but they have continually gotten better. Sure T-Mobile might not be the best option for everyone but for me they have been great.

Wish I'd bought some TMUS stock last month when I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, as it's only obvious I wouldn't be alone in spotting the extreme value of the UNCarrier VS others. :)

On a related happy note... T-Mobile must've lit up more 4G in Queens, NY only two days ago because I was getting H+ and 1bar of 4G at home for a month, but now I'm getting a constant 4 bars. Woot! Wish there was some better LTE rollout news to follow instead of having to rely on reports like mine.

I'm a customer and a stock owner. Got to say I'm loving their outlook(read stock price movement). Their wireless service is not very good, but their phones and customer services rocks.

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