Sprint money offer

The U.S.'s number three carrier, Sprint, is making it a bit easier to stomach those huge early termination fees (ETFs) that carriers will typically charge you for getting out of your contract early. Smartphone buyers signing up for a new two year contract will get $125 in "service credit" while non-smartphone buyers will get $50. The deal expires on April 14 so jump on it soon if you are interested in getting your WiMax on. [Sprint via Engadget]


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Sprint will give you up to $125 to leave your carrier


Maybe they should have waiting until after announcing a new phone this way people will be attracted to new phone. Unless someone isn't happy they are not going to jump ship for last years phones IMO.

I like Sprint been with them for about 8 years, don't really have any issues other than the $10 for 4g that I don't even use.

1/3 offset is more than 0/3. Is any other carrier offering you money to swtich to them? I don't think this promotion is geared to sway satisfied customers on other carriers. But, it may sway some fence sitters.

Actually, that number is prorated, depending on how long into your contract you terminate it. And as mentioned above, something is better than nothing.

It's true that Sprint and Verizon has a roaming agreement, but there are limits.

Sprint does NOT allow roaming where they deem they have a signal. So even if you only have one bar on sprint and can't make a call, it doesn't mean Sprint will allow you to use Verizon.

Sprint also does not roam on 3G for data. They only allow 1x, which is SLOWWWWWW...

Thats not true, I travel to Wyoming all the time which is all verizon...... and I get 3G data. the only time I get 1x is in super rural areas in wyoming that according to verizon map, is 1x anyways. Get your facts straight

I had great service with Sprint for many years in SE Pennsylvania, but when I moved to the center of the state a year ago, my connection became mediocre at best. At work I can only get a single bar of 1xRTT data, while coworkers on Verizon standing next to me get solid 3g service. Perhaps the details of the roaming agreements vary by region, but I can state unequivocally that in Central PA, no 3g roaming from Sprint to Verizon.

Sadly preparing to move from Sprint to VZW this summer when most of our family's lines go off contract. My bill will almost double, but at least I'll have 3g service. *sigh*

This also works both ways. At my house there is enough of a Verizon signal to send out a text and maybe hold a call for 30 seconds or so. Sprint has full service at my house. Verizon's weak signal never kicks over and uses Sprint's full signal, so my visitors who use Verizon are pretty much SOL...

That's actually a myth that some people on Sprint service like to try to spread. In reality Sprint and Verizon DO NOT have a cross roaming agreement in all areas. Verizon does end up covering more geographical area than Sprint.

Ive had more issues when im roaming on verizon towers. Good thing Sprint and verizon can share towers, so everywhere is covered

LOL,I gave you a "Thumbs Up" even if you're not a 100% right.Sprint's problem is signal building penetration.Their PCS cellular bands(1900MHz) just do not allow for good in-building coverage.T-Mobile has the same issue.The fact that AT&T and Verizon have most of the coveted highest-quality 850MHz band really gives them an advantage.

I agree. I have Samsung epic rooted and I have a app "roam control" I can be with Sprint and using your Verizon. I am not paying a lot of money to those thives from VRZ. In fack I do not really use a lot because I have good signal around my hometown.

I dropped Sprint after about 6 years because they have a total dead zone in a city that is spend 8 weeks a year in, even though they own a Nextel tower there.

No myth here. I know for a fact that I have had a free roaming add on in my plan for many years. And when sprint phones roam, they roam on Verizon's network. I have done it for years and have not been charged a cent.

I'm a truck driver with Sprint & I travel all 48 mainland states. ALL carriers have their deadzone issues. I hardly ever have dropped calls. I have other friends with Verizon that have drop calls more than me... Based on my experience, Sprint has basically the same coverage as Verizon except for maybe in a few rural areas. I'm happy with Sprint. None if the other carriers can seem to match Sprints affordable plans (in my opinion). It will ALWAYS come down to individual wants & needs.

$125 - Also known as the money you've been paying for 4G and don't have it in your area ($10 /mo. x 12 months) ...approaching June.

Thanks Sprint (or should I say, myself)

What is wrong with you? If you look back when it was first released it was a4G charge and they changed it to a premium data charge a few months ago.

Actually, it was for a "true unlimited" data plan (meaning unlimited data with no caps or throttling) which at the time of the Evo's release, was the only phone with that plan. Other phones had fair usage caps. Sprint has since expanded that policy to all smart phones, hence the extra charge on all smart phones.

People are moronic. Just because the first phone to implement the "premium data" charge was the Evo, people assume that it is a 4G charge. Sprint never called it a 4G charge, and now it has been added to all smartphones. Go buy a Blackberry and you're still going to get that same 10 dollar charge.

