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By now everybody's heard that the Sprint Epic 4G will be available for sale August 31, for $249.99 on contract after the usual rebates.  Compare this to the Evo 4G (and most other 'top tier' Android smartphones as well) pricing at $199.99 after the same rebates, and on the same contract.  Quite a few seem to think that Sprint dropped the ball as far as pricing is concerned, and that the extra 50 clams will scare buyers off. 

Turns out that the guys and gals in the Epic 4G forums have already set up a poll about this very subject.  Have strong feelings one way or the other on this?  Hit the forums and let your voice be heard! [Android Central Epic 4G forums]


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Sprint's pricing of the Epic 4G -- did they miss the 'sweet spot?'


After breaking my Evo last week I thought about trying out the epic, but after seeing the 249.99 contract price and the fact that they charge you $10 a month more I decided to go with the Droid 2 instead.

You don't have to lie to try and sway people to not buy the Epic. Any logical person would know that the Droid 2 is going to cost you WAY more over a two year contract not to mention you don't get a yearly upgrade as you do with Sprint. The extra $50 isn't that big of a deal to me compared to the EVO, because that's what it should be compared to when actually comparing prices. To be honest I thought that the EVO would have been between $250 and $300 so I would be more than willing to pay the extra for a better phone than the EVO. My only concern is the bad reputation Samsung has for bad software and slow to update their phones. It's a good thing I have til November to decide between the EVO and Epic or possibly another Android beast on Sprint.

Damn right... sounds like he was lying... "OH my EVO Broke, I think I'll just randomly switch to VZW and get a DROID2" . . . dumbass

Hey I_Am_Incredible, who is the dumb @ss now? Jerry only posted this on the front page of the blog on Sunday. If you say you didn't see it you are a liar. Your problem is you didn't pay attention to the member name. Want a little barbecue sauce with that crow? Looks like you're not so Incredible after all, Dumb @ss!

Agreed on your analysis. I thought the Epic having some hardware upgrades over the Evo (screen and keyboard specifically) would make it cost more. I also thought Samsung's reputation would bring the price back down equal to the Evo.

This is a chance for Samsung to really get into the game. It appears the Galaxy S is doing well on other carriers. But considering the success of the Evo on Sprint, I don't know if price point will get the job done.

Actually this is my Evo http://forum.androidcentral.com/htc-evo-4g/27573-bicycles-gates-evo.html it's still sitting right next to my keyboard. I was paying 87 a month for the evo in service and i'll be paying 88 a month for the Droid 2. So I don't see how I'll be wasting so much more money. Also I can upgrade after 19 months with Verizon which true is 7 extra months, but that's fine with me. I don't need a new phone every year. I have other stuff such as studying, sports, friends, etc to worry about other than a phone. So don't even start calling me a fanboy, last time I checked the Evo and the Droid 2 were both Android devices. Also the reason I switched to Verizon is because my mom was previously paying for my phone but when I broke it she decided to cut me off, as I'm 22 and live four hours away from her. Then since I was able to pick my own provider I decided to go with Verizon, and I can now magically talk on the phone in my apartment. That's worth the extra 24 dollars over the period of two years in my book.

Well then... I think he's telling the truth. I am a rabid Android fan and I could care less if it's Epic or EVO or Droid 2 or Droid X. We're all on the same team. Team Anti-iphone. I'm a loyal Sprint person and I'm jacked up about the Epic. I do envy the Droid Ad Campaign Verizon runs. Pure marketing genius.

The "general wisdom" is the Sprint is way cheaper than Verizon. The general wisdom is WRONG.

On Sprint, he'd pay:
Monthly Access (450 min): $70
4G fee: $10
Total: $80/mo

On Verizon, he'd pay:
Monthly Access (450 min): $40
Data Pack: $30
Text pack (500+free VzW): $10
Total: $80/mo

Yes, I know Sprint gives you more, but is it anything that you really need? Unlimited text... Ok, but if I were on Vz, I wouldn't use more than 500/mo with free Vz texts. Free nav... ok, but google maps is 100x better than Sprint Nav. Sprint TV... Oh, please, don't get me started. NASCAR app... yeah.

So sorry, but Verizon is NOT way more expensive. The only way that Sprint is hands-down the cheapest is when you have 4+ smartphones on a family share plan. And that's what I have, so I'm on sprint. But if I were on an individual plan, I'd dump Sprint in a heartbeat.

@lorcha well u forgot to metion that u get with sprint unlimited any mobile minutes meaning u can call any one on any mobile network around the clock for free. and free minutes on landline starting at 7pm unlike verizon at 9pm and i think isnt that 5 dolars more to get it free at 7pm on verizon? hmmmu pay without 4g already the same on verizon hmmm

I thought about that but honestly if I can't even use 450 minutes, theres no reason for me to have unlimited minutes ya know?

