Sprint today released its earnings report for the first fiscal quarter of 2014, detailing a net income of $23 million, the best result in over seven years. The US mobile operator also confirmed that 3G network maintenance was largely complete, while LTE coverage expands to cover approximately 254 million people. Sprint had previously been struggling with new affordable plans to attract custom and forking out for upgrading 4G infrastructure.

It's safe to say Sprint is starting to turn things around. The company's EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of $1.83 billion grew by 30 percent year-on-year and the adjusted margin of almost 24 percent was the best recorded in six years. The main issue Sprint was experiencing was losing customers, which totalled 383,000 last quarter. This has been reduced to 220,000 and while it's still a sizeable figure, the amount of customers switching is at least dropping.

However, bearing the above in mind, Sprint also reports the network was able to increase postpaid gross additions by 16 percent compared to the same quarter in 2013 and retail smartphone sales almost hit 5 million. The network also added a total of 503,000 wholesale and affiliate customers during this quarter, serving over 53 million subscribers at the end of fiscal Q1 2014. As well as finances, Sprint also touches on the collection of awards obtained in the report.

Forecasting the future, the company expects calendar 2014 adjusted EBITDA to be between $6.7 and $6.9 billion. The quarterly earnings conference call will be held at 8:30am (ET) today.

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Sprint's first quarter 2014 results show they finally turned a profit


The ratio of shelf space they take up is probably equal to the ratio of people who buy them, so it's not wasted space...

Sad but unsurprising seeing that they talk about all these « improvements » but I have yet to notice a thing that's different. Still poor coverage with unbelievably slow data speeds.

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Personally in my area (central Ohio), i've seen vast improvements over the past 6 months.

so much so that i actually stopped using my wifi at home and stick with 4g most of the time. it's faster, and... unlmited! :)

Same, at least until I ditch my horrid DSL, hopefully cable is better. Used over 10GB last two months, mostly on LTE, about a gig on 3G according to my bills.

I milked Sprint for 11 GB in July alone, and my family plan of 6 lines hit them up for 54 GB in total... JUST in July :D :D

to put it in perspective, if we were on VZW the bill would be $350 MORE per month! there's no way we could be on any other provider BESIDES Sprint, so we'll gladly deal with their shortcomings!!

There wasn't a shortage so you didnt gain anything from us leaving. VZW and AT&T might. Sprint and T-MO got plenty to go around.

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Good to see them doing better! Competition is the best medicine for business.

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About time! Now if only they could get their call quality back up to snuff along with a matching 4G footprint. I just might consider going back. Other than the (lack of) service I was a happy Sprint customer for over a decade.

I live in a 4G unofficial Spark area and I have to say the HD voice is amazing! When it first kicked in I couldn't believe how clear and crisp my buddy on the other end of the line sounded. I rarely talk on the phone, but when I do it's badass!

Hang in there Mike - I know it's been a long road but the future is bright!


Within 5-10 years there won't get CDMA.. So even if you switch back in a while it won't be CDMA

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I'm seeing improvements on their LTE and overall coverage pretty much on a weekly basis in my area.

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I'm not... Cause Puerto Rico is pretty much blanketed in Sprint LTE already. :D They actually started with the more rural areas here, metro area up north was the last to see it (much to my chagrin). Puerto Rico's tiny, huge population density tho. I've often heard that this plus the variety of terrain makes it a good test market to iron out deployment strategies... /shrug No Spark yet tho.

If Sprint is terrible then tmobile most be really really terrible cause Sprint had more coverage then tmobile

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So independent professional reviews to the contrary are "sheeple?" Okay...

Anyway, glad Sprint turned a profit. Down with the big two!

Have to say I'm surprised they did this well. Like many others I'm pretty fed up with Sprints lackluster data speeds and general coverage. It's getting better, but they still have a long ways to go.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a nice run for Sprint which means more improvement for their network.

What I like about my Sprint plan is, its unlimited nature.

It doesn't have to be the fastest or the cheapest, it just has to not keep trying to charge me extra for data.

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That's good for you, but unfortunately for Sprint most people barely use 1GB of data a month so it's not nearly the draw they'd like it to be. If Verizon truly closes the grandfathered unlimited plan loopholes I imagine Sprint's network will be crushed by the home internet via cell data folks.

This is great news. We need strong competition in this industry. Sprint just needs to stop with the merger nonsense and just continue to focus on fixing their network and offerings. I have noticed improvement here in Omaha but they still have work to do. Keep it up!

How is you're service in the rest of Nebraska? I have family in the Kearney area and plan on visiting next year. Just trying to get an idea on what to expect.

