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Your guess is as good as ours as to what this is, but Sprint plans to "Take the edge off" at an event Aug. 19 in New York City. That the "edge" is bolded possibly points to more network news, but new devices are certainly possible as well. The image we've received has "Ranger" in the name, which could mean everything. Or nothing.

Only one way to find out.


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Sprint plans to 'Take the edge off' in August


All carriers have areas where their either really good, really bad or nonexistent. Where I live, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T reign supreme. TMo is no where to be found.

In fact, TMobiles lack of money to actually expand its coverage is one of the reasons it wants to be bought out.

Lack of money? The the were late to the LTE race and already surpassed Sprint.
Not sure how you achieve that with lack of money

The only reason they have money is because they are living off of the break up money from AT&T. The cost to aquire customers is way to high to sustain

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The money from the T-Mobile acquisition ran out a long time ago. In fact they spent that on acquiring not customers but extending their LTE network. They are also in the process of switching off the old 2G and 3G networks and moving completely to LTE, rolling out LTE to all 2G locations and then following up with the replacement of LTE in the 3G towers expanding their VoLTE service.

With T-Mobile locally we have 78 Mbps download 31 Mbps upload while Verizon have 12 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. AT&T have 0.75 Mbps down and 0.1 MBps up (yep they don't even have their 'faux 4G') and Sprint, they may eventually get a decent voice service and 3G in the area but as of now still haven't got anything to dance up and down about.

In fact AT&T promised LTE in 2011 in the area and never followed through. T-Mobile didn't even tell anyone it was available they just did it and carried on. Verizon rolled out LTE in 2012 with a big song and dance but turned out to be mediocrity unless you 'climbed a very big hill'.

Sprint, they just keep selling phones and claiming a premium high speed service in the area but it's just not there and doubt whether it ever will be. Certainly not under the management of Dan Hesse who has wrecked Sprint. The only man that does so many u-turns that he is persistently going around in circles.

As in up hight is the only place you're able to get Verizon's LTE service wherever dude man lives. I don't get why people talk about cellular service and never bother to mention a general area where they live.

In the Midwest, MO &IL & KS It goes Verizon, Sprint, ATT and T-Mo for coverage especially outside the populous areas. ATT a lil worse than Sprint because ATT has dead spots everywhere still where cell services just drops out even on major highways in the middle of heavy populated areas.

For LTE speed it Goes ATT, Verizon and Sprint tie around 12 Mbps, and T-Mo sucks mostly 2G everywhere outside a city

I get premium high speed service where I live. So all the spew you just typed is worthless to me and many others that get great service.

Well I have been hearing about the T-Mobile upgrade from 2G (EDGE btw lol) in my area for over 5 yrs now and while they been stumbling in a area that Connects Pittsburgh to Morgantown with 2G .... AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint (not official yet but its here) has been 4G'd in that same area so like the one comment each has its strong areas and weak ones

They beat sprint with 4g?. Another arrogant person. T-Mobile is just adding stuff to existing base/tower equipment. Sprint is replacing everything on every single tower. And sprints 4g coverage is and service is better than tmos hands down. Get off the tmo ship because it's sinking.

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Honestly out here in the NY NJ area Sprint is trash compared to t mobile, been on Tmo for about a year and service wise it was a total upgrade I remember waiting 5-20 minutes to install one app or update an existing app sometimes I had to wait till I got to a Wi-Fi point to download

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everyone has different experience. Cause i have sprint and my brother has T-Mobile and when we worked in trucking he always needed to use my phone cause he never had coverage. And im from north jersey. He had coverage on the main highways but once he got off and went into a small town there went his coverage. As of right now i get about 12 -18 Mbps on downloads on 4G not even spark.

They beat sprint with 4g?. Another arrogant person. T-Mobile is just adding stuff to existing base/tower equipment. Sprint is replacing everything on every single tower. And sprints 4g coverage is and service is better than tmos hands down. Get off the tmo ship because it's sinking.

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They beat sprint with 4g?. Another arrogant person. T-Mobile is just adding stuff to existing base/tower equipment. Sprint is replacing everything on every single tower. And sprints 4g coverage is and service is better than tmos hands down. Get off the tmo ship because it's sinking.