And on Verizon you get Skype. What's your point?

Anyway, I used to be on Verizon and I never used 450 peak min in a month. Even if you have to pay an extra $5 for whatever it is you want on Verizon, I don't think $5 qualifies as "WAY more expensive".

Well i do have skype on evo as well just download the apk and done so no problem and sprint already has 4g verizon still doesnt and even with 4g sprint is just on that price cap and ya 7pm is better then 9pm and free to anyone mobile is great never have to worry about it. and who knows if even google navication works on verizon because they like to disable gps so it only works when u get verizon navigator. so i dont know.

it is more expensive lets recap shall we. 5$ for 7pm talking 10$ for verizon navigator. 10 for verizon tv if even supported. no anytime mobile to mobile minutes. so that makes it 25$ already for stuff u get free on sprint. and then again no anytime mobile minutes and No 4G. so i do not know. But lets not bash on networks here unless it is AT&T lol

I think you're inadvertently proving my point. In order to contrive a case where Verizon is "way more expensive", you need to add in a bunch of services that Sprint offers free but nobody really wants or uses.

You added in (assuming your fees are correct--I know nothing about Verizon's fees):
$5 for 7pm talking: Do you really do that much talking between 7-9 during the week? That's when I eat dinner, so I don't get any value from this. (I'm on Sprint, FYI).

$10 for Verizon TV: Do you even use Sprint TV? I mean, it's free, and I've used it maybe once. I certainly would never pay for it.

$10 for VzNavigator: It's an Android phone. It has google maps. You don't need VzNavigator. By the way, VzNav sucks.

Forgive me for not persuaded that Sprint is $25 cheaper than Verizon, just because you found a bunch of garbage add-ons that nobody uses.

Sprint is only meaningfully cheaper on share plans. If I had an individual plan, it'd be on Verizon.
I have:
ED1500: $129.99
Line 3: $19.99
Line 4: $19.99
Total: 169.97

Verizon can't come anywhere near that. I priced it out once and it was something like $250 at VzW. Just not even close.

But the individual plans are within $5 or $10 either way. Maybe that's meaningful to you, but it's not to me. Factor in that Verizon's service is better than Sprint's (don't push back on this one, I've had both and Verizon is better in my area. Sprint is good, but Vz is better, and roaming doesn't save you because data roaming is at 1xRTT), and it's easy to justify kicking in a few extra bucks for the superior coverage.

Wow! This is what I was talking about when I said VZ is way more expensive over a two year contract.

I'm comparing similar plans without the extras you get with Sprint. Just plain basics here.

Sprint: 450 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data, 4G (I know they say premium data but lets be honest, it's because it has a 4G radio, that's it)
Total monthly price= $79.99 without tax

Verizon: 450 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data
Total monthly price= 89.99 without tax

So if we compare it just like that, Verizon is only $10 a month more, but if you dig a little deeper, you would understand that 450 minutes on Verizon is not the same as 450 minutes on Sprint.

I used to have Verizon and I would barely get by with 900 minutes on Verizon. That being said, now that I'm on Sprint, I only use 150 minutes because of the genius idea of any mobile any time plan. I would easily compare the 1300 minute plan from Verizon to the 450 minute plan on Sprint. But to be fair I will just compare the 900 minute plan to Sprint's 450 minute plan because it's way more "comparable" than Verizon's 450 minute plan. That's an extra $20 a month, putting Verizon's plan at $109.99 a month compared to Sprint's $79.99 a month.

That's $30 more a month for someone that actually uses their phone for a phone as well as a "toy", which is the average person. $30 times 24 months (two year contract)= $720 EXTRA.

Now don't get me wrong, if you can get by with only 450 minutes on VZ then more power to you. You will only be paying $240 extra over the two year contract. Money I'm not willing to spend for a 3G only phone....

I agree I was on a family plan with five lines (all smart phones) when I had my Evo, and we were paying about 230 a month when all was said and done, with insurance on all five lines. Verizon would have been way more. When looking at the carriers individually though, I could careless about 4g because let's face it, it sucks currently. I live close to Chicago and even when im downtown it's very spotty and destroyed my Evos battery, so I just didn't use it. As far as the minutes go I don't really care about 7-9pm because like I said before I had a hard time on sprint totaling 450 minutes a month (all categories combined), I went with the 500 text message package because I send about 1000 texts a month and 98% of them are to Verizon customers. So really it comes down to what you need, if you need 12341234 minutes a month sprint is better, but if your like me and only need a couple hundred minutes, and a few texts verizon is just fine. I don't need Verizon tv, navigator, etc. I have this thing called a Garmin, and it doesn't drain my phone battery or make it hot.

