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The highly polished calendar app Sunrise has been updated to include plug-ins from a bunch of outside web services. At launch, Foursquare was a nice addition, but now Evernote reminders can show up in Sunrise, as well as Tripit information for your next flight, and more niche services like Songkick to see when and where local concerts are happening, and deadline syncing for GitHub and Asana.

Sunrise made a strong entrance a few weeks ago based mostly on a buttery-smooth interface and a well-done web component. The app is maturing in functionality very quickly, and we're definitely eager to see which other services get integrated, as well as which usability improvements are implemented. Exchange support for mobile seems like a necessary next step to make this practical for professionals. A search bar would be nice, too.

In any case, Sunrise is shaping up really nicely. How many of you guys prefer it to the native calendar app?

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Sunrise calendar adds dates from Evernote, Tripit, and more


I download this app a week or so ago and I have to say I have really been digging the look and polish of this app.

It's nice and smooth. However I find the options to set recurring appointments is a bit limited. Keeping an eye on it & seeing where this goes. Would also like to see a better landscape view & a light widget rather than just the dark. All in all, a good start!
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I would really like it if it would import my Facebook calendar to my Google Calendar instead of just displaying both of them side-by-side.

You can export your Facebook calendar and then import the data to Google calendar, but this is a manual procedure. Unless there is something I missed, you would have to do this manually every time you wish to add Facebook events to your Google Calendar.

Need to be able to switch views without using your 2nd hand to reach the upper left corner. And similarly, some way a little faster to change different calendars. Otherwise, v. nice. Would love to use it but i can't deal with inefficient navigation. Cute though. I'll check back in a few months. I'll give it a good go when they have a weekly view.

I am so incredibly happy that I found Sunrise. It truly is a Google Calendar replacement. It's pretty much Google Calendar on steroids. One of the things I love the most about it is that with the Google Chrome extension, it acts like a native app, which is something that Google Calendar has never done, and one of my biggest gripes. So in this sense it even replaces iCal on my mac.

I was just playing around with the new tripit features and it is really awesome. It really just works as expected, which is not something I can say about a lot of Apps these days.

Way to go Sunrise!

I'll take a look but I have a feeling that it just won't provide the depth of Business Calendar.

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I've been trying it for a few weeks now and I'm happy with it. Love that they are clearly committed to enhancing it and nice to see some competition in the calendar space.

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Would happily call it my daily calendar, but kinda awkward having to turn a 10 inch tablet to portrait to view it. I also want it landscape on my phone

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After logging in with Facebook the bdays and events show up in the app but not on the homescreen widget.. Anyone else with this issue?

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