Careful if you're updating on Android 4.4 KitKat, though ...

A quick heads up for those of you rocking SwiftKey — version 4.3.1 is now available. The big strokes for the changelog are bugfixes — the $ sign is back for non-English keyboards — and the option to put the numeric keypad on either the left- or right-hand side.

If you're updating on an Android 4.4 KitKat device, however, you'll need to look out for a gremlin. After updating, the Google Keyboard will again become the default — and SwiftKey won't appear in the list of default options. Two options to fix that: Hop into the SwiftKey app, and that appears to reset it, or choose "Select Input Method" from Settings>Language&Input>Default. Let's hope that gets sorted out right quick.

Swiftkey's got a more thorough changelog at the link below.

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SwiftKey updated for new numpad options, bugfixes


Thank the gods, could not stand the number pad being on the right side of the keyboard. Seemed like a completely arbitrary change (I'm sure it wasn't) that had no benefit and made no sense.

No, it probably was. As much as I love SwiftKey, they always seem to throw out some basic feature that's been there forever and then have to scramble to mollify freaked out users like when they omitted the ability to set long-press time.

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Yeah, like the arrow keys that were on the secondary numeric keyboard. Why did they get rid of those? Very useful if you don't want arrow keys on all the time but still need them occasionally!

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I agree completely. I hated having it moved to the right, especially considering how arbitrary the move was. I immediately looked for a setting to move it back and was disappointed to find none. Really glad they listened to customers and gave us the option to return it to where it was.

Glad that I now have the option to put the number pad back on the left. Kinda freaked me out when it was different after an update. Thanks for the info--updating the app now (one of my favorites)!

Glad to see the option to change back to the way it was. Hopefully the update will make its way over to the Amazon Appstore soon as well.

First world problems at its finest right there... Lol

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Hey, we always have to have something to bitch about. And when we run out of things to bitch about, I'll bitch about the lack of things to bitch about.

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I wish there was an option to have the numbers on a row up top like on the Note.

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I agree with you. After using a galaxy s4 for a couple of hours I liked the keyboard layout and the number row at the top. Kii keyboard in the play store has that feature. Installed it on my partner's nexus 5 and he loves it. The keyboard allows you to not only add the number row but a row with arrows at the bottom (a la sense keyboard). Check it out!

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Kii has a ton of useful features such as the number row, or customizable smiley menu. I'd really like to see it as good alterenative to SwiftKey, but for some reason I keep switching back. SwiftKey just seems to predict better but not sure if that's just my perception from using it for so long.

That's what I am waiting for as well. I was all excited when I saw the headline.
The good news is that they are working on a number row according to their own forum. You can suggest and vote for features there. Number row is one of the favorites.

Good luck with that, though. Japanese language support was voted 70 kajillion times and even had a SwiftKey developer chime in telling everyone they began working on it and to stay tuned for further updates on the project - that was a year ago.

Yep that's been my sole nitpick with Swiftkey that they won't give us an option to add a number row on the top like... Oh don't know, every other keyboard app out there. It couldn't possibly add that many more lines of code to the program.

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Hmm, that gremlin is actually not a Kit Kat specific bug, it's been happening on my mother's HTC One X for months now... I *think* it didn't happen on ICS, but it's definitely been happening ever since her JB update.

The WORST part is that the keyboard choice is reset every time she reboots her phone, that's how I found out about it in the first place, every time she runs out of battery she'd call me and ask how to set her keyboard to the red one (Swiftkey skin I had selected for her, matches the red phone case and all that).

Maybe it's a device specific issue? What phone were you using Phil? Or maybe it has something to do with having installed the SK trial at one point? I don't think it ever happened on my HTC EVO LTE but I mostly used Swype, never happened on my tablet.

This is also a problem with my M-in-laws Ascend Y300. It was fine with the 30 day trial but the paid version will not load on reboot. Swiftkey says it's an Android problem but don't explain why it works in the trial version..

The number pad fix is good but I'm still waiting for the emoji/smiles/ picture feature!! The new Android keyboard is packed with that feature!!

Maybe one day Swiftkey will listen to what people want for tablets.. They've been quite deaf over the past few months about this..

Maybe one day they'll finally add an option to have the numbers arranged in calculator/numpad layout, not the daft phone layout.


Thanks for the tip, Phil. I had updated my 2013 Nexus 7 with Kit Kat, and was wondering what was going on.

You know, the move of the number pad freaked me out initially, but I've gotten used to it, and now that they've given us the option to switch it back, I'm not sure I will!

What I like so much about SwiftKey is that they are very customer friendly, and quick to respond to issues. They actually listen to their clients! What a concept!

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Noticed that it set my KB back to default on the N5, silly SwiftKey...

Glad though that I can have the numpad back on the left, good job SwiftKey!

I'm glad they gave the option to put the number pad back where they had it so perfectly placed before.

Now if they would only give us the inverted T arrow keys again!!! They have a bunch of special characters which could be in a hold down menu where they could still have their inverted T. Who wants to use arrow keys on the primary key layout wasting vertical space all the time!?!?!?!?