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T-Mobile Releases My Account Application to Android Market


This looks like an extremely good idea, but I couldn't find it in the android app market yet :( Wonder if they will roll this out for all countries, or just a selection first. I could definately use this though, as the my.t-mobile in NL is impossible to login to from the android browser.

I was able to find it this morning, and I had a chance to try it out. I think it's great, and I completely agree that it has become an instant necessity. I hope that T-Mobile continues to develop applications for the platform, because this has been a great first step.

It is incredibly lame that they don't provide account information over WiFi "for security reasons". One would think that implementing encryption, even if it is a simple SSL, is trivial these days.

953 msgs?! I'm msg about 1/10 of that. How do people send so many in a month? I know I'm a light to moderate texter, but hitting 1000 in a month is beyond my imagination.

The MyAccount app is great. All the information I need. Also gives info about phone status (storage usage both internal and SD, and battery life) Quick, one-touch app.