Sprint Optimus G

Hot on the heels of AT&T's announcement today, Sprint has given word that its LG Optimus G will be available on Nov. 11, for $199 on contract. Preorders start Nov. 1.

We took a gander at the Sprint version last week at CTIA. And as you'll recall, it's a bit different than AT&T's Optimus G (as well as the global version). Will it stand up to full scrutiny? Only The Shadow Jerry Hildenbrand knows.

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Egypt1337 says:

We want AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Preorders!!

keith2k1 says:


LegacyEvoAce says:

Nice finally a release date.

If Sprint is getting this does that mean they won't carry the LG Nexus? Aren't they about the same spec wise.

Cubfan says:

Nobody wants this phone. Come on, Sprint. Get it cleared out so we can get a real phone like the Note 2.

aparasg1 says:

I'm with you on that statement!

riceatusc says:

I bought the HTC EVO 4g LTE in May, and I want this phone. Not some cheap plastic samsung device

vertebra says:

I disagree. This phone has Gorilla Glass 2 on the back instead of cheap plastic. The lastest CPU which is going to give it better battery life since you can shut down cores and better performance. Much better screen that doesnt have that blue Sammy tint to it. The only negative is that it is not pure Jellybean which your not going to get on the Note 2 either. It seems like there is more interest in a LG Nexus than the Note 2. This is basically the LG Nexus but with LG's bloatware.

Saneless says:

I can make up customer sentiment too. No one wants a phone that large.

Different phones for different people. Some of us like to actually sit down when we have phones in our pocket.