The mistake you're making is that you're being a focus group of one. Just because YOU wouldn't use more than 500 texts doesn't mean the next person wouldn't. I typically send out over 1000 text a month and I'm not some 25 yr old kid.

"So really it comes down to what you need, if you need 12341234 minutes a month sprint is better, but if your like me and only need a couple hundred minutes, and a few texts verizon is just fine. "

Learn to read.

Exactly. I am a Sprint customer, and I send roughly 3000 texts a month and call well over 1,000 minutes (thankfully mostly to cell phones, thanks Any Mobile Anytime!) while at the same time using Sprint Navigation (it is excellent and never gets me lost) and I occasionally use Sprint TV - it's nice to have the option without worrying about having to pay for it. Just because one person in one situation (the above commenter) can be on Verizon for th same price (and far less features) doesn't mean that a gimped plan like that works for the rest of us. Also, I am super pumped for the Epic.

stick with verizon you will still end up paying a lot more in service fees. Lets see the verizon talk and text is 59.99 + web 30.00 + navigation 10 + tv 10 and nights start at 9pm. So basically a comparable plan on verizon with less features like free mobile calls, yearly upgrades and nights begin at 7pm will cost you 30 more with big red. You save even more with a family plan on sprint.

That's the android app. Let's say that does not work for you one day what is the back up? Sprint Navigation is no extra on the plan.

Correct, that's Google Maps. But on Android it is actually better than Sprint Nav. (And I am a fan og Sprint Nav)

no no no, no way i have try the Google navigation and is not even close to sprint navigation no way no how, Google needs to fix their navigation system because is too erratic.

Have you ever had Sprint Nav work when Google Maps failed? I've had google maps work when Sprint Nav failed, but never the reverse

you crazy so you rather pay like 7 time more in two year than pay $50.00 right now? look i was also thinking of getting this epic phone but this price is making it hard for me to justified compare to the evo, but living the best carrier and the best price just for $50.00 extra it doesn't make any sense to me, not if what you complaining is about money, then going to Verizon is not the best solution don't you think? take a deep breath and count to ten than make your decision.

you obviously dont have an evo because you would have known that the evo has a$10 additional charge too(for 4g). stop bringing your droid fanboyness to steer ppl away from other great phones

If you really had an EVO you'd know that the EVO also requires an extra 10 bucks a month for the contract for it DUHHHHH
Hell yea I'll pay the extra money for the Epic. I had an EVO (really did not lying) returned it after 27 days because I missed the physical keyboard and just could not adapt. Once I saw the Epic coming out I said ohhhhhh yea one happy camper dont care what it costs I will pay it! :-) Of course it should cost a little more than EVO did, because it has a little more hardware (Keyboard)! No brainer!

Just wondering, why did the $10 bother your for the Epic and not the Evo. Or did I read that wrong? It sounds like you saw the $250 and the $10 at the same time.

if you have an evo, then you just re-up'ed with sprint for 2 years. Sure we believe you are gonna bail, pay 300 ish ETF then go pay 199 for droid 2 plus more per month on vzw.

shut it, troll

Well I switched from a family plan on sprint to a individual plan on verizon. So the line wasn't cancelled since one of my family members will be using it. I guess I skipped some details but I didn't want to write an essay on why I switched.

It would be useful to see a cost of ownership comparison of the major Android devices in the US over the terms of their contracts. It is a figure often discussed in the UK and helps as an extra tool for the consumer to quickly compare the best deals.

yeah i still want the epic. but 250 is a huge price. like the the evo and vibrant it bettter have some great preloaded movies on it.

Sprint does this with most high end phones. A lot of their win mo phones back in the day were above $200.

I can understand the price. It benchmarks higher. The graphics chip is best among all devices right now. Sprint doesn't have many high end phones... So yeah...

look when the evo came out it was and still is the best phone in the market, with the hdmi output and everything that no other phone had at the time, i did not see sprint pricing it this high, so don't you tell me that they do this to their high end phone, all this is happening because greed by sprint, they finally see that people are responding well to what they are offering, sprint just need to learn how to be better with their business, its been a long time since they being successful they don't know how to react.

LOL... greed by sprint? They basically give away their service.

Infact, my family competes to see who can get the most minutes and data.
We have 1500 minutes but we can barely break a 500 because mobile to mobile is free, nights after 7pm? are free, and so many free other things... I can hardly see somebody going over.

