T-Mobile discussed Android at the Open Mobile Summit and released some interesting statistics regarding the myTouch 3G along with some equally interesting news regarding Android Market. According to T-Mobile:

  • About half myTouch users visit the Android Market at least once per day.
  • 80% of myTouch users browse the web at least once per day, and 2/3 say several times per day.
  • Nearly half of myTouch users say they have “completely customized” their myTouch.
  • More than 40% of myTouch users access social networking sites multiple times per day.

The myTouch 3G is shaping up to be a great hit for T-Mobile and we're sure the Motorola CLIQ and Samsung Behold II will continue in that tradition.

In regards to Android Market, T-Mobile announced that they'll allow for carrier billing for app purchases which will allow users to purchase apps through their monthly bill rather than through Google Checkout. T-Mobile believes that enabling carrier billing will cause an uptick in app purchases (we'll agree) and developers shouldn't worry because they'll still receive their 70% split. T-Mobile also announced that they're going to introduce a 'T-Mobile Channel' in Android Market to recommend apps for users. Basically, it'll be a more official version of the T-Mobile AppPack.

As Android grows bigger and begins to branch out to new carriers, it's always nice to see that the first one that believed in Android will continue to do so.



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T-Mobile Talks Android, Adding Carrier Billing for Apps & New App Channel


I can attest to these numbers at least personally. I have tmobile-Mytouch 3g and i check the app store daily (though typically to check for updates for my current apps). For "new" great apps i tend to look on websites like this or others for a "android great new apps" list.
I go on the web daily, check facebook, email, this website and others. And my mytouch 3g is fairly personalized.

Well I can contest to all of these I always see what is new in the apps as well as my mytouch is all twilighted out even the back cover is twilight (made a shell with new moon on it) Which was one of the reasons I picked this phone. I will buy apps now that I know can charge them to my bill which just makes it easier. the only thing I wish this phone had was a better yahoo messenger cause the one that is on there and the one for beta that you can download both suck