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Omaha and Lincoln and the interstate between them are pretty solid now with LTE coverage. Once you get west of Lincoln it is still mostly 3G and west of Kearney it is roaming with 1x. I just drove to Colorado around 4th of July time so that was a pretty recent experience. Never had voice or text issues while on the interstate out west. Can't say what the data is like in Kearney away from the interstate.

If the rumors of a potential CCA type roaming deal with US Cellular come to fruition, that would take care of LTE on the stretch of I-80 in Western Nebraska that Sprint never built out.

It will be fine in Kearney by next year. Grand Island the next city to the East of Kearney now has LTE. I expect Kearney will have it by your visit.

I just cannot wait for that merger to take hold and get done. T-Mobile and Sprint together will be unstoppable.

I wish there were more news out about the announcement on the 19th.

Unstoppable, as in: there would be no stopping them from raising prices and getting rid of unlimited.. They have a liability to their share holders to make as much profit as possible and right now, offering unlimited is their key differentiator. When you join the two carriers together, especially considering the improvement that would come with the combined footprint, they would have two choices: Either A) continue to offer unlimited and make good profits, or B) get rid of unlimited and rake in the dough like At&t and Vzw! This is Business 101, profit is the end game, not being consumer friendly. Right now, wearing the consumer friendly Uncarrier mask is their only choice to grow.

You do realize that everything you said after "VZW!" Support choice A right?

Neither carrier is doing great. Sprint turned a profit but lost customers, T-Mobile cannot continue the cost per customer acquisition numbers. Neither alone can compete with the huge base that ATT and VZW have (the combined company would still be in 3rd).

Both have serious coverage issues.

The only way that T-Mobile will actually survive is to be bought out. Sprint has billions behind them so they will just keep plugging along but not make serious ground up.

Speaking of Softbank, they doubled their dividend when Sprint was losing money and they had to charge the purchase off. The shareholders are doing just fine (not to mention that one guy really has the control over whatever happens.)

That sure is sad that loosing 220,000 customers is considered an improvement! Sprint needs a new CEO!

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Been with sprint for a VERY long time. Glad to know it's doing better. Everybody speaking about high definition voice (which I heard with my S3) and LTE data speeds increased which is nice. Everything became better when I bought LG G3 being spark enabled. To sum it up. I'm extremely glad I stayed with sprint. Everything has been well and improvements are noticeable. All my friends whom jumped ship to T-Mobile or whichever carriers want to jump back to sprint because they claim those network isn't as good.. I just smirk at them and say "Do whatever you like".

Lol tmobile food get much better, but ppl fail to realize the most important thing is coverage to most ppl not data... All I see in this site is ppl clowning sprint data speeds compared to tmobile. I take cell coverage anyday

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You said you're from Philly. Tmobile crushes Sprint in Philly across the board and costs less. My work cell is still Verizon and I travel fairly often, Tmobile is nearly as good in the many places I've been since going with them for my personal devices. I wouldn't trust that with Sprint, at all. That said, I'm still cool with them merging as long as Hesse's gone. In my experience in most places it'd be Sprint's legacy customers that will enjoy better coverage due to Tmobile, not the other way around. Long as my coverage and bill remains the same I care not. Of course, YMMV (not between Boston and DC "for the most part" though...except Cape May shore for whatever reason lol). Meanwhile, Verizon and ATT are installing cell towers INSIDE two of our skyscraper concrete bunker office buildings...3 and 4 have a lot of overall catching up to do.

You said you're from Philly. Tmobile crushes Sprint in Philly across the board and costs less.

Stopped reading right there. It is good, but in no way crushes.

I'm very close to jumping ship. I've had a SERO account with them for years, so I stayed because of the price I pay. but the network is so bad (I'm in OC, CA) that it's starting to kill my battery and drive me insane. They tried to upgrade towers, but how they did it, my phone is constantly jumping 3G to 4G and back again. It's unstable and kills the battery. I'm now at the point I am willing to pay more per month to get a good and consistent speed and service.

Same here in Dayton Ohio for me. I am always right on the cusp of 4G at work and home, so my phone is constantly jumping from LTE and 3G. The rest of the time I have to do a PRL refresh to get it to pick up 4G. All very frustrating. Making a voice call from home is worthless. I really wish they would open wifi calling on the LG G2.

Where in OC? I'm in Placentia, neighboring YL, Brea, Orange and Anaheim and there's still a bunch of dead zones in residential areas, but I never find myself without at LEAST a weak LTE signal anywhere in the cities, especially on the road.

I hope they expand coverage. I'm currently with Sprint (transferred from T-Mobile 3 months ago) and I must say they have the worst coverage of the the big 4 carriers. This news is bittersweet because I plan to go with Verizon after my contract is up.

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