I have the Evo. It is not the best phone in the market. It still uses an old snapdragon chip with an even older adreno gpu chip built in. The graphics capabilities are worse than phones 2 years ago. The triangles/sec on the Adreno GPU is pretty high, but most games are coded to run off the fill rate, and the Adreno GPU has a horrendous fill rate.

With new Snapdragon chips around the corner (Project Emerald?), I can see why the Evo was put at $200.
Also, there is a 30fps cap. I'm so glad I rooted my phone and took that stupid cap off, because the phone is now as smooth as an Iphone/N1/Incredible/etc. HDMI out is the reason for the cap, but luckily that's fixed.
The 8mp camera is bugged by the compression techniques of HTC's camera app; thank god I went Vanilla.
The 720p video recording is limited to 20fps; thank god I run CyanogenMod to increase that.
The only thing I can't fix is the subpar Adreno GPU. Once they figure out how to improve/overclock that thing (a project going on at XDA) then I'll have my perfect device.
Oh, and last year screen technology. 16bit colors =/... Can't really fix that, so that sucks. But it's fine now.

I love the Evo after hacking it like no other. I can't recommend this phone to someone unless 1)HTC fixes 30fps cap, 2)GPU drivers!, 3)Sense doesn't screw up apps like the camera app to take blurry pics.

Sprint has grown so much in the last couple of years... they are a really good network. So cheap even TMo is afraid. Customer service improved by a mile and we freaking get free mobile to mobile... That means I can call someone on Verizon and AT&T and not worry about my minutes while they do. On top of it all, it's cheap. Sure there's a $10.00/month fee, but it's whatever. They still have some of the best pricing for coverage.

hey if you don't mind me asking what rom you got install on your evo that have the 30 fps remove? where can i get it?

i was disappointed as well. there really isnt anything that makes it more than the evo. they bot have different things going for them. their features are different and it ships with 2.1 without a set date for ota. really need to work on their launch details. almost every major launch they have missed big opportunities.


They missed on the price and the release date. Word of a PSPhone by sony in the fall really put the nail in the coffin for getting an Epic.

I was hoping that when the Epic came out they would drop the price on the EVO. Guess is they are "raising" the price on the Epic, there is no chance of them dropping it on the EVO anytime soon. :-(

unfortunately yes. The price was more than I expected. I may have grabbed one if it was $200 w/MIR or I would have probably paid the $250 if it had an instant $100 rebate. For now I will just wait.

Seriously just go to Best Buy and grab 1. You will end up paying 250+tax none of that MIR business! I really dont see why in the world Sprint still decides to deal with these... The 1 and ONLY reason why I will never buy a phone directly from Sprint...

Yes, I think they did. The extra fifty would scare me off. On contract the most I would pay is two hundred. I had no issues getting the evo first day. But I'd not get this at this price.

I think they missed in the sense that they won't have record sells like the Evo but die-hard phone lovers will still shell out the extra 50 for that super amoled screen. I'm sticking with my Evo. Coming from a pre and all the problems that came with that thing, Im happy. HTC seems to be pretty good quality. I went thru 5 pre's in a years time!

I think they did. Sprint needs a big push to "catch up" and the EVO helped that. The EPIC only adds to that by adding a similar device with a physical keyboard.

Your average consumer is not going to walk into a Sprint store and decide to purchase an EPIC because they know it has one of the best mobile GPU's on the market.

They are going to decide on it based on a obvious and important feature (physical keyboard) or price (when compared to other devices on Sprint or other carriers).

Also, Sprint needs new customers more than than need current customers upgrading.

If a potential new customer is looking at the EPIC... that $249 price tag (at the very least) is going to make them more likely to consider alternatives with other carriers. Your average consumer walking into a carrier store, is not going to see a huge difference between the Droid X, Droid 2, etc. vs the EPIC... but they will notice that $249 price tag.

Um you pay 50$ more off the bat and deal with sh*tty reception for two years? I'd rather save that 50$, pay some more money over the course of two years, and actually be able to use my phone. 4G means nothing when you have two bars of service everywhere you go. Except in big cities, where even boost mobile gets service.

I get better reception (on Sprint) than any other carrier in my area. I have never had an issue with signal or dropped calls (unless I am deep in a large building). The only carrier that I would put in the same category is Verizon. In some areas near me, Verizon signal is horrible (and almost non-existent).

What are you smoking? Let me guess, you're another one of those that like to bash Sprint because your friends mothers brothers cousins uncles college roommate had them in 1998 in bumblefck Arkansas for a week and his reception sucked. I've had Sprint for a long time and I travel all over the country for work, and I never have a problem. I drove cross country a lot about 8 years ago, and a lot of the time my friends with Verizon needed my phone to make calls. I don't know, maybe you live in the woods in Montana, that may have something to do with it.

