Sprint CES

Time to start the annual CES speculation, and Sprint's first out of the gate with the special events. As the invite notes, this one's immediately after the Tuesday keynote, which happens to be from Intel's Paul Otellini. We really have no idea what Sprint's got up its sleeve here -- could well be an Intel-based Windows 8 tablet (which in and of itself would be pretty cool), but remember that Intel's also getting into the Android game in 2012, so perhaps we'll get our first look at that fare? Or it could just be that the event's after the keynote and has absolutely nothing to do with Intel. We'll find out in about a month and a half.

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MannyZ28 says:

That's interesting. Last year at CES Sprint had nothing to show. It wasn't until CTIA that they introduced the Evo 3d. Be interesting to see what they have up their sleeve!

mrbizzy72 says:

Maybe/Hopefully they are gonna roll out/announce their LTE devices.

deltatko says:

Based on the origami looking invite and Sprints infatuation with being "first" to do things, could it be a phone that has one of those flexible OLED screens that everyone seems to like to show off at these trade shows? Or could it be some Echo type device with more than one hinge? No matter what, I'm sure it won't go on sale until June, that is their MO with the big announcements.

Berserk says:

I hope they are announcing that their LTE network will be up and running much sooner that reported and that they will be launching the Galaxy Nexus in January. A man can dream right?

All_Ears says:

At this rate it may be that they will be the first carrier to release the GN in the US...

Berserk says:

Lol. True.

Yeeahhhh Sprint.... ECHO 3D!!!!

Gekko says:

Dear Lord please let it be the G-Nex!

anything else is a non-event!

come on Hesse! get your ass in gear!!!

Orion78 says:

At this rate, Sprint might as well come out with an advanced version of the nexus.

Glenuendo says:

I disagree. Announce LTE or anything else will be a non-event.

patfactorx says:

Continuum 2!!!

knarfrabot says:

Anyone else notice the Honeycomb/ICS lettering for the date? hmm...

nathan 007 says:

That's closer to Honeycomb. ICS has a new font for lettering and numbers.

T0F3R says:

The numbers are supposed to look "folded" like the invitation, rather than mimicking a font..

rkeenan says:

I would be excited if the Sprint shitheads actually had 4G in Omaha. I can't wait for my contract to end so I can go back to Verizon.

Orion78 says:

My upgrade is next year. Sprint better come out with the heavy artillery.

jamex says:

Dropped Sprint for tmobile on Saturday. Tmobile service is so much better and my bill is cut in almost half.

Gator352 says:

Explain to me "so much better". Cause in my area...well, most of central Florida...TMO sucks donkey turds as far as reception goes.

drdeath91 says:

It's probably Sprint announcing bankruptcy, as poorly a they are doing...

Gekko says:

Sprint offers the best value bar none. Nobody else can touch them. Lots of Sprint haters here. Keep overpaying Verizon and AT&T. Believe the myths if it makes you feel better. Ill continue to pocket the extra cash every month.

themuffinman says:

Best value is subjective, they may be the cheapest option but that doesn't mean that they are the best value. I have been with sprint for 10 years and for the most part I have been happy with my service but over the last year or so service just isn't as good as it use to be. Don't get me wrong calls are fine but I am talking about 3g which use to be awesome, now its garbage and lets not talk about 4g. To me, spending an extra 20 to 25 per month to switch to verizon is definitely more of a value since I can literally get lte(and far better 3g service) where ever I travel for business and having a consistent connection any and every where means more to me than trying to save 25 a month for far inferior service. With all that being said, even though I am a nobody and what I say don't mean shit to anyone else, if sprint don't come correct in 2012 with increased 3g performance as well as a decent lte road map then my years with sprint will come to an end.

Berserk says:

I totally agree with you. I've noticed in the last year my Sprint 3G data speeds have become total shit. Makes me sad.:(

Fadakar says:

Since I got my iPhone(not trying to troll, if I was you think I'd still visit AC? Plus I had the Hero, EVO 4G and 3D, just trying something new) my speeds on Sprint have drastically increased, what I used to get with my EVO 3D(around 0.6-0.9) I get around 1.1-1.6 on my iPhone. It's leaps and bounds better, I feel like I never have to wait around for loading anymore. It's wonderful. :>

jcprunty says:

Ive been with Sprint for a very long time...i to have seen my signal dropping off but i think the info at this link(http://live.theverge.com/Event/Sprint_Strategy_Update_live_blog?Page=0) might have something to do with it...hopefully they kick it in sooner but i am willing to give them a little more time.

rkeenan says:

I wouldn't mind paying an extra $20 a month for 4G. Sprint sucks. Their data speeds are god awful. I will check out TMoblie this week.

mhmmdy123 says:

I had T-Mobile their service is good as I stayed in the big city, but if I travel and get out the Major HWY`s I`m in bad luck.. So I did dropped them, and I signed with the BIG RED VZW which I found their service in my area equal to Sprint and their monthly bill higher, Sprint bill is $79.@ month and VZW is 119.@month. So good luck to everyone hate Sprint, because you`ll never be happy anyway.
if you`re happy with your carrier stay with them, but don`t jump the ship because someone said this carrier is good or bad, see for your self if the service in your area is working good for you.. That`s all what everyone of you as hater to each other need to do.

patsydamico says:

How many people really use 4g im always on wifi id trade lte on sprint for good service in more places 4ğ is over rated

eahinrichsen says:

"We're going out of business. Your Evo 3D is now an iPod touch. Enjoy!"

goygacon says:

Now that we've taken away all your extra perks, it's time to end your mobile to mobile minutes. We're also limiting your phone data... ISN'T THAT GREAT? Hurry hurry, get the new itoldyousprintwouldsellout... I mean iphone 5 coming sometime soon ( after we sell our remaining 35 million iphone4s)
Any more BIG announcements... Can they literally top screwing their customers over again and again?. . Probably not, but you never know what new can of lube Sprint has in store for us.... Can't wait!

tompro53 says:

The announcement will be the Galaxy Nexus coming in the summer when they launch their LTE network since Google never announced a Wimax version so Sprint will be last to the party :(

VDub2174 says:

I do hope they announce something big. Maybe a new and exciting tablet that blows all others out the water (wishful thinking). I'm in the minority where I don't have issues with my Sprint service. I get reception in areas where my phones on VZW don't and ever since I got my MoPho, 4G signal is stronger. I'm happy with my Sprint service and will be sticking with them for a long time.

svargas05 says:

Whatever it is, I hope it involves LTE announcements with NO price increases.

Cares says:

I've given up on Sprint and their non-announcements. I'm getting off the network and gladly paying $20 more per month to be on a carrier that actually gets good data speeds and treats their customers right.

Sprint is hemorrhaging customers left and right and they still treat their current customers like crap.

Chorizoman says:

I Hope Its The New HTC Thats Coming Out For Sprint 10mp Cam 1080p Video Recording 2.0ghz 5 inch Screen.. That Will Be So Great...

Chorizoman says:

I Hope Its The New HTC Thats Coming Out For Sprint 10mp Cam 1080p Video Recording 2.0ghz 5 inch Screen.. That Will Be So Great...