Preorders start July 11

Sprint today announced that its version of the LG G3 — with its 5.5-inch QHD display and innovative rear buttons — wlil be available on July 18.

You'll be able to get the G3 for no money down and 24 monthly payments of $25, which comes out to an even $600 when all is said and done. You'll be able to preorder on July 11. And if you do so by July 24, you may be eligible to receive a $150 reward card. Order a G3 from July 25 through Aug. 14 and you'll be eligible for a $100 reward card. (You'll have to register and then wait for it, of course.)

Sprint's also giving away 20 G3s. You can register here.

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Sprint's LG G3 available July 18


Would've been all over this 6 weeks ago when the phone was announced. Sorry, LG.

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Because you're now going to instead hop on the other 8 devices that were announced AND released during that span of time? STFU and GTFO

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Classy. I mean, the buzz and hype was great but in the time the G3 was announced, Android L was announced and I can run it on the N5. As well as Android Wear which cost money too.
Also, Moto X I'd closer to arriving now.
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If 6 weeks has changed your mind maybe it was not the device for you... You should be happy you had to wait!

Why? Now a days a phone gets announced and shipped within the same month. LG moved the announcement to try and cut into a blank news cycle knowing they would not deliver until much later. Now they are going to get cut by another news cycle and lose sales to "rumors" of things to come in August/September.

Why should we be happy about it?

You should be happy cause you get a time to think about it and determine if the phone is truely the phone you want. The only other option is that there is no official announcement (only rumors) and they announce in another few weeks when it's actually available to be shipped. For some reason it seems you think LG is sitting around waiting to ship the phone but the reality is they are ramping up production to meed the demand. If you are willing to buy a phone when it's announced but then 4-6 weeks later no longer want that phone well that just goes to show you purchase based on emotion not logic which is pathetic. Sure we all would like it now but it's not ready, I would rather have the official announcement 4-6 weeks before then to wait the extra 4-6 weeks without any information or accouncement. Actual shipping date does not change and is based on real world production processes, not some executive saying "let's wait it out another 4-6 weeks cause I just don't feel it's time to ship it yet.

So now you're going to get a phone that you wanted less than the G3 or you're going to wait even longer for something new to come around that's better than the G3?

Makes sense.

Now I'm going to stick with my Nexus 5 until the new Moto X. Can't be far off.

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If updates is your thing, flashable ROMs are gonna be there. May be a bit of a hassle but could be worth it for the G3.

So you're going to wait even longer for an unannounced, lesser caliber phone that exists only in rumor rather than a phone that will be available in a couple of weeks. Makes a lot of sense.

About damn time. I was psyched and planned to get it once it was announced. I just bought a G Watch and now I'm much less motivated to spend money to get the G3.

I just saw that the pre-register page for at&t is missing now.. i hope that means an announcement is coming shortly..

A store rep told me it should be in the next couple of weeks. But my patience is running out fast...

My pessimistic side wants to say if they were offering the 'better' model they would have highlighted that info. However they haven't given out much of any info so I could be reading too much into this.

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*sigh* I just want a release date for AT&T announced already. Happy for everyone else though.

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LG is (unfortunately) taking their sweet time bringing this phone to the States. They had a lot of momentum earlier.

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am i missing something? whats the point in paying 25 per month equaling $600. or just paying the $200, like if you were eligible for an upgrade? either way the phone is going to be yours. unless of course they don't make you renew your contact with the monthly payment option.

Contract or no contract is the difference. Monthly payments with no contract. $200 with 2-year contract.
My setup is with yearly upgrades, so I will do the Easy Pay/monthly payments.

I'd rather pay $200 up front (or whatever the sale price is for that week). Being in a contract has never bothered me.

Agree completely. I have no problem keeping a phone for the 2 year contract, or more. I would hate it if contracts went away. Why would I want to pay $600 for a phone? I still need to pay for service with or without a contract.

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It's not always about wanting to stay with the company. By financing out the phone and not signing a 2yr contract, you can upgrade every year as opposed to 2 years, which in this day and age with how fast technology moves is a big plus.

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I work at sprint, I still don't understand Easy Pay. It only works out better if you're on a Framily with 7 people and if you have no ASL. ASL customers still have to pay a down payment in addition to the monthly costs. You can upgrade early, but I'm finding a lot my customers don't care about that, they just want a lower bill.

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Yea man I work at Sprint too and I know exactly what you mean. Most of them don't care whatsoever. You probably know exactly what I mean when I say web orders have increased significantly because people get better 2yr contract deals.

LG waited too long, most if not all of the buzz for this phone is all but gone by now. They should have waited to announce the phone two weeks before delivery date.

From my Note 2 to you

My version is going to be on T-Mobile unfortunately. At least I will get it a bit sooner

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No, he preordered the T-Mobile model because it was available for preorder

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No, I work I an industry that gives me access to every device. I get them across all carriers. I do not get to chose what device on what network.

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No, I work I an industry that gives me access to every device. I get them across all carriers. I do not get to chose what device on what network.
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Good! I have my pre-order with T-Mobile, but I'm glad that other carriers will be getting the same goodness!

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I just bought an HTC One M8 from Sprint waiting for this phone... Oh well, I entered to win one. Would be stoked if it happened.

The point of no contract and having Jump! on T-Mo is that I can pay off half the value of the phone whenever I want and then switch to a newer phone whenever I want. Rinse and repeat.

Excited for the LG g3...hope I win one from Sprint... But I don't think anyone actually wins.. It's all just an advertising ploy.

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I said the same thing to my friend. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that. he he

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Even with a Revolutionary Note 4 just over the horizon so many of you are willing to settle for the G3?
That's amazing to me.. The Note 4 is going to be *Jack of all Trades* with QHD, at least the 805 if not the first Android running a 64-bit Exynos Engine and maybe even sporting that flexible YOUM display along with everything else a Note 4 is.. Those of you taking the plunge I admire your commitment to the G3.