Sprint HTC On M8 update

Fix is for broken voice and data on both the proper and Harman/Kardon versions

If you've got an HTC One M8 on Sprint, heads up — there's an "urgent" software update waiting for you. This one addresses "network connectivity maintenance and improvements" for both voice and data. And, according to the fine folks in our HTC One M8 forums, it was one hell of a bug, basically making it so voice and data wouldn't work.

The update brings your software versions up to 1.54.651.10. Best get on Wifi and get it now. It should be available for both the proper version of the M8, as well as the exclusive Harman/Kardon model.

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Sprint pushes 'urgent' update to its HTC One M8


I don't think a phone update is going to fix the bad voice and data issues on Sprint. I fixed my voice and data issues on Sprint by switching it to roam only.

It has to be a M8 issue or your area. I have an S5, Note 3, several iPhones that I have constant access to that have no issues. I also had a Sprint M8 earlier this year that didn't have issues.

I would call them, after you get the update (if it doesnt help) and get them to do a few things. Ping your phone, push out a new PRL...there is a few things they can do remotely...

If this was Blackberry instead of the very precious HTC One, wow you all would be saying that HTC should give up, I mean they ARE losing money. Whether sprint is at fault or not, that would have been the statement

People tend to be much more forgiving when it's their favorite OEM that makes a mistake.

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No hate involved. Blackberry had minor issues and they were lambasted by most here. I am just pointing out blind biases. HTC also has major issues and losing money and I am placing some balance to discussions in general. Ultimately, I would rather support and back a North American company than a foreign one.

Ummm...this is not the same thing.

What you are discussing is BlackBerry Hate Vs Android hate. That is a different animal than OEM hate.

Very rarely are there articles posted here about BlackBerry.

Blackberry is a phone, HTC is a phone. However, being biased to Google/Android and their partners making phones is what I am pointing out. Fine if you believe blackberry phones have issues. But the intensity of of criticism should be balanced. I truly believe if a blackberry phone had THIS issue there would be outrage, where is the outrage?

If there was this issue, on Blackberry very few people on this site would honestly care. Might they come over and laugh about it on CrackBerry? Sure. But I doubt that ANDROID Central would report on it.

And just as a little history lesson, Samsung get their butts handed to them when they screwed up the radios a few times and had these kinds of issues. Everyone has their favorite OEMs and their favorite OEMs to bash.

Maybe, but this article wasn't about Blackberry at all. It seems to be a failed attempt on John Grabb's part to start a war that doesn't even warrant fighting. It's all down to preference.

does the update actually do anything? I have a rooted htc one m8 and I dont wanna waste time flashng this update if it does nothing.. sprint service sucks anyway...

*Your mileage may vary

Sprint's coverage where I live isn't as good as Verizon or U.S. Cellular, but it's much better than T-Mo and AT&T. Western WI is not GSM-friendly.

This is very true. As good as At&t's coverage has been for me, Western WI is a barren wasteland for GSM coverage.

I'd like to know if this is specifically a problem on the Sprint network. I didn't read about this bug in any reviews of this phone

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I have a few friends on other carriers Verizon and AT&T both are not having any troubles my wife who has it on tmobile is not having any troubles

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Some extra research shows that it could indeed be a M8 issue and not a network thing, even with T-Mobile.

I am not knocking anything, just putting it out there...

I'm gonna agree with you a little,I do run into times when I have full signal and no internet. It happens on T-Mobile once a day. I toggle airplane mode and it's fine. This needs a fix but it's not even a fraction of the issue I was having when on Sprints garbage network.

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I have the same problems with the T-Mobile Network that you seem to have had with Sprint. It is crap around my area where Sprint is spectacular.

This is why I cannot wait for the merger to go through. The 2 together can finally get rid of the holes in coverage that they both have in abundance...

It's probably their billing system not registering your voice and data so they can't charge you. That would be urgent. If it's a user end problem they wouldnt worry about it until 2 months from the end of your contract

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Man, you would think T-Mobile was the number one carrier with the best coverage from all these comments. Are they number four?

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I think the Sprint voice and data (radios) plus gps antennas issues were introduced with the Sense 6 update. I think it also affected the Sprint M7, perhaps to a lesser extent, according to the Sprint forums.

Dumbo, a quick search will show you it is not limited to a carrier. But I know that a Google search is beyond you..

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The majority of complaints about this issue is actually because of the SPARK updates not being completed in the areas where people have the issues. Considering Sprint is not remotely close to completing this across their network it is causing the widespread problems that the m8 is having (Sprint versions specifically). The majority of the complaints are tied to the Sprint version from what I have noticed.

I suffered from this bug that caused no data and no connection what so ever back in the end of April to mid May. I live in a suburban area with 4G LTE and all of a sudden I had constant no service (not even roaming) for about 3 weeks. I was finally fed up after visiting the service stores numerous occasions and calling Sprint about 1,000 times, I sent my phone back to HTC and they replaced it within a day. It's nice to see Sprint it FINALLY doing something to address the problem I had for weeks.

The so called "urgent update" is specific to Sprint HTC One M8's connectivity issues.

How much clearer can that be.

Unfortunately after the Sense 6 update to the Sprint HTC One M7 a similar connectivity issue is occurring to users in weak signal areas. This information can be found and has been acknowledged in the Sprint forums. The question is will a special fix be released or will HTC and Sprint wait to resolve this similar connectivity issue on the M7 with the soon to be released Android 4.4.3 update?

I have the same problem on my HTC One M7 on Sprint. Ever since the Sense 6 update, I rarely get any more than one bar in any part of the city (a large metropolis). And I don't think I've connected to 4G since..all I can get is 3G, which might as well be the equivalent of AOL dial-up. Updated my PRL with no improvement.

How does Sprint go through all this testing of updates yet completely miss phone and data signal strength??? I've been with Sprint for 16 years but I'm definitely looking elsewhere in the future. The network has just not kept up with the competition and at this point, I'd rather pay a little extra each month in return for reliable, fast network connectivity.

Call HTC using the app named "HTC Guide" and they'll take you through the steps to clear system cache yet they'll have to instruct you from another phone while you perform the steps on your M7. This may help otherwise we'll have to wait for an update or urgent patch.. . This is only affecting a some handsets in weak signal areas or where towers are being upgraded.

Please reply if you find "wiping the system cache" to be a solution.

My GF's took her M7 to Sprint service center. They did a factory reset. Kept same updated version. Didn't help, therefore the wipe system cache will also not improve screwed up connectivity issues among other annoyances. After 12 years she seriously considering asking to get out of contract.

Service hasn't worked all week, downloaded the update, service still the same. Atleast I know this is not Sprints fault. HTC really just screwed a perfect phone..

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Why cant those dips pull a 4G fix to the Samsung galaxy nexus? And also I'm running cyanogenmod and hope sprint fixes that.

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You're joking, right? You're running a custom-rom on a 3 year-old device, and you want Sprint to issue a fix?

Terrible! I've been hesitant to upgrade to the M8, and after reading this I'm glad I didn't. Also, I haven't had any issues with Sense 6 and the M7, like mentioned above.

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Since the update my options in the camera disappeared, only Selfie and Camera circles show up - no Video or Zoe .. anyone else notice this?

It's not Sprint's fault. They explained to me the Sense software conflicts with their Spark software and they are working with HTC to get a fix ASAP.