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It's the start of what promises to be a very busy week in the Android world, between Android Central Live at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco, and the various KitKat and Nexus announcements we're expecting later on. So why not take time to get caught up on the latest Android happenings through the Android Central podcast. We've got special guest Russell Holly of, a bunch of Nexus speculation, BBM for Android launch impressions (it's really great user friendly and smooth) and a bunch of questions from the live Q&A.

Check out Android Central Podcast 157 in audio and visual form over on this here Internet web page. You'll also find it on YouTube, and through the podcasts section of the Android Central app. Happy Monday!

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Sparty73 says:

That notification bar is telling me somebody is running Kit Kat already! Alex, you dog! (JK)

Andrew Sam says:

LOL you didn`t see The Nexus 5 Device in that Pic :D

Alex Dobie says:

Let's nip this in the bud: It's a mock-up, I don't have a Nexus 5 :)

gumpty says:

You could have had so much fun with that.

EDIT: You should have put the time as 10:31 and blown everyone's minds.

Stevo612 says:

Or better 10:27 and then everyone is like, "Did we miss something?"

myriad46 says:

C'mon, you can tell us. This is definitely the paper bag, embargo edition.

TriBeard92 says:

I usually use Doggcatcher for all my podcast needs, but I tried to listen to some older episodes on this app the other day, and had a few suggestions/questions.

1) is there any way to cache the podcast for play in the app? I saw where you could download the mp3, but then I have to find it on my phone via music or file manager, which is just not quite as easy.

2) when I was streaming, after a while spent paused (went to class, had to stop listening, went to start listening after class again and it had reset to the beginning). Is this normal, or is there a way to change it?

Love the app otherwise, and love the site. Keep it up guys.

Is that a Nexus 5 or are you just happy to see us?

tall_geek says:

Nice bit of Photoshop work there.

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return_0 says:

Breakclusive: Nexus 5 to be announced December 13. :o

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SpookDroid says:

Say what you want, the Nexus 5 leaks look like this is going to be one fugly phone... I mean, look at that speaker grill!!! And that protruding front camera, come on!

xgalalx says:

We want CC in your perfect podcast please.

Posted via Nexus 4 !!

Gonna get my kitkat paintjob... Can still remember when I got my first icecreaam paint job, a glorious day! Then Google up the game to jelly bean paint job another wonderful time in my life. But now a KitKat paint job... Oh oh ooo ooo oo let me get some Google....

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