T-Mobile 3G speeds

Just in time for the expected launch of a little phone from Google, T-Mobile today announced that it has upgraded its entire 3G network to full HSPA speeds. That's 7.2Mbps, for those of you playing at home. T-Mo also said it's testing HSPA+ (that's 21Mbps) in Philadelphia and hopes to have it up and running by the middle of 2010 elsewhere. [via Phonescoop]


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T-Mobile announces its 3G network is running at full HSPA speeds


Not seeing improved speeds in Austin, TX. Might these changes take a little while to populate through their network?

@Anon, Agreed. maybe 1 mb up in Austin. and as a preemptive strike, MT3g is my phone (7.2 max)

Using the SpeedTest app in my downtown Philly office I just got 1689kbps. Not bad considering that when I had Verizon DSL my max was 1.5Mbps.

In Market East train station I've gotten as much as 3Mbps. And that was prior to this announcement.

Using Cyanogen rooted G1.

La Jolla, CA 897kbms down and 188 up

On the I15 freeway in San Diego, CA 999kbps down and 362 up

Verizon is getting 1.5+ mbps on the Droid

Where is the speed improvement? I've always gotten 600-900kbps down and around 200 up.

Tested using the SpeedTest app on the MT3G, G1, and the Verizon Droid.

just a side note, HSPA 7.2Mbps is not full speed HSPA, the theoretical maximum of HSPA in the downlink is actually 14Mpbs...

Those are speeds in a lab environment. What are "real" life speeds? If everyone assumes they will get 7.2Mbps they will be in for a disappointment.

Something is up with the network because I'm getting terrible numbers on the extremelabs speedtest Im running.

I've run the test 3 times and have averaged 350-450 Kbits on download speed. My best was back in November at 1555.9 Kbits. On that day I ran 3 test and go anywhere from 1436.9 to 1555 Kbits on download.

I'm hoping there's a glitch today.

BTW,I have a Moto Cliq.

the extremelabs speedtest seems to be showing lower numbers than the other speedtest apps. me and another rep were doing side by side app comparisons and the extremelabs was always the lowest. dont know why.

doing it right now..
speedtest -.96 mbps D, .37mbps U
xtremelabs speedtest - .8mbps D, .2mbps U

proves that no matter which program you use they will give you a different speed rating.

Any 3g capable SMARTPHONE (android,windows) save the 9700 can run the 7.2mb. For some reason the 9700 from the report i saw, is not capable.

And id give it 24-48 hours to really start pushing in. Is anyone really getting the faster speeds yet?

I don't believe they have finished upgrading ALL the network to 7.2. I'm not sure where this information comes from, but I have no improvement in 3g in my area. Also when will the 2100 MHz become widespread? I want 3G on bloody awful expensive Nexus One.

I hate to break it to you but the t-mobile "3G Network" is a joke. I've been with them since 2001, and I will be leaving them this year if they don't deploy a serious 3G network. Their great rates and friendly customer service only go so far. If those Verizon ads showed a pink T-Mobile 3G coverage map, it would make the AT&T map look awesome.