Sprint never called it anything and THAT is the problem. I need to create a form response from these idiots who keep defending Sprint on this. I have Sprint. I went with Sprint. However their handling of the $10 Premium data BS was so poorly done I have zero doubt that it will result in a lawsuit one way or another.
When looking at Sprint last fall I could never get a god damn straight answer from anyone on what the hell the $10 charge was for.
-I DID have one person in a store say it was because of 4G, wait. I don't have 4G in my area so why would that be? Because you could go somewhere where there is 4G with your phone. WTF?
-I had a CSR when I called up Sprint and asked tell me its because the Processor is so fast that it allows you to "consume" more data than normal. Wait. WTF. The Nexus One has the same processor, why isn't it getting hit with premium data? Crickets.
-I had someone tell me it’s because of the screen size, since you can browse with a larger screen you can "consume" more data because you want to use it more frequently. Wait. Then why isn't the HD2, who has the same 4.3" screen, getting hit with this charge? Crickets.
-I had someone tell me its because people are sucking down more data overall. Then why are they calling it premium data. What is normal data? Oh right Sprint isn't distinguish between the two. Anything going across their pipes is now "premium data". Which is nothing more than a marketing term. So instead of being honest and just saying hey guys, this is to build out our network because you guys are eating more data overall they have to be coy with this premium data BS.

I wouldn't be throwing a temper tantrum about this if Sprint had just come clean, jacked up their rate prices, and said this is to fund our network expansion products. THAT I could understand and live with. But all this coy crap with marketing speak and trying to hide the fact. STOP IT. People want faster networks. You tell them that is what this rate hike is for and most, other than some clueless idiots, would understand that. But this? No.

If Sprint charged an extra $20 for premium data, they would still be cheaper than Verizon... At least you would get unlimited "everything." Unlike the other carriers unlimited everything "except this & that." $15 extra for this, $30 extra for that... Nooo thank you! (well at least not for me)...

It's a problem with educating the sales reps and keeping their PR in line, and less a problem with people just being stupid.

When I bought my Evo, the Sprint store rep told me that "you have to pay an extra $10/mo 4G data charge, because it's a new service and is way better than 3G."

i wish they did this last year when i switched to Sprint from T-mobile.... but good to see them helping out the people that want to leave & not sure if they should or not. *thumbs up Sprint*

*facepalms* Frak you Sprint! Where the heck were you when I want to get out of my T Mobile contract a year and a half ago?!? Geesh.

It was never a "4g" charge. You can't verify that claim with proof because there is none. Yes, it felt shady having that 10$ a month fee.. but still cheaper than everyone else. No surprises on my bill every month either.

Sprint just needs to beef up their line of phones. And crank 4g out to more areas.

When does this end? It's been around since last month I know. I don't rememeber when it ended. Before CTIA I know that.

Too bad boostmobile is sprint and they wouldn't take that as a port over. BOO!

Just so everyone knows, this promotion is aimed at people setting up a new, single account.

If you try to get this deal when adding a line to an existing account (family share plan), they have to switch the entire account over into the new person's name and it's pretty messy. Once it was explained we opted to just forget about the money because it would have been so messy to deal with.

I have been with sprint 11 years and have had some dropped calls, all in one spot and they fixed it. 10 Buck a month premium data charge, yeah it isnt right how they did that. Where is the new phones? That's all I have an issue with. Overall I am staying. Cheap plans.

I actually work for them lol and have Verizon and wouldnt consider it being in tech ive seen like 8outages nation wide since like november nooo thank u im good

It's kind of scuzzy for Sprint to offer a deal to new users right after hosing existing customers with the effective elimination of the Premier status for most of us (since the early upgrades were the only part of Premier that really mattered).

Why didn't Android Central report on the latter, by the way?

Since I was just in my sprint store yesterday, I was able to get this clarified.

Let's say you buy an EVO 4G, an Epic 4G, or an Evo Shift 4G, on the $69.99 simply everything plan. In addition to that amount, you will pay:
$10/month for 4G--regardless of whether you live in an area with 4G coverage, and
$10/month for unlimited data on a new smartphone, after Feb 3rd 2011 (date is estimated, I forgot what the actual date the manager said).
If any of you actually read the article about the smartphone fee, (posted on this very site, I do believe) that second $10/month charge doesn't apply to existing sprint customers with 3G or 4G smartphones who upgraded before Feb 3rd, or who do not upgrade thereafter.

While it's somewhat disingenuous to call it 'simply everything' before an additional $10/month for truly unlimited data, Sprint is still the ONLY wireless carrier offering truly unlimited data to new customers without throttling them down.

And if you don't live in an area with 4G coverage, don't buy a phone with '4G' in the name unless you don't mind the extra $10/month. This requires such simple logic a sleep-deprived, febrile chimpanzee could figure it out, so how are so many of you having trouble?

ANY smartphone has an extra 10$ per month.
Its not 10 ON TOP of the 10 for 4G phones. Its 10 PERIOD