We love it when an application fills a need that only becomes glaringly obvious when said application is released. T-Mobile announced the 'My Account' application for Android that'll allow you to access all the details of your account, your current usage, remaining minutes and texts, online payment capabilities, support, among other features.

It makes so much sense being able to access your account right on your handheld. The information is cleaner, the options are easier, and it's a win for everybody involved. Instead of digging through the carrier website, you can now gain access directly from your G1. We wouldn't be surprised to see other carriers adopt this type of application.

What do you guys think?

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T-Mobile Releases My Account Application to Android Market


This looks like an extremely good idea, but I couldn't find it in the android app market yet :( Wonder if they will roll this out for all countries, or just a selection first. I could definately use this though, as the my.t-mobile in NL is impossible to login to from the android browser.

I was able to find it this morning, and I had a chance to try it out. I think it's great, and I completely agree that it has become an instant necessity. I hope that T-Mobile continues to develop applications for the platform, because this has been a great first step.

It is incredibly lame that they don't provide account information over WiFi "for security reasons". One would think that implementing encryption, even if it is a simple SSL, is trivial these days.

953 msgs?! I'm msg about 1/10 of that. How do people send so many in a month? I know I'm a light to moderate texter, but hitting 1000 in a month is beyond my imagination.

The MyAccount app is great. All the information I need. Also gives info about phone status (storage usage both internal and SD, and battery life) Quick, one-touch app.