Starbucks for Android

Sweet mother of all things caffeinated -- the Starbucks Android app is finally in the Android Market. And it's everything our jittery hands could have dreamed of.

When you first launch the app, you'll be asked if you want to log in, sign up for an account, or continue without an account. We logged in (as any good over-paying coffee drinking would do) and then were greeted with the option to enter any Starbucks cards. Your phone will then display the card's barcode, which you can have scanned in a store to pay for your coffee. (Who needs NFC?)

You can also check your balance, add your credit card information and refill your Starbucks card that way, check your transaction history, find a store on Google Maps, track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program, and basically do everything you'd expect to be able to do with a proper Starbucks Android app.

A couple of caveats: U.S. only, for now. And you can only have a card on one phone at a time. If you want to reload someone else's card, you'll need to do it from a proper browser.

That's it, folks. We're off for a triple vanilla latte (and maybe a cinnamon twist, if we're feeling saucy). Download links and screen shots are after the break!

Thanks, @ahdelo!

Starbucks for AndroidStarbucks for Android

Starbucks for AndroidStarbucks for Android

Starbucks for AndroidStarbucks for Android

Starbucks for AndroidStarbucks for Android

Starbucks for AndroidStarbucks for Android

Starbucks for AndroidStarbucks for Android

Starbucks for AndroidStarbucks for Android

There are 35 comments

miller7796 says:

Force Close...Force Close...Force Close...bummer.

HTC Thunderbolt.

solo1 says:

Support your Indie Developer and download My Coffee Card ... Does everything plus able to load multiple cards ... Works flawless.

miller7796 says:

I had that and it worked well. Figured the official Sbux app would do the same and offer even more. It helps when it works :) Already reloaded My Coffee Card.

technomom says:

Agreed on My Coffee Card. Just to be sure, ran it through Lookout's scan. All clean. My coffee card has a widget, PIN protection and a bigger scan code so that it works on the first try.

The Starbucks app looks like it was written by an iPhone programmer who didn't read any best practices docs for Android.

Thanks, Starbucks. I'll keep My Coffee Card for the few times I come visit. But, like My Coffee Card, I usually find the local Mobil station's coffee cheaper and better tasting anyway.

ilhe1s says:

I have been using My coffee card free/pro for quite sometime and the only thing this offers that the later doesn't is the ability to reload your cards within the app. You don't need to re-enter your billing info or go to the mobile site. That's the only +

Phil: I was able to load and have multiple cards.

solo1 says:

I agree ... I have been using My Coffee Card Pro for months and will continue to support that developer ... Plus we can load multiple cards ... and as far as reloading I do it at the store and its reloaded on my card/phone almost instantly.

Gekko says:

i don't drink coffee often - but when i do - it's Dunkin Donuts.

Stay thirsty my friend.

We need carrier billing. That would be awesome!

bp1002 says:

This app sucks you cannot even move it to SD card and its 10MB in size.. Android Central, Please contact starbucks to fix it..

kurioskurion says:

Why on earth would Androidcentral contact Starbucks to fix their app? How about you rate it zero stars and place your opinion on their app download page... Smh

ScottColbert says:

Some people just need to not have smart phones for nonsense like this.

bp1002 says:

I am surprised the review did not include this feedback about the size of app

technomom says:

Root and switch to CyanogenMod 7. From there, you can move anything to SD. To coin a phrase, some would even say it's magical.

love it

Mike_is_Mike says:

Typical TB, the battery is almost dead.

jazzbassist1 says:

This seems like a kneejerk reaction to Amazon putting the coffee card application that everyone is talking about as their free application of the the day. Interesting timing, or maybe I just like a good conspiracy =P

TheMan876 says:

WTF? We didn't already have this on Android?

plainbrad says:

My Coffee Card already did/does all this so ...

waydavis says:

To big for me, needs to go to sd card if can 10mb on mytouch 3g is too much memory for me. Maybe when If I ever get the Sensation I will be ok. But for now deleted. Seems to messed up my BlackBerry app also, the sync between several apps may be not working. Aloha!

mikevo says:

I you don't have an iPhone you can pay for your coffee at Starbucks.

pDoG says:

Finally, I work at Starbucks and it'll be nice to see Android users pull there phones instead of all of these iPhones

initialjdg says:

My coffee card has done this for months, it even referenced starbucks as it's original name until there was a c/d order. Now starbucks releases an app that's not as good? You gotta be joking.

Yea, force closes on my Nexus S 4G as well.

mjcecil says:

Not a comment about the Androidness of the app, which I find useful, but...

This thing and it's My Coffee Card counterpart are super convenient when you want to be fast, but SB has no mechanism for tipping through this method. So, what I wind up doing is paying with this app, then digging around in my pocket for a tip anyway.

It's a novelty, but it essentially steals from the SB staff.

asnyder says:

I am a huge fan of SB but I would never tip for a $4 cup of coffee. To each there own. DQ spends more time making blizzards and they don't expect tips.

dousenator says:

Green Mountain Coffee is far better, app or no app.

mjcecil says:

I will agree that there are essentially an infinite number of coffee brands better than Starbucks.

Unfortunately, given my fulltime gig in DC (where, it appears the notion of a genuine coffee shop, especially in the suburbs, has suffered a swift execution at hands of Starbucks)and my tendency to spend an awful lot of time in airports (where, for the most part, Starbucks dominates), I do spend more time and money in there than I'd like.

razarahil says:

Just wondering whether its safe to use. I mean what happen when our mobile lost.

Doniphon says:

Interesting that it seems to have the same functionality that the Blackberry app does but the BB version is only a meg and a half. :\

I like the app just for keeping track of the balance on my card. I hope they get the Android version fixed and cut down to size in time for my platform change.

ThreeofNine says:

(Captivate) FC.....FC....uninstall....reboot.......install.....FC.....done with it....uninstall......reboot.....install My Coffee card(free) works! Starbucks, stick with coffee. Android is too difficult for you!

heresy_fnord says:

I can't login. I've been trying to login since last night and I keep getting this: "An unexpected error occurred. Please try agin or come back later."

Samsung Epic

padre182 says:

It's not US only as had same app in UK. Like others tho, I deleted it due to large size and not transferable to SD; esp when locations can be obtained from Google maps.

asg749d says:

Has anyone managed to install this app on an HTC EVO 4G?
It does not appear in the market (from the phone). When I go to the market in the laptop, it appears but it does not let me install it. Any news?

Phavahg says:

Worst...sign up process ... ever.