Hold up. I live on Long Island, have family in Brooklyn and Queens and work in midtown Manhattan. I ALWAYS have great reception with Sprint in the 5 boroughs AND when visiting clients in NJ.

In the tri-state area Sprint and Verizon are king when it comes to reception. TMobile and AT&T can't compare at all.

Yep, I'm calling bull$ht too. I live on the island and regularly work in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx, and often travel into Manhattan and upstate. Nice try, but you are officially talking out of your @$$

Are you saying if the Epic were $50 less that you would put up with Sprint's sh*tty reception?
Sounds to me like the Epic is out of your price range.
Sounds to me like the Sprint network isn't going to work for you.
Sounds to me like you need VZW, ATT, TMO or Boost service.
Better yet, maybe a pay as you go service.
Because with those other carriers you can get a phone you can afford.
Because you said you'd rather pay more over the years for service.
So....what are you waiting for??? It's a no brainer.
Go have at it!!!!
They're all out there drooling for your business.
Go get your affordable Galaxy class phone without a slide out k/b.
Go pay more over the years for better service like you wanted.
Go and be HAPPY. Life's too short to compalin about $50 bucks.

Nooo I have the DX with the 32g memory card, so my phone's more expensive than.. any android phone offered by sprint..or any carrier.. but no my mother's cousin's roomate's friend's sister didn't have sprint, i did. and it was so bad i paid for the early termination and switched to vzw.

I'm calling bull**** on your comment because anyone should know that boost mobile uses the sprint network. So how are you getting better service on boost? Oh, and don't try to correct yourself by using virgin mobile because they use Sprint too.

I'm thrilled with HTC's product and am a happy Evo customer.

I was debating on not purchasing my Evo about a month ago when I was looking around and was going to hold off and get the Epic phone. However, after reading about what Samsung did to their Behold users, I opted to just say screw them and get quality.

I've read about this as well and I'm holding out hope that they will put more eggs in their baskets with the Epic and give it the support (and 2.2 SOONER rather than later) it deserves... leap of faith, definitely, but hey, I'm ready to jump (sorry Pre!)

It scares me off. I get an upgrade on Sprint in October. I was leaning towards the Epic over the Evo. But this pushes me to the Evo.

Of course, they may announce a new phone in Sep that might tempt me more than both of those.

im glad$50 is too much for you guys just means ill have a better chance of getting one first day while you still waiting for your evo to come in.

i would pay someone $50 to get rid of this broken pre and backup phone treo 700.

Bye bye Pre! I was lucky and haven't had any problems with it (still using the same one I got from June '09) but the new tech and bells and whistles along with the fact that Palm isn't announcing ANYTHING about new webOS hardware is swaying me... it's been real!

I live in the hillcountry in Texas and have never had problems with service. I even get better service on sprint then friends with ATT out here and doesn't Sprint own Boost.

Come on people! Wake up! 2 points I want to make.

1: As an Evo owner, I was surprised that the price of the Evo upon release would be subsidized at $199 given its hardware specs and features, compared to the Incredible at Verizon at the time. Consider that the Epic bests the EVo in terms of hardware at almost every turn (better processor, better screen, 16 GB INCLUDED memory card, compared to 8 GB card you get with the Evo, Dlna) save for the cameras. Both cameras on The Evo are better than those on the Epic. Add in the additional bundled Samsung Media Services and i think that a 50 dollar price bump over the Evo is a reasonable price.

2. The out of pocket price for the Evo was $300 at Sprint stores. If you got it at a Radio Shack (like me) or Best Buy then you get you 100 dollar mail in rebate converted to an instant rebate, making your out of pocket expense $200. DO the same thing with the Epic, and you simply pay $50 more.

I have an Evo on Sprint. Very happy. But I gotta say, as a company, Sprint is a fuckin joke! Where the fuck is 4g at?? It's like they have these golden opportunities to shine and they fuckin ruin em'! One thing about Verizon, as a company, they have their shit together. Too expensive though!

4G is a new technology. DO you have any idea how long it takes and how much it costs to build a network from the ground up, or how much it costs to upgrade a nation wide network? At least Sprint has it deployed in more than 40 markets in the US RIGHT NOW, while the others are still building and testing. You just have to sit back and wait.

I hope the extra $50 DOES scare lots of folks off. Otherwise, all new phones will cost that much in the future, on all carriers.

Yep this is just like the airlines. One carriers raises ticket prices and will watch to see if people still buy. If they do, other carriers raise their prices, etc., etc.

If people balk at the price, then hopefully it will come back down.

