T-Mobile Galaxy S5 update

Following an initial update rollout that was apparently not fully baked, T-Mobile has resumed pushing out an update that is supposed to fix issues with MMS messages and network performance. The 133MB OTA download is now hitting devices, and aside from the bump up to software version number G900TUVU1ANE6, there isn't really anything user-facing for you to take notice of. Go ahead and install the update when it hits your device and know that it's improving things on the back end for you.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 update to fix SMS/MMS rolling out once again


If you flashed the NCH modem to fix the speed issues with the NE5 update/modem then you will need to flash the NE5 modem so that they match or Kies will not match on it and will tell you that you are up to date. Once I flashed back to the NE5 modem I was able to get the update from Kies right away!

Tell me more of this flashing to fix the speed issues.... I have horrible DL speed!

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Hmm.... I don't remember ever flashing a modem, unless it was a part of a software update I received after purchasing the phone a week (or so) after release.

But I did just check my software info and my build number ends with NCH.

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Update to my previous comment.....

Plugged phone into computer and ran Kies. Update is there from NCH to NC6. Of course I only have 18% battery life.

Will update in the morning.

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So without kies, gotta wait for when T-Mobile let's it be released in my area? (OC California)

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Anyone tried updating with a rooted device using Kies? I'm just wondering if it's possible.

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I downloaded Kies 3 and the update was there. It took just about 25 minutes to download and install. Only change I could see right away is that there is a "wifi calling" icon in the drop-down tray.

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