Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt

Arch rivals! Bitter enemies! Coffee lovers! We've read plenty on the supposed relationships -- personal and business -- between Google and Apple, and how they've broken down over the past year or so. But, sure enough, Gizmodo snagged a shot of Apple's CEO and Google's CEO sharing a table and having a cup o' joe (and some juice, too). Steve Jobs, clad in his trademark black mock turtleneck, jeans and New Balance sneakers, and Eric Schmidt, going a little more business casual sans tie with khakis, a pullover and shoes that likely cost more than you make in a month.

Anyhoo, Giz's tipster reportedly overheard a couple of lines: "They're going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it," and "Let's go discuss this somewhere more private."

Giz opines that "it" has something to do with Web content, which could well be true. Or maybe it's about Apple's recently lawsuit against HTC (and by proxy, Google's Android OS). Or it could be those long-rumored incriminating pictures from the 2002 Apple board meeting that are rumored to have involved an iPhone prototype, three strips of bacon and two cans of Cheese Whiz. Insert your own caption, basically.

So does the fact that they were "caught" (or seen precisely where their PR folks wanted them to be seen, more likely) on a neutral site (as in out of eithers' office, though apparently the cafe's owned by former Google exec Charlie Ayers) mean anything? Who knows. But it makes for great fodder, doesn't it? One more pic after the break.

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt

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hotkoko says:

there in cohutes

cj100570 says:

What a waste of web space. You couldn't find anything better to post? Surely there was a Droid 2.1 update rumor or some pricing info for the EVO 4G? Something!

AsianBob says:

What I want to know is how the person got a picture so close without either one batting an eye.

jgrmsmith says:

Probably got the picture with a Palm Pre. LOL

emuir says:

HAHAHA! Am i the only one that finds this comment hilarious?!

Is that an iPad on the table? :-)

level32 says:

WePad :P

If only Steve Ballmer were there, this would've been like witnessing Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt.

Wesley#AC says:

Steve Jobs folds his legs like a woman.

ricbon says:


strhessed says:

That's because he has no balls !

JLG1985 says:

What a NERD/WIMP/SISSY (*Sissie) Steve Jobs is! Black socks with gym shoes = DORK!! What a setup, what's this supposed to portray Steve Jobs isn't evil - Apple isn't evil? Give me a break!!!

Why I waited until 2006 to jump ship as an Apple Developer is beyond comprehension - I should be shot!!!!

* - common slang for a homossexual in portuguese, Google it, go ahead I dare ya!!!!!

ricbon says:


emuir says:

It looks like Stevie is apologizing for ever wanting to use Bing in the first picture. The second picture is Eric telling him that he should be apologizing for showing up in the same outfit he's been wearing for the past 6 years. Insert your own caption of what Eric is saying here...

tkfox007 says:

Steve Jobs just needed to vent his ego because it started eating itself

zhansms says:

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NART says:

I call April Fool's joke all the way. We'll see for sure in 6 days :P

gbhil#AC says:

Jobs looks like he's commenting on the size of the barrista's jugs.

That or he is demonstrating exactly how to carry a metric assload of money.

rufflez says:

"so I said, 'F the footlong, give me a 10 lb burger! Don't you see how unhealthily skinny I am?' Man, that guy's mouth dropped to the floor. I would have taken a picture, but my iPad doesn't have a camera."

it would have been beyond funny if both of them had Palm Pres on the table or maybe Blackberry's. Lol.

in an case it makes me wonder what these two were up to, wonder if there's some Iphone/Android hybrid down the line. Or perhaps they're both figuring out a way to make us the consumer more dependent upon their devices, while they crush all the competition. Hmmm.

Plocke1205 says:

Yeah, i'm fairly certain my Eris could have at least gotten a closer picture!

rufflez says:

Maybe its to squash any rumor about the two companies hating each other and thats why neither one of them flinched when someone is taking a picture of them with some crappy camera phone (probably palm pre or iphone due to shitty quality. Jeremy will probably make a comment on that one). They realize that the public feud between them is bad press. I wouldn't be surprised if this was staged. They aren't working on a hybrid.

agreed...well that and to give bloggers like Phil with nothing else to do something to talk about ;-)

crcr says:

"This is how much cash I had to donate to that friggin' hospital to get my liver transplant. Can you believe it!"

No guy should EVER sit with his legs crossed like that! I MEAN NEVER!! ew

crcr says:

high water pants -- Stevsey expectin' a flood?