myTouch 4G Slide

Gee, whatever could it be? Couldn't have at least done one of those Magic Eye sailboat things?

Source: @TMobile

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Shay D. Life says:

Mytouch 4G Slide... I'm pretty sure.

MowDownJoe says:

No-no-no... It's gotta be the Nexus Prime. I mean, it makes perfect sense. [/sarcasm]

Shay D. Life says:

Nice...or maybe not.

focr6 says:

MySlide 4G? 4G phone with a sliding keyboard??? wow, big deal. like all of them mytouch... next-->

ffastffrank says:

I have sailed over 40 years and this is confusing. It it simply MyTouch 4G Slide?

Mgamerz says:

lol, love the video.

Who? says:

MyTouch 4G Childrens' edition! You're never too young to radiate your head!

kurioskurion says:

Mycrap slide... Our myScrewYouHTCSense slide

Leif says:

Sorry, what on earth did that video have to do with anything?

88 FLUX says:

If you were to watch Mallrats, you'd understand. It's the reason for the magic eye sailboat reference.

Beezzy says:

My 4G Children? I don't get it! =P

88 FLUX says:

Brody, how else am I supposed to get the gerbil out?

NoobTube says: