T-Mobile HTC G2

We'd be lying if we said we weren't excited about the T-Mobile G2, the carrier's first HSPA+ Android smartphone. And so we're excited to see these leaked renders which give us a good look at the horizontal slider's keyboard.  And if there's anybody who knows how to do a keyboard right (so long as the carrier doesn't frak it up), it's HTC.

Supposedly that's a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen we're looking at, but it wouldn't surprise us at all if that changed, given the current state of supply. Or lack thereof. Now alls we need is a little extra launch info from T-Mobile and we'll be all set. [Cell Phone Signal] Thanks, Marco!


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T-Mobile G2 renders break cover; that's one sexy keyboard


man i can't wait! i think im gonna return my vibrant and get this, if for no other reason then that this runs stock android

"Alls?" Really?

Looks like a winner to me. This will be a great replacement for the people who've hung on to their G1s. Want.

Nexus one with trackpad and G1 style keyboard! It looks nice! Nice to see a stock Android phone again! I'll wait for the Glacier (if that even happens), otherwise, ill stick to my Nexus!

Isn't Super AMOLED proprietary Samsung technology?

Really excited about this phone though. Hoping that it supports some popular non-tmobile UMTS bands.

Thank you HTC for a Vanilla based phone, hopefully with Gingerbread's UI upgrades this will be more of a trend from other manufacturers. It's also nice to see that there's some sort of dedicated button along the left side of the phone, perhaps a camera button.

Super AMOLED is patented by Samsung. They will use the heck out of it before they start selling it to their rivals. It will be a Samsung exclusive for a while.

How is that a good keyboard, there's no dedicated number or arrow keys. Other than that looks pretty good, but compared to the TP2 I think htc dropped the ball on the keyboard.

i'm getting one.

if it doesn't work, they'll get it back.

if it does work, i hope it can be upgraded to 3.0.

anybody want to buy a cliqXT in good shape?

I wanted to be excited about this, but I don't see what it has that the Epic doesn't already. Except a smaller, not as nice, screen...

For starters, Epic is CDMA; G2 is GSM, first HSPDA+ phone for T-mo + *possibly* a newer snapdragon w/ beefier Andreno GPU + STOCK ANDROID!!!

Stock Android is really the only benefit, which arguably is huge. Even the newer Adreno processor isn't quite on the same level as powervr.

This Phone looks soooo SICK!! No one does design like HTC! I love this one. Too bad it's not a SPRINT device. I'm not even a big "slider" fan but I would rock this one.

the epic is better then this imo,this doesnt have a dedicated number row,plus it has a smaller screen. is this the project emerald phone tmo had hyped up?pr is project emerald still coming?

Throw in T-Mobile's great data plan and you have a perfect mix. I'm just waiting for y HSPA+ to get switched the fuck on. My coverage map says HSPA+ but all my devices are yelling 3G. Please T-Mobile get your crews to pick it up and get movin. I want to enjoy some kick ass speeds. I travel into a HSPA+ area and I get so jelous. I can hardly wait, almost wants me to sell my house and move on.
Must be loosing my mind.

im stuck on a loyalty plan wiht my mom who consumes about 2000 minutes (i go max 400) so if i want data they want 20 bucks plus my 8 dollar text charge. so that brings me to about 90 a month which is more than the competition even with the 10 dollar 4g charges

AMOLED is nice... not Super AMOLED, but still good. I'm fairly sure there is a Camera, but what's the resolution? It's coming out soon and will be in the window of possible new smartphones to pick up before the end of the year.

I got my hands on a pre-production model last night for about 10 minutes and I was very impressed with the build quality. The screen, as most of you may be aware, has this odd z-hinge going on that makes it rest "flat" with the keyboard when it's open. It takes some getting used to to open and close it, but it's spring-assisted and slides with a solid "thwunk", unlike the Motorola Droids. The screen is absolutely eye-poppingly beautiful. It of course comes with 2.2 preloaded. I didn't get to do any speed testing because HSPA+ isn't very prevalent where I live. We only had Edge where we were. The indicator apparently changes to "H+" instead of "E" when you're in an HSPA+ area. The keys look nice and fairly easy to use, but I didn't do much testing. Like I said, only handled it for maybe 5 minutes tops. It weighs more than my Droid X but is considerably thicker and shorter (smaller screen). It's a meaty phone, but nothing compared to the G1. I'd say it's similar to the Droid.