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This may come as no surprise to many of us, but T-Mobile mentioned on Twitter a couple days ago that the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is the carrier's all-time best-selling device. There's no doubt that the Galaxy S3 (and Galaxy S2 before it) have been monumental hits for Samsung, but T-Mobile also puts a lot of their marketing weight behind these flagships. Considering that it doesn't offer that fruit phone and often misses out on other devices because of exclusivity deals with other carriers, the success of the Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile may be more important as a single device than it is to any other carrier in the US.

Source: T-Mobile (Twitter)


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T-Mobile announces Galaxy S3 is its best selling device of all time


Wouldn't it be less important because it has no competition from the same network? I would think this would be more significant on say Verizon because then the Galaxy S3 will have to compete with the RAZR HD, the iPhone, the Droid Incredible, and other smartphones of similar calibre.

I think a lot of the people who purchased the S3 are going to be pissed when the note 2 releases. I know right now the 5.5" is considered more of a nitch phone (due to the size)... but I'm thinking it's going to have a much bigger following than originally anticipated. It's a faster processor, better (by bigger) screen, longer lasting battery, stylist, and multi-screen multitasking.... I already know 3 or 4 people who plan on picking this up at launch (we're talking close circle of friends - not considering all family/friends/acquaintances). I think they'd pick up a lot of buyers if they would just properly advertise. Basically, the people I know who's actually viewed a review for this phone, plan to buy one. Which includes an Iphone convert (weeeHooOoOO)!

I knew a lot of people who thought the 4.3" screens were too large, and in line, the 4.8" phones thereafter. But they all came around... It's like, you feel like your missing out on something by having a smaller screen size.. The S3 will definitely have the stronger launch, but that was everything to do with the advertising campaigning done for the phone. Regular "Joe's" actually knew about it (not just the tech savy). Samsung doesn't appear to be putting as much effort in the advertising for the Note 2 though. In any case, I think people will start gravitating to the bigger screen once they become aware and/or mess with a demo at one of the stores.

to the average consumer who goes in the store and upgrade or add a new line i dont think so. i think they already consider the S3 big.

I was interested in the note 2, until I saw an old lady in a restaurant using a Note (1) to make a phone call, the thing was huge and she looked like an idiot. It looked almost like she was using my Nexus 7 to make a phone call in public.. I don't think I'm interested in it anymore, I would definitely have to see it/hold it in person.

People would buy it as it's a wonderful phone too. I compare the phones to which car you like. Technically, you can't go wrong with either. It comes down to who you feel you relate to more. The one phone Apple offers, or the hundreds of sizes and colors everyone else offers.

I love my S3 and can't see me owning anything else.

We bought two of the S3s from T-Mobile after switching from Sprint! We love the S3 and love having 4G with T-Mobile and reliable connections. Both are something we didn't have with Sprint.