Swiftkey's long been in our rotation of top keyboards, and it's now testing a feature that may make your fast phalanges even faster. Multitouch is in the works for tablets and smartphones, and it's currently being tested in a two-week alpha period in the developer's VIP track. Here's the low-down:

We have made improvements for rapid typists. We now properly support multi-touch so you shouldn't get accidentally repeated letters or accidentally missed letters when typing at speed with more than one finger. If you could try this out and in particular look out for issues with long-press keys, alternative character selection or keys where the highlighting gets stuck. We are particularly interested in results from tablet users touch typing as well as phone users with two thumbs.

It's still very early in the game, and bugs are expected. So if you opt to give this a go, you're a guinea pig, not a customer. But no matter, it's going to make a great keyboard even greater.

Source: Swiftkey VIP


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Swiftkey testing multitouch in its latest keyboard alpha


Really not sure how they're applying multitouch here. Downloaded, installed, and configured the alpha this morning. Usually multitouch for keyboards means things like holding shift or the symbol key would allow you to quickly enter the desired characters with your other thumb. This is how the stock gingerbread keyboard operates. I've gotten so used to it now that switching to a keyboard that doesn't behave like that tends to trip me up quite a bit. Hopefully, in SwiftKey's, case this is just a bug or an oversight.

Hey Deathpod, what you refer to here is "key chording", which we're also looking to implement.

What multitouch means here is a new framework that means if you type superfast, chunks of words will no longer get muddled or misinterpreted for gestures, as has happened in the past.

But please, do give us feedback!


And all this time I thought multitouch was already implemented ... I guess I am a slow typer =)
Either way, Swiftkey is a must have for me. Keep up the good work!

I would love to see swipe gestures implemented for symbols. For example, I want to choose "1". Instead of pressing and holding 'Q', simply swipe down on "Q" instead. I forget the name of the other keyboard that does this, but it works well.

Please note there is a bug using SwiftKey on a Samsung Galaxy S2 (European) mainly in the native Email application. Despite the recent fix, I still get it.

The Bug: Pressing the delete key often reinserts the word or charactor group being deleted over and over again. Sometimes the first capital after a full stop becomes fixed, you cant delete it! These problems do NOT seem to occur in Gmail for some reason; and many other applications are immune.

A great keyboard (I love it) with a SERIOUS bug. If you use a Galaxy S2, avoid it for now.