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Where I live having full bars on sprint means it might work and it might not. 1 bar... Forget about it

AT&T coverage is crap here, I rarely have more than one bar. As far as voice and data performance goes, it blows sprint out of the water. Pretty sad

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Whoo! You said that! So true! Let's call a 3G spade a 3G spade. It's not 4G, period. If anything, it's 3.5G at best.

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I believe your right but I have not used AT&T for a few years. Any GSM devices I test are on the cheap t mobile plan since we use them so infrequently

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Gsm rules. Technology is superior to cdma crap. And att is spelt refarming edge to hspa

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Fun fact:

When your GSM device drops down to 3G, guess what technology you are using? That is right CDMA (WCDMA)

Gsm rules. Technology is superior to cdma crap. And att is spelt refarming edge to hspa

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Good point, Maybe Sprint is planning a concert. And "ranger" in the picture's file obviously means that Night Ranger will be opening up for U2. Or maybe The Edge is joining Night Ranger for a reunion tour (you know he'd rock the hell out of "Sister Christian").

A Sprint sales person I talked to last week told me that in the fall if I wanted to leave Verizon, Sprint would buy me out of my contracts. All for 4 lines plus money towards phone upgrades. If I sign up for Framily plan.

I'd save close to $100 a month.

My house (NW Philadelphia) is a complete dead zone for Verizon and T-Mobile. AT&T and Sprint get at least some signal throughout the house.

With sprint near my building was a dead spot. to the point where i even roam sometimes
But my town actually had LTE.
It's the weirdest thing. Wasn't always like that. It worked fine when I first got the Galaxy S2 with wimax
Started doing that after hurricane Sandy.
I can live without data near my apartment cause soon enough I'll be on my wifi but voice I need at all times.

I am guessing that Sandy damaged the towers and instead of fixing them, they are waiting on their LTE update schedule.

If you get bad cell reception with any carrier you can ask for a femtocell and they should give you one for free (I got one from Sprint). Also a lot of the newer Android phones have WiFi calling so you can use your phone to make VoIP calls.

I have Sprint and where I live I blow the doors of Verizon and get unlimited everything for 45 a month

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In Harrisburg Sprint is as good as Verizon in terms of speeds. Building penetration I have some issues with but when I get a Spark phone I won't have to worry about it. Come on Note 4

In my area sprint LTE average 8mbps down and with spark goes up to the 50's. It is also unlimited and cheaper than any other similar plan. Plus sprint doesn't mutilate their phones with logos and lack of updates. Also with sprints 800mhz band building penetration isn't an issue. I get it in my full basement even.

If I didn't travel as widely as I do, I would. Verizon LTE is crap in Philly, while Sprint has a history of very good service in metro Philly.

I did.

Couldn't be happier. Paying $60 a month for unlimited data on a Framily plan. And its gonna down down another $10 bucks as soon as a couple of my friends contracts end in another month or so.

Same here. i had a temp number on T-MO while they worked on transferring my number so both phones were working at the same time. took both phones on a trip from Boston to NY and T-Mo had better coverage on this trip. It did drop to 2G for a few minutes here so far from perfect but better than sprint overall.

Sprint has improved by leaps and bounds here in NYC, I can easily say it destroys ATT and beats Tmobile in most cases. Almost as good as Verizon, but hopefully that "almost" can turn into a clear victory by the time they finish optimizing and deploying there 8t8r antennas...

i was in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island last weekend with both a sprint line and a T-Mo line and T-Mo was better.

What device were you using? I had an S3 and it was so bad that I was just about ready to drop Sprint! Decided to give them one more final try by getting the G3 and surprisingly have been getting exceptional data speeds where I wasn't with my S3 here in Queens. Manhattan I've always gotten good service but I'm hardly ever there. Perhaps its because I'm taking advantage of their Spark network. I'm not sure but I'm finally damn happy! I would've been paying more with T-mobile had I gone with them as well which is why I held off from jumping ship.

You made the exact switch I made, phones and all... But I am in northern Chicagoland. Sprint was either great or garbage here, T-Mobile hasn't had me on 3g or edge once as of yet. Picked up my new G3 on launch day.

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I have 2 lines with sprint and 2 with verizon. The Sprint Lines are up for renewal in the next 2-3 months. I am waiting to see what is up,

AT&T and Verizon are clearly better companies from my past experience with both carriers having more customers than Sprint and T-Mobile combined which means more money to better their coverage

So companies with the most customers are the best companies to be with? Sign me up for Comcast Cable then!