It is interesting to me how people complain about everything. Sprint will never be able to please every single one of their customers but complaining an extra $50 when you are getting a physical keyboard, Super AMOLED screen, 802.11 b,g,N, Faster CPU/GPU combo and if I heard right a 16G micro SD card is idiotic to me. I don't know you but to me all those extra features are worth an extra $50.

I don't have a problem with the price. I think in a few months it'll drop down to 199. I think the reason for the extra 50 is the supply issues with AMOLED screens. You have part of the hardware in short supply and they can only make probably so many phones right now, so the extra 50 covers their asses in this time of supply issues.

I see this from several different areas does the epic have better hardware than the evo yeah slightly but in real world use you really aren't going to notice that much. I do think Sprint missed the mark but not so much with people like us on this site ( I think most of us would have bought an N1 had it been offered on cdma) but they missed with the general consumer. The average person is going to walk in and unless they need the physical keyboard are not going to pay the extra money for very similar device. Yes if you do the math of price of phone plus. The extra 10/mth over the average premier upgrade of a year, the evo is at 26.66 and the epic is at 30.83 only 4 more a month but normal people don't look at that they just see the extra 50 off the bat.

lol what is your last point, in your example you just took the $50 and spread it out over 12 months so yeah it is only $4 and some change. So now we're selling phones, like cars and just selling someone a payment.

The point is that a mental price point had been established at $199 by a number of carriers for high end smartphones and Sprint has chosen to push the envelope to $249. It's a mistake because Sprint desperately needs new customers and at this point they probably need a loss leader to get them not a premium priced product.

Well let's compare this phone to a $50 phone(at Amazon with Contract).The Samsung Captivate.Is the price justified now? Is it $200 dollars better than the other Samsung Galaxy phones out their? Y'all keep talking about the screen and processor like no other CHEAPER phones have them.

Again.I Really like this phone.Just can't afford to pay the ETF and $350 upfront for this phone and wait Months for the Mail in Rebate.

Okay, a couple of things...

You can't compare the different Galaxy S prices... those of us with Sprint are obviously looking at the Epic and not the Captivate or the Vibrant because we're not looking at paying an early termination fee for the other versions... so that doesn't make sense to compare what the Captivate is right now to what the Epic will be in a few months...

Secondly, I'm fairly certain that at least Best Buy if not Radio Shack as well will factor out the mail-in rebate and offer it instant up front like they do with most other new releases...

I have the Evo guys but I really wanna try the Epic as well but I have this fear of Samsung,after two disappointments with Samsung instinct and instinct HD,battery suckers and pretty crap,so any info besides the fact its an Android phone,due for an upgrade in Oct for my second phone.

250 vs 200 doesn't really make much of a difference, but when considering ones situation depending on the person it could change things. I got the Droid 2 because I needed a phone, and the Evo, Droid X, Droid Incredible are backordered, and the Epic isn't even out yet. Also for my personal needs the cost of having verizon vs sprint is pretty much the same.

If they treat this as well as their moment, it's a dud already. The moment has all the cool features of 2.1 disabled because they didn't care to take the time to support it. I'd never buy another samsung again until they prove they aren't going to screw their users.

sprint is great i do have an evo and to be honest 3d gaming blows on it even my pre can handle them amazing but this evo geez. anyway i will get the epic to try it but yes 250 is a big amount the epic has a better screen and a keyboard but i actually know a lot of people they dont want a physical keyboard anymore and the only thing people will notice better on the epic is the screen but the speed and stuff they wont even notice as first if they dont play games and stuff. because the evo browses along with everything else just fine and then people will say what 5 mega pixel and vga in the front and the evo has 8mega pixel and 1.3 in the front?? hmmmm why is the epic more expensive? thats pretty much what the normal user will see and how many people do have dlna already? many dot even have hdmi yet. but more then dlna for sure. maybe sprint actually tries to push the evo more then i am sure even more people will get the evo now then the epic. i guess sprint wants to make the evo look even more appealing.

$50 markup. That's fine. It's a sick phone people. I don't think it was the smartest idea to mark it up. Personally, my upgrade doesn't come up till October so if the price keeps the phone in stock when my upgrade comes up then I'll be a very happy man.

People need to understand that the Epic 4G has a lot more features than the Evo 4G so a measly $50 more is reasonable compared to other smartphones that don't perform as good as the Samsung Galaxy S line. So your paying for the faster processor, Super-Amoled Screen, slide out keyboard, preloaded movie download service from Samsung, pre-loaded videogame, LED-Flash with a 5 mega pixel camera, front-facing camera, and DLNA technology and there is more. Some of the people on here need to get their heads out of their rear ends and stop complaining and stop bashing Sprint. The Evo and the Epic are really good smartphones and it will come down to personal preference. In my opinion I think the Epic 4G is a much better phone that has more features and could perform better than the Evo 4G. Personally, me and my wife are very happy with Sprint and there service and we are both getting the Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G when it is available.

