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The Android Central Editors keyboard of choice, Swiftkey X, got itself a little update today, bringing with it a couple of handy bug fixes. 

The changelog promises improved handling of low memory situations, force close issue fixes, XKDPI icons and key-press popup fix, and voice input improvements for the Droid Bionic. 

Hit the market link below to grab the update.


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Swiftkey X update brings some handy bug fixes


Are the low-memory situations where you'll type in a few words, the keyboard will hang, and then erase the words you typed? I have Tablet X and it does that fairly regularly. I haven't noticed it yet since I've updated it, though.

Is that what that is? Happened to me all the time on my Nexus One, and that's why I stopped using it.

Doesn't happen on my EVO, figured it was a processor thing but memory could be it too.

What Swiftkey really needs is a way to say "Look, I typed it that way twice, just leave it be" kind of intelligence.

I hate it that I got this app from the Amazon Appstore and the update hasn't been posted, and I'm unable to update from the Android Market because it says I haven't purchased it -_-

This is why I uninstalled the Amazon app store. Maintaining apps from two different app stores is too unorganized for my OCD mind. :/

Amazon App Store is notorious for not getting updates. I think it has a lot to do with when an app is given out for free, they don't have incentive to update it when that is the userbase.

Only way to get it on Google Market is to buy it on there.

Damn it's $4! I regret not uninstalling it, and re-buying it for $0.10 when the Android Market was having the 10 billion downloads sale. I know it's only $4, but I can't really justify paying $4 for an update that will probably be available on the Amazon Appstore in a few days/weeks :/

That is why for $0.10 I repurchased and replaced some of my free Amazon apps with the Google market versions(including Swiftkey X)

The Amazon Appstore pushed a notification to my phone saying I had an update available and it was Swiftkey. I agree that Amazon seems to get updates later but this update seems to have come at the exact same time as the update to the Market.

I have noticed on my TBolt the Amazon App Store is not pushing update notifications. However, when I manually refresh my apps, updtes will appear. Which is how I saw the Swiftkey X update.

It's the best keyboard for android nonbar. I tried stock and ics keyboard and they are good but doesn't have the intuitive speed as SwiftKey. It's pure magical.

I'm calling BS on that, because auto-correct is not active in password fields.

If you have some app that is using a standard field as a password field, don't blame the keyboard. Blame the app.

I believe he means his password was being inserted as an "auto-correction" for another word during normal typing situations. He most likely manually added his password to the dictionary because SwiftKey has never saved my password as a prediction.

This is another great update from the best keyboard out there (sorry Swype; I love you but not as much). If they improve voice texting, allow customizable themes, and continue to optimize, this could be the best keyboard ever made.