Samsung Galaxy S4

First nightlies to roll out tonight, but remember the edges are still a little rough on this one

The T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S4 may have only been available for just a few short days now, but that didn't keep the folks over at CyanogenMod from whipping up their first build of CM10.1 for the device. Steve Kondik has posted on Google+ that the first builds should be rolling starting tonight, and that the software still has its rough edges but should be stable for many as a daily driver. Kondik also notes he is looking forward to seeing what other developers can come up with for the "hover" capabilities of the Galaxy S4's screen.

As with any other first public release (and nightly builds in general), you can't expect 100-percent functionality from software this new. If you're okay with a little bit of instability to be one of the first to have CM on your Galaxy S4, be on the lookout for those first nightly builds tonight.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S4 has CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies on the way


Odd. I remember a write up from this site about a month ago saying that the gs4 would not receive cm support at all. I knew that was a joke

And that was just a couple of people mostly venting their frustrations. At this time, CyanogenMod will neither confirm nor deny any details regarding support for it. That's their policy. They would not confirm/deny support for Nexus 4 until there were nightlies released. If it's a great device, I can't imagine people won't put in effort to get support for it.

Well its good to see cm10.1 i knew it was bs that it wouldnt be on the S4 however it will take a long time before its super smooth and relaiable for a daily driver however I'm glad development started already this phone is very nice and hopefully they work on hover features for cm10.1

I thought the CM team said that they will not support GS4 to "protest" Samsung's locking practice.

In any case, glad to hear it.
Do you think this release will also be available for Verizon?

IIRC, there weren't any **official plans** to support the S4. And one or two devs were saying they wouldn't do anything with it...

Yes, but keep in mind that the article was updated to clarify that Team Hacksung was the one starting that the Galaxy S4 would not be supported. NOT CM.

Jerry's credibility remains intact. Your reading comprehension skills however are now in question. Not trying to be rude. But if you can't fully read the article you link to it causes issues.

Dude... the last line of the update for that story is

"CM adds that it intends to wait for retail release of the Galaxy S4 before commenting on support, as it does for all new devices."

Apparently they see the need or demand to support it after it has been released...shocker.

Yeah, GS4 will probably be even more popular that GS3 so it would be silly not to develop for such a big following. I mean, there isn't other device outside of the Nexus line that has such a fan base.
I don't know the stats but I bet GS3 outsold all Nexus models combined. I realize that only a small % of those are installing CM10 but same goes for Nexus.

If they can make it work on Verizon (and disable the capacitive buttons like on GS3), it would be a perfect phone. I'd get a Nexus if I could but VZ doesn't offer one at the moment.

Both journalists and developers (or scientists or politicians or ...) have to be careful about making "announcements" or even off-the-cuff remarks about things like this.

Bad on the developers for letting a statement like that slip.

Bad on the journalist for running with it like this.

An update to the article doesn't undo the damage done with false information initially being spread. There are still people that don't know that this turned out to be false.

I have nothing against Jerry but hope he will be a tad more careful before pulling the trigger on an article like that one again.

Also I implore developers to be more mindful of statements they make that may become public "news."

If they read the original story, they can read the update to the original story to see the latest info.

Jerry seems to be very cynical about the S4.

He's the one who said on the podcast that Samsung NOT telling people there's 9gb/16gb available is false advertisement...

And that article has a title that blatantly lies.

Exactly, tiltshiftfocus. This S4 will be a serious challenge to the custom ROMs, CM included. Samsung has invested (likely) tens of millions of dollars in building out their version of Android, with extra sensors and extra features. Are you going to spend $200-$600 for another phone that does the same thing as your aging Galaxy Nexus? What's the point in that?

I've been a big fan of CM and wouldn't run anything else on my Nexus. But I highly doubt I'll be running it on the S4 that's on preorder.

I would like to see CM and other custom ROM makers try a bit harder to embrace the hardware features added by Samsung to the base Android system.
I have a note2 and it's running stock Samsung firmware, the only thing I've done is root it, and switch to nova launcher to make better use of space on the home screen. . I don't want to lose SPen features.
And anyway, the stock ROM is stable and feature complete.

You have to take Jerry's comments in totals to judge his credibility. In a review of the S3 he sang it's praises but then shortly after he posted in the Forums that his S3 was nothing but trouble. I saw no retraction to the original S3 praise from him. The non CM development story was full of his opinions not just reporting. The gist of his article (based on a limited source) was avoiding the S4 and even suggesting other phones to buy. As far as reading the update: I don't believe a separate article was published to update the questionable non CM support article. You would have had to go back and read the original article to see the update.