Samsung Galaxy S4

Unexpected delays in inventory deliveries have pushed back the launch by 5 days

Update: T-Mobile has confirmed this in an update on their website. April 29 is the new date.

Seemingly out of nowhere today, T-Mobile customer support reps had started responding to questions on the carrier's official Facebook page indicating that the Galaxy S4 launch had been pushed back. This seemed curious considering that the device is set to go on sale mere hours from now on the T-Mobile website. In a statement to TmoNews, T-Mobile has since confirmed that unexpected shipping delays have pushed back the online sale date of the carrier's Galaxy S4 to April 29th. With no further explanation, T-Mobile says it is working with Samsung to have enough devices delivered in time for the new date.

That's just a 5 day delay -- if you can even call it a "delay" -- but it may feel like an eternity to those who expected to get their orders in right away. These delivery issues don't seem to be a universal issue, however, as some customers on AT&T are set to get their devices ahead of schedule. If T-Mobile is the network of choice for you though, just hang onto that credit card until Monday.

Source: TmoNews; T-Mobile


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T-Mobile pushes back Galaxy S4 launch date to April 29


If it makes you feel any better, we here in the UK don't get the S4 till the 27t at least and since its a weekend, won't get delivered till 29th :(

Is not True the samsung galaxy s4 is coming out tomorrow for pre order. I talk to t mobile and they said is still on for tomorrow

It just got confirmed on their website. I know it's only 5 days, but damn I was watching that clock hard. And hitting refresh. :-(