SwiftKey X

One of the many great things about the Android platform is that there is such a wide variety of keyboards to chose from, and many great developers behind them. The folks at SwiftKey X have been known for some amazing updates, and they have hit it out of the park, yet again. Their latest update brings a slew of new features, such as:

  • Blog and RSS learning, so you can personalize based on your previous posts;
  • A heatmap that shows how accurately you type on your keyboard (these insights are used by SwiftKey to make predictions more accurate);
  • A new stats panel that gives great insights into what SwiftKey is doing for you, which you can share with your friends;
  • Language layout switching for users who use different keyboard layouts (e.g. English/Russian users);
  • The reintroduction of the autocaps toggle for those who wish to always write in lower case.

In addition to all these new features, they have made many "improvements" better error reporting, instant language updates, and several others. They have also addressed some bugs that affected various users, greatly improving the overall experience. If you are a current SwiftKey X user be sure to grab the update, and if you don't currently use it now would be a great time to check it out. Download links after the break.

Update - Swiftkey is rolling this update out over the next day or two apparently, so keep your eye out for the update!


Reader comments

SwiftKey X update brings heat map, stat panel and more


Anyone with a qHD using SwiftKey X have a problem with the keyboard not scaling right & the keyboard just sits in the middle of the screen?

No issues here on my evo 3d, so not sure what could be wrong. Maybe you should uninstall then reinstall it if you haven't already.

I will start using this keyboard when they make the keys bigger. I really like it, but they keys are way too small on larger phones.

Yeah, I dont see an update either...but I bought through Amazon store, so may not be seeing an update for awhile :)

Its kind of strange how every blog is reporting this update yet it is not available yet for anyone. You would think that at least one blogger would have checked to see if the update was live yet before making the post?

Swiftkey put this info about the update on their blog this morning. Part of the excerpt is...

"We hope you like the update! It should be rolling out across all major app stores in the next day or so."

I am sure it is coming soon.

Don't see update either. Bought it thru Android Market. I have checked several times. Love this keyboard. This predicts the next word I am going to type so accurately. Scary accurate.

Swiftkey keyboards have the best word prediction of any other keyboard I have used.

Most of the time, I only have to type one word or part of one word & based on the choices it gives, I can complete my entire text message without typing another word.

Yeah, yeah, yet I can't disable the bottom row keys, so the tiny spaceboard leaves me with a period between each word. Until they fix that, It's SmartKeyboard Pro for me... they get it exactly right. Word prediction isn't as good, but everything else is far better.

I agree. If the keys were a tad larger the keyboard would be as
close to perfect as one could get.

Awesome! Can't wait to get this update when it comes out!
Now if only they would spend just a lil time working on more skins..

I wish they'd get rid of the settings button and put the microphone back. I use voice input way more often than the settings.

I already have the update. SwiftKey X could have been the best tapping keyboard for Android if it always gives predictions, but I'm still using it.