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We usually like to do our own demo videos of apps whenever possible. It's our job, for one, and it's always fun to see "the pros" occasionally suck at games on camera. But in the case of Super Hexagon, we're going to keep our shame bottle up deep inside, where it belongs. This game is that hard.

The idea is that you have to guide the triangle through the spaces of the incoming designs as they collapse in on the central hexagram. Cool 1980s-esque video game music helps keep up the pace (at least for those of us old enough to remember the sounds of an actual arcade). It's fun. It's addicting. And it's hard as hell. Literally. The three unlocked levels are "hard," "harder" and "hardest." Frankly, we're a little afraid to explore the other difficulties. Our pride has taken a beating here. But, still, we can't put it down. Another dollar well spent.


Reader comments

Super Hexagon is ridiculously hard, ridiculously addicting


"And it's hard as hell. Literally." While I've never been to hell, although I did go to an Apple store once, I'm guessing the game may not "literally" be as hard as hell might be?

I find it bizarre that it doesn't work on the Nexus 7 but runs perfectly on my One X. I know there's a lot more to it but considering my phone has Sense to deal with as well as Android and runs absolutely fine it seems odd. Having said that, yeah this games hard lol, can't go longer than 10 seconds lol

OK, so I've lasted 15 seconds so far and you have no idea how happy I am of posting about such a crappy time. This game is so fricking hard yet so fricking addictive! I liked it so much that I ended up getting the PC version too.

The trailer alone makes me think we're going to have a rash of seizures episodes in Japan, but what the hell, downloaded it anyway, the music alone seems worth the 99 cents.