Snowfall from your keyboard presses, because you can

The latest update to SwiftKey improves the installation process, but most importantly also brings a bit of holiday cheer with a new keyboard theme. After switching over to the new "Ice" theme, you'll be greeted by a deep blue background with snow-capped keys that drop snowflakes when you tap them or swipe over them with SwiftKey Flow.

So go on and update SwiftKey to add a little bit of holiday cheer to every one of your messages, Google+ posts and emails. (Pro tip: try typing "hohoho" with the new ice theme for even more holiday cheer.)

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SwiftKey adds new 'ice' theme for the holidays


Why not just dl the beta not that hard

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And again, the update removed SwiftKey as the default keyboard. Silly process to go through, but annoying to change every update - at least for me.

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I used Slide It for Christmas theme. It looks a better. Bought Swift Key awhile ago. I haven't been pleased with the way it's been acting lately.

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It only snows when I flow, not when I type regularly. And typing hohoho did absolutely nothing special. If it makes a difference, I'm running 4.3 on a GSIII

I read the release on the SwiftKey site and it appears that the hohoho thing only works if you are using the beta.

I agree - Its the season to be tacky, so why not go for it.

On the plus side, I really like SwiftKey and have been using it since it launched.

Agreed. Certainly they have more important features to add.

Swiftkey is one of the Largest Apps on my phone. Bigger than
Google Search, Chrome etc. Why the hell should a keyboard take up
that much space?

Just installed and using it now.. The snow is nice, but why does this app need to record everything I type.....?

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Well does the Google keyboard do the same thing?? Couldn't the words added in its dictionary be saved locally??

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I'd like to see swiftkey make a good looking theme. All of them are bad in my eyes. It ruins the experience for me.

The cobalt is the only bearable one the rest are pretty bad. The perfect keyboard would look like the stock keyboard but with SwiftKey predictions.


So why does a new theme require a permission change, with "View Wi-Fi Connections" now required? There's no mention in the AC post, nor in the SwiftKey "What's New" section in the Play Store.

did this fix the bug where the keyboard doesn't fully slide up on some apps that have the 3-dot menu button at the bottom and the last row of keys including the space bar become unusable?

i wish they didnt update these apps just to take away space from my phone with these tacky themes. if only i could remove all the swiftkey themes but holo..