We've gotten the e-mails. We've seen the forums posts. Sprint's data's been acting up the past few days. But all should be well as of this afternoon, Sprint tells us. Here's the deal:

Starting Monday afternoon, some Sprint smartphone users did experience problems accessing the Internet and using some 3G data services due to reprovisioning and firewall issues. This impairment has been resolved as of this afternoon and all impacted customers should be should be experiencing service as usual.

What say you folks? Sprint data settling back to normal?


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Sprint says data problems subsiding


My EVO hasn't been acting funny.... Saying "Data Problems" reminds me of when I was on At&t! OMFG... full bars and no Data Service half the damn time on my BlackJack2 . . .

Haven't noticed any issues here in phoenix... then again my service here at my house is so bad I usually have on wifi... maybe one of these days they'll finally send me that airave they promised me a month ago and claim is still backordered and also claim to have no idea when a shipment is coming!

A colleague's EVO4G has been fine, but I am also in South FL. and it was my understanding that SPRINT'S data issues were mostly centered in the Midwest.


Chicago here. It was hit-or-miss with me. Some websites worked, Android Central's feeder app didn't. Still getting some weird hit-or-miss data errors though.

I've been having trouble the past two days in Michigan with my EVO. Today it was actually REALLY bad (no market, no google maps, gmail was slower than heck...) It definitely seems to be fixed for me, and all my market updates actually flew threw at the same time after it was back up. Hopefully this is the last time for awhile, I've never actually seen any problems on sprint's network in MI before

no 3G problems ....but my 4G speedtests have been coming in under 1mb/sec (Im in Las Vegas) ...when before i was consistently getting 3-6mb/sec ...as high as 9.8mb/sec (Im in Las Vegas) ...actually my 3G is faster than the 4G at the moment ....what gives?

I'm having the same issue in sacramento. 3g is fine but 4g can't even hit 1mbs down or up. Previously would hit 7+ mbs. Wonder if anyone else is seeing decreased 4g speeds. Been this way for at least the last couple days.

Have been having problems here in WI yesterday and today.

All seems to be better this afternoon. I stream Sirius all day at work so need my data.


The only thing I saw on my EVO in Iowa was a text message bug when the daylight savings ended. Saturday night was awful, error error error. Had internet issues for about 30 minutes that same night. The text thing went on longer.

Funny, My Nexus One in all it's glory on T-Mobile is getting a solid 3.8 megs on the download. Not too shabby for no HSPA+. Man I love my Nexus. Still the best device out there today. My opinion of course. Bring on Gingerbread.

I have an Epic and on Saturday I lost my 3G signal and couldn't connect to the android market nor the internet. I tried going on via Wi-Fi but that also did not work. It kept saying that I had no data connection and when I tried Wi-Fi it said I had no network connection. I was however able to continue to text and make and receive calls. I tried a factory reset but that didn't work, so I went to the Sprint store and they did some other sort of reset and everything has been working fine since. Except for the fact the my web browser is extremely slow, it takes several minutes to load web pages. Now sure the cause of that issue though.

Service for me (New Brunswick, NJ) has been really flaky. I thought it might've been due to the 4G rollout, but I'm glad that it's been solved now.

I'm just outside of Cleveland, and had huge problems here. Extremely limited bandwidth to Gmail, certain google servers such as google news, and certain facebook servers. All is well in the world now however..

I haven't had data problems but my HTC sense force closes all the time since Sunday on my Evo 4G anybody have this same problem I have already soft & hard reset the phone

I have Clear.com (clearview Home wimax, same network as Sprint uses for their 4g phone) 4G in Central Florida and I have not experienced anything except a little slower upload speeds. I am getting a solid 7Mbits download and I have able to stream netflix HD no problem. ...Getting 4mbits on my Nexus One with Tmo Hspda+.... Bring on Gingerbread!! ...

I too have to run wifi in my house. That's crappy. Why? I miss Verizon for this reason only. Can't use the phone in the house! How dumb.

I had the problem here in WI....even took my Epic into a Sprint repair center, and there was a guy with an Evo with the same problem! They didn't do anything since it was a data problem with Sprint.

About an hour ago, everything seemed to be working again!!

I'm still getting "error code 67. Registration failure. Your PCS Vision user name and/or password may be incorrect. Please try again."

I have no idea how to change my "user name or password".

wifi works fine, but no sprint data.

had HUGE problems in WI yesterday and today, NOTHING worked, only voice and sms,

websites were hit and miss, but things seem to be back to normal now.

(its about time.)

Still completely flaky in Central NJ. 3G indicator vanishes from the status bar on my EVO and in the settings screen, mobile network is stuck on "turning on..."

I had problems getting websites to open with my EVO. Mentioned it to my wife, and learned that she was experiencing similar problems with her BB. We usually have good service in Cincy, so I guess it was just a momentary glitch. Running well today.

Having problems all day in New Jersey (Monmouth county).
3G is up, then it's down....back and forth like that all day

Started having problems myself in the Monmouth and Ocean county areas of Jersey on Monday. 3g on and then off. Stays on for a few minutes then complete connection loss no matter what app I'm using. I see on some other sites that the problem has been fixed in the Chicago area but it has definitely made it's way to the Jersey area.

Have been having problems the past few days using my Evo in Baltimore. My GF has the Epic and has been experiencing similar problems - painfully noticeable in Google Maps when tiles take forever to load. Also, surfing the web has been hit-or-miss frustration, as sometimes pages will load fine and other times searches will hang for minutes. Bleh, it's getting a little irritating.

Cherry Hill NJ through Trenton NJ Sprint problems: we have to dial on our Motorola Photon 4G two times to get through on the cell. We hear our own echo of a voice when calling someone and then it does not connect to the other party. We get a "party-line" sometimes when we call someone. And, finally, the data connection is constantly lost. So much for "FREE DATA"!