SwiftKey sale

SwiftKey celebrates two years as top paid app on Google Play

Popular keyboard app SwiftKey is now on sale at a reduced price in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. From today it's available for 25 percent off the usual price, knocking it down to $2.99 in the U.S.

SwiftKey says its most recent sale is to celebrate its place as a top paid app on Google Play for two years running. The developer says its app has been top in a total of 58 countries during that time, and top in "major territories" including the U.S. and UK for longer than any other app.

The SwiftKey team recently launched version 4.3 of the keyboard, bringing new layouts designed to make it easier to type on larger phones and tablets. If you've yet to pick up the paid version of SwiftKey, you can grab it from the Google Play link above.


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SwiftKey keyboard 25 percent off in Thanksgiving sale


Love Swiftkey. But not having a simplified lockscreen without a bunch of unnecessary key cluttering things up is a deal breaker for me. Yeah, I know it is a minor thing, but I am an Enterprise user that is required to have locked device and the un lock screen feels clumsy.

I loved swiftkey until s4 got colored emojis update I now use Samsung keyboard it's similar to swiftkey

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Yeah, Samsung licenses their word prediction software from SwiftKey, I think. Or at least they did at one point.

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Count me in that 1% I absolutely HATE swiftkey. I bought it a year or so ago when it was on sale for a dollar. No matter how many times I tell it to learn from gmail, sms, etc it still does a crap job of predicting what I want to type. I tried to give it 6 months, but it became increasingly frustrating to use. Don't get me started on the "flow" typing either..... completely horrible. The only keyboard I find I can use is the Google keyboard. I just find it works perfectly for me

Does google keyboard learn over time like Swiftkey? I'm genuinely asking. I know it predicts but does it predict based on my usage?

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Google didn't buy any of them out but several of the manufacturers, including Google, use keyboards based on Swype. That's why Swype stayed in "beta" for so long. They wanted to go into the OEM market.

I love SwiftKey on my phone, but it's really awkward on my Tablet. I never noticed the bottom row offset until I used it on a tablet in landscape mode; you just can't type properly. Don't see it yet? Check your computer keyboard's left-hand letter on each row (Q,A,Z). Ready? Now notice the 'offset' between each one: either 1/4 or 1/2 a key. Now see the same thing in SwiftKey (the picture on this post can help). See the offset between the A and the Z? A FULL KEY! Not much difference? Try typing correctly from muscle memory on a tablet in landscape mode. You'll see what I mean.

I recently purchased SwiftKey for my tablet and now they have issued a legacy update to it. Now I have to Buy theapp again because they have merged the tablet and phone app. If any one from Android Central could look into this I and man others would be grateful

There are instructions on the app's description and in SwiftKey's site on how to redeem your purchased copy for the unified version. It should have been an automatic switch, though...

I have been using SwiftKey X for about 3 years now. Today is 11/27/2013. I switched phones last night and used the stock keyboard while I was setting up the new phone and SKX (Swiftkey X) was one of the last apps I installed. I had problems with my previous phone and thought my phone was getting old and slow...I now believe it was SKX. My new phone worked much faster when typing/searching, and SKX kept making my text field blank even though the words were still there. I know this because I could type a bunch of words, which would not show in the text field, but once I hit enter...tada, there was my message.
Also, I love SKX because of the memory and stats but everytime they updated the software I would lose my history. So it has become useless to me. I will miss SKX but I no longer have the patience it takes to use and retrain the program. :(((( Super sadness.

This looks less like a sale and more like an attempt to get back some of the tablet version buyers that they just pi$$ed off by making the app "legacy" rather than truly merging the apps.

Umm... they did merge the apps. I'm using the 'same version' in my phone and tablet. Granted, I stopped using it in the tablet since the landscape layout is awkward to type in, but it's working...

I bought the full app back when it was super cheap on the Amazon appstore. I'm tempted to buy it again from play just for the convenience...

SwiftKey is awesome, I'd pay ten dollars for it gladly!

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I used to like swype. But I would get considerable amount of lag with it. SwiftKey is just... Swift :-)

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