250 really ain't that big of a deal...I wouldn't get it though only HTC for me.Dropped half a rack on the evo..step it Up.Haha

I think a lot of people here are missing the point. This isn't about what people can afford its what they WANT to afford. As of right now most high end phones are topping out at $199. Whether its the Droid X or the Incredible or even Evo all have a $199 price point. What people in here don't understand is that the keyboard, AMOLED screen and all that are the things that appeal to people who come here. The nature of this website will attract people who think about those things. The average consumer who wants a cool phone might not think about those things. They're gonna think of price vs performance. Its hard to accept a higher price when phones that are just as good, or maybe even better in the mind of a consumer, are cheaper.

Everyone needs to stop complaining about the INITIAL price! They have a 30 day return policy! More than likely places like amazon.com and newegg.com will have them for cheaper within a month. Within a week or two newegg.com had the captivate for $100 cheaper than sprint stores. In an email exchange I had today the reps told me there was nothing wrong with returning the epic I get on the 31st if I find a cheaper one somewhere else. They would either credit my account or take the return and I could buy the cheaper one at the other retailer.

The Sprint haters around here are hilarious. I still don't, for the life of me, understand it. Sprint has awesome service and has been underrated for some time now. IMHO, they have the best service by leaps and bounds. I tour all over the place and have always been the one in the band that actually has service. Not to mention My Evo 4G can literally allow half our crew to connect to Sprint 4G for their personal devices. We have 2 Evo's too, so that means 16 people can enjoy Sprint's service, which on 4G, is seamless. I'm sure some of you will still find a way to talk shit about that, though.

RE: 4G. Don't knock 4G unless you have actually tried it. I usually get 6-10mbps using my phone's hardware and over 12mbps when hotspot tethering my laptop with my EVO 4G. I'm using it right now to tether my iPad, which I'm using to type this. Case in point: Sprint is rolling 4G out very fast and have pwned the fck out of everybody else with regards to 4G network implementation with it's WiMax network. If you don't currently live in a city with Sprint 4G, Sprints 3G EvDo Rev A network is not shabby either, usually much faster than anybody else's 3G. I usually see about 1-2.5mbps using the Evo's hardware and slightly faster when tethering on Sprint 3G(EvDo Rev A).

They have grown a lot and I have to say I'm very proud of them. They have been a great carrier for several years now, they are finally getting the recognition they have deserved for some time now, due to their new phones, network implementation and great service plans.

RE Epic 4G: I think this will be a great phone, but I don't really care for Samsung, other than that sexy ass Super AMOLED screen. Sure, it has a better GPU and screen, but that's where it ends IMHO. Samsung is not known for great quality and they def don't make a better phone than HTC at the moment. Plus, OTA will prolly be slow to FroYo, but the only saving grace here is the fact that Sprint seems to be really good about OTA updates for their phones. Although, I think HTC is really on their A game. Look how fast they ported to 2.2 with HTC Sense. Samsung is slower to update to 2.2. Now, if Samsung shipped the Epic with 2.2, things would be a little different. I do feel the Epic is a little overpriced, but will still be very worth the extra $50.

Regardless, Go Android! As long as people realize that Android is superior to iOS(and everything else), that's all I give a shit about really. What phone you choose is your biz.

@CaryTheLabelGuy i toally agree. sprint has turned around so much its a awesomke network. I think the main reason people bash sprint because they realize how good it became how much more htey offer for less money and normally people bad talk things is to make theire own wrong choice seem justified excuse my incorrect writing i am from germany. All i am saying is sprint is excellent. inovations made by sprint is normally the case and i made a lot of people switch there verizon att networks because it isnt justified paying more for less.

$50 more than the Evo? That seems perfectly reasonable for a phone with a slide-out keyboard, better graphics, and (hopefully) better battery life.

The bigger issue is Sprint's handset pricing compared to the cost of switching providers.

I was a 7-year Sprint customer who just bailed for AT&T (of all companies) because I picked up a Captivate for me and an Aria for my wife for the grand total of $80 on Amazon. And it's even cheaper now.

Sprint has no phone that's comparable to the Aria (Hero 2, I'm looking at/for you), and compared to the Captivate (now $50 online), is the Epic really worth $200 more for a keyboard, front-facing camera, and Wi-Fi? It just didn't pencil out.

