Another quarter passes, another quarter of losses for the downtrodden carrier which is Sprint. Though this time the news is "less bad" than previous quarters--Sprint held losses to $594 million for Q1 and lost 182,000 subscribers--reports are beginning to surface that they might resort to outsourcing their network.

Our friends at think that Sprint is in desperate need for the Pre but we at Android Central will take it one step further: If Sprint only has the Pre in tow Sprint is as good as gone. They need a slew of devices--Android, namely--to rescue this sinking ship. 

So Sprint, where's that Android?


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Sprint Posts More Losses, Needs A Boost of Android


I have been a Sprint customer for seven years now. If by the end of this year Sprint does not have a good Android device for me I will be moving to another carrier.

You best listen to Android Central Sprint!

I also have been a Sprint for many years - about 10, I believe. My current contract is up on July 1 and if a viable Android device isn't available or a firm announcement hasn't been made by then, I will be going away as well. Loyalty only goes so far when your company is refusing to move their product up to the same level as it's competitors.

Is this the best they can do: A vague promise with no details or release isn't good enough!

I'm also ditching if there's no Android on Sprint by the end of the year. And it has to be a GOOD Android phone too. If they screw it up by shoehorning on some crappy "Sprint experience" I'm not going for it.