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Depending on your personal needs it's probably the best for YOU.
There is no such thing as universal best.
use your brain and common sense to decide which device is best for YOU

That would be a huge mistake. The 1 big trump card Sprint has over AT&T and Verizon is unlimited data. If they eliminate that they have nothing to offer. A smaller network that on average is by far the worse network out there. Slower speeds and smaller 4G LTE footprint. The best move Sprint could make would be to get a new CEO.

Please re-read the article.

This is to replace the "framily plan". This was a bust because of throttled data.

This new family shared plan focuses on the same price tiers and concept as Verizon & AT&T. At least it's competitive.

I'll keep my "unlimited data (unthrottled) & text - 1500 minute family shared plan". With my employee discount, I pay $300/month for five lines with an iPad Air (all with insurance).

I'm happy with Sprint and my Samsung Note 3!

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This is a test-market plan for the south (notice in the picture, in the fine print, it says Austin and Phoenix only). Sprint also has market specific plans available on the West and East coasts. Framily isn't going anywhere anytime soon (in fact, there's a promotion for free unlimited data for 12 months on Framily, I forget the specifics).

Sprint is actually testing out various plans in every major market to see which one will win. In Chicago we have unlimited talk, text and data for $50/month. It's for new customers only. You have to do easy pay on your phone. Still fairly cheap considering the most expensive phone (Note 3) is $29/month. You only pay taxes for the device upfront and that's around $70. The unlimited my way plan was $80/month and you would buy a Note 3 for $350.

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This is just a test plan. Carriers have test plans all of the time that never make it to market. Also, if we want to just assume things based off the trial plans then we should actually be assuming they are going to keep them because the 2 other trial plans they have announced covering 6+ markets between them have unlimited data...

It says no where in the picture that unlimited is going away. This is just a test plan that has been in existence for months now.

***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***

If Softbank (the owner of Sprint) offers unlimited data in their home market, *why* would they eliminate it here?

It's only in testing. Nowhere does it state that it IS going to fade out Framily. That is what the author states and for all we know, he could be wrong. For all we know, it could be just a new plan.

Yes that too but AT&T and Verizon both have over 115 million customers while Sprint has about 55 mil T-Mobile close to 50 so if they were to join together it would make them a competitor which would be good for all of us in the long run competition is always good

You mean that thing T-Mobile is very quickly getting rid of? WAY WAY faster than Sprint has done any network upgrade ever.

Then tell the truth Sprint didn't build out your home network shentell did. You don't live in a Sprint O & O network.

"The world would be so boring without idiots like you to amuse me."

Shentel is an affiliate of Sprint, for a long long time. They did build it out, as a subcontractor for Sprint. It was Sprints money, equipment, and plan (Network Vision). Everyone uses subcontractors for deployments (in all sectors)

I do not get what the big deal with that is. The statement is still true no matter who physically installed the equipment.

I have excellent Sprint service where I live. I also have it in Philly, Baltimore, DC, northern Jersey and everywhere in between. That is something that T Mobile definitely cannot say.

It was not Sprint money, Sprint pays them to access the network. The same as Ntelos and Cspire. Sprint doesn't even own the stores in your market.
just be thankful you live in Shentel market and not in Ntelos or you would be signing an entirely different tune.

Oh yeah? Go back and read the agreement. Shentel "borrowed" 190 Million from Sprint for this roll out. Shetel does nothing in the area without Sprint

I call BS, sir. Next time I'm anywhere near Harrisburg I'll gladly send you Tmobile speedtests. I don't go out that way too often (which is pretty much bumble furk other than the city) since my lady's Grandmother moved back east from Pittsburgh but I know I'll end up there soon enough. In the two years or so on Tmobile I've had no problems with LTE around Harrisburg. Between Hburg and Pburgh is another story, but it wasn't any better on Verizon.

If you are talking to me, I live in Harrisburg. I use Tmo in Harrisburg. When I go more than 2 miles from 2nd street, it is back to 2G

Take off the EDGE. Duh. EDGE technology? It appears they will shut it down, but it remains to be seen.

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I read a while back that August was the month that they were going to announce something about the merger. Who knows.

***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***

Please, please, please....