Considering we don't use our voice plans much (550 shared is fine for us), and the vast majority of the time we're on Wi-Fi instead of 3G, it was quite a bit cheaper for us to go with AT&T's monthly plans as well.

The fact is Sprint can't keep enough EVOs in stock at $200 and internal supply/demand projections may show they wont be able to till 2011 for all we know.

Given that the Epic may easily cost them $50 more, and perhaps given internals about supply of Epics as well, I don't see a shred of irrationality in the $250, or 10% higher, price point.

For all those crying that for individuals Verizon is a better deal, it is NOT a better deal for EVERY individual.

I am a one man business and my cell is my ONLY phone line for making phone calls so I have to have unlimited minutes. I am also using a hosted Exchange service so need that syncing to work. I also use tethering (I use it more than ocassionaly but not enough to warrant a separate aircard):

So far unlimited talk, text, data including Exchange ActiveSync, tethering, and 4G on Sprint (since none of their 3G phones allow legal tethering).

Sprint: $139.98/month plus tax/fees
Verizon: $157.97/month plus tax/fees

Where Verizon costs more is they charge $15/month EXTRA for corporate email access and $3/month for visual voicemail both of which aren't extras on Sprint.

Also remember that although Verizon's tethering is $10/month cheaper it caps its tethering allowance and is planning to cap its general data usage. Sprint anounced when the EVO came out that they have no plans in the forseeable future to cap their unlimited data.

If Sprint can keep their promise I think they will really stand out once big Blue and big red cap their services.

i hate too burst your buble but the ceo also said that Wimax wasn't going to cost extra on national tv and how the that turn out? i love sprint but i do not believe everything the say.

Why does it alway have to turn into a sprint vs verizon thing... Who cares what other people do, and nobody cares why you try to justify why you chose your specific carrier...
Do I think Sprint made a mistake in their pricing, yes. I could be wrong, time will tell... Sprint and VZW are both great as long as they meet YOUR needs.


In my case they did.. Im currently with verizon and going month to month since my 2 year ended. I was already to switch to sprint for the epic, but the 250 price tag is way to much for me at this time. Also have to include taxes and a 36 dollar activation fee, and having to pay my last verizon bill , it will be up in the 400 area. Still a good price for the phone but like the Heading says, the sweet spot would have been 200 dollars imo.

I was totally ready to fork down $200 for this phone, I was waiting for it, but at $250.. I'm going to have to wait on this one.

I just had a thought: Could Sprint have priced the Epic at 249 to avoid having to lower the price of the EVO? Theoretically if they were both priced at 199 and the Epic stole the spotlight from the EVO they would have to lower it to 179 or 149 to keep its momentum.

Short answer: Yes, they missed the sweet spot. Anything over $200 for a contract phone is too much. Unless it is made of solid gold or something.

I honestly did the same thing as the first poster. I've been a loyal sprint costumer for years because they simply have the best plans. I know ill get flamed but owning the hero and holding out for the epic has sucked. First I was holding out for the nexus one but that never came, then the evo but passed in anticipation for the epic but then seeing the evo and droid x in person I realized I don't want a 4+ inch screen. The phones are just too big and that's just my opinion. Clearly, there are a lot of you who can never go back to an "iphone" sized phone but I personally think that the "iphone" or hero size was perfect so I was spending a great deal of time convincing myself that I won't mind the size of the epic. Late Wednesday night when I came home and saw the release date and price for the epic posted on ac I realized that that was the last straw. If they had released it aug 11th I probably would have picked it up. With the release date and pricing now officially released we have entered the red zone but I didn't want to wait and pay an extra 50 bucks for a phone I wasn't crazy about so I started looking at other carriers. What I realized is that verizon just keeps spitting out the best android phones as often as possible. If u want a limited choice of phones but save a ton of money and get more for your buck - sprint all the way. But if you want the most options for your android phone selection then you gotta cough up the dough for vzw. They even have android phones that are not considered in there "droid" lineup. (Alley and the soon to be released samsung fascinate for examples.) Since I'm a power user on my celly I decided I'm willing to pay that extra buck to get the phone I truly want. Bye sprint! Its been fun...

...as I'm writing this from my new droid 2 ;)

i also think they missed, if i was sprint i be trying to persuade customer from going to other carrier and bringing customers from other carriers, the way i would do it is by offering low price for my high end phone or at least the same price as every body else, not charge extra for service not provided in some areas, there are millions of potential customer that where thinking of going to sprint when they hear the CEO on national tv said that wimax was not going to cost extra, but a big let down came with the $10.00 premium data like they call it, i see other company selling phone that are been build better that the previous one but keep the same price even though the new phone has more and better features than the old one.