State of the Mobile Nations Survey

With new Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices hitting the market this fall, and new BlackBerry 10 phones just around the corner in early 2013, there have never been so many amazing phones on the market to choose from.

Before the holiday season hits, we wanted to pause for a moment and check in to see where everybody is at. It'll only take a minute or two to fill out this State of the Mobile Nations survey, and we'll love you forever if you do. Thanks for participating!

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There are 9 comments

Ziptied says:


I diddeded it. Now love me!

Interesting series of question. Are we going to see the results of this survey?

Completed with funny but realistic, heart-felt comments added!

I'd be interested in seeing 'results' of the survey as well!

Timelessblur says:

Finished it. Made me feel sorry for blackberry as I just do not see BB 10 saving the company from the end.

dvdsteve says:

Survey SAYS!? ding ding, DONE

CalebW07 says:

Done did it HA!

exMachina says:

Did my duty as a mobile user.

axllebeer says:

Done. Love BlackBerry loving Android and looking forward to BB10!