I know this will not be the clearance from the government (that will take another 6 months) but the signed deal would be great and get the ball rolling

Since it's Softbank, I'm perfectly happy if they merge. Now if it was the old Sprint with Hesse making the calls, I'd be very concerned. No contract here so if I don't like it I can just leave. Nice feeling to have. If only I could sever my cord with the cable companies

yeah I have to admit, I share those feelings. If it was just the old sprint, I would be concerned. The Softbank Sprint is different

Oh man. I hope they're doing some sort plan prices reducing or adding more goodies to it.

Everybody talking about Sprint sucks, sprint this, sprint that. Please stop. Your ignorance is extremely annoying. Obviously Sprint in your area may not be as good compared to T-Mobile or AT&T whichever it might be, but my location. Sprint works extremely well. You don't hear me glorifying Sprint is the #1 company above all.

They have been testing a few cheaper plans. One of which is Framily just $10 cheaper (starts at $45) and an unlimited talk text and data for $50.

For the price I pay and unlimited text/data, I could care less whether Sprint's LTE is faster than Verizon. It works and its fast, and that's all I need it to do... at a good price. I'll leave the carrier d*ck measuring to the those who give a hoot.

Amen to that. I vote with my wallet. No contract so I'll go to whichever carrier works best at the cheapest price (sans Verizon because I love Nexus). Right now that's Tmobile. I have an ATT sim I take when I travel just in case, but I've never had to use it (also company phone on VZW).

My guess, and it's worth exactly what you're paying for it (nothing!) is that this is a trade-up program related to Verizon's Edge payment plan.

Or, it could be related to the proposed Sprint T-Mobile merger.

Or, it's a new program to go after T-Mobile customers, since T-Mobile is going after Sprint's by paying the ETF.

You may be on to something... T-Mobile is offering to pay ETFs, but that doesn't help as much now that carriers are moving towards no contract / device installment billing. Maybe this will be an offer to pay off an installment billing contract if people port to sprint.

I don't think it's out of the question, if they make device buyback a mandatory part of it.

Consider that T-mo is paying up to $350/line for ETFs. Any device with $600 left on the IB contract is going to be a newer, higher end device with a high buyback offer. Using the employees-only version of sprintbuyback.com, Sprint's offer for an iPhone 5S (Verizon, 16gb,) is $240. Buyback on a Galaxy S5 (Verizon) is $140. So if they make the buybacks a part of it, it's not much more money than offering $350 for an ETF and then doing an equipment buyback.

Had Sprint rolled out their LTE network sooner in our area (Ann Arbor, west of Detroit, still a sizeable area vs. other places in Michigan that got it first) I might have actually stuck with them despite their higher-than-T-Mobile prices. Alas, they dragged their feet....not that they're missing my monthly bill, but it's the principle of the thing.

Sprint has been good with me for the past 6 months. But they did take their dam sweet time upgrading their towers.

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It could be a new Kyocera phone with a sapphire crystal display, maybe "take the edge off" refers to a rounded display? Kyocera has been reported as creating a sapphire display, Sprint has a history of trumping up Kyocera phones and Kyocera has a history of phone designs that are outside the box.

That's actually a really good theory!
1. Notice the gemstone-like background in the picture. Looks like clear sapphire...
2. Kyocera already has a phone on sprint with the word "EDGE" in the name (Kyocera Hydro EDGE... and yes, it's all-caps).
3. "Ranger" has a rough-and-tumble sound to it... right up Kyocera's alley for the name of a ruggedized phone.

I'll be a sumbitch... I think you've just cracked this thing!

The only thing that would lead me to think otherwise is an Event in NYC being held for a Kyocera phone... could Kyocera be preparing to introduce an actual flagship device?

I read this article and it had a paragraph that I think explains what "Take the Edge Off" means.

"In conversations with GigaOM, Sprint offered some insights into its plans to deploy 8T8R (eight transmitters/eight receivers) antenna technology on its LTE network, which the carrier said should provide more consistent and reliable connections even on the EDGE of Sprint's network. According to GigaOM, Sprint's 8T8R vendors are Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung and Sprint has deployed the antenna technology in Chicago on a trial basis, with an eye toward a commercial rollout later this year."

So I think this announcement is for the 8T8R antennas.

Clearly targeting Verizon customers: "Verizon Edge is a flexible equipment payment plan that spreads the retail price of a phone over 20 months."

You all are wayy off, look at the background pic.. its a pic of crystals, or glass crystals. Probably an edge to edge device announcement.