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With so many proper options for photo sharing these days -- Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc. -- it's easy to have forgotten about Sprint's Picture Mail storage system. (And frankly, anyone who's been sent something via Picture Mail has probably hoped the sender would forget about it, too.) But the fact remains that any one of us might have photos there, and so this next sentence is important. Sprint Picture Mail is shutting down on April 30 The good news is you've got a month to save anything you've got stored there, and the process looks like it should be simple enough -- you can just drag and drop them onto a "Download to my PC" area, and then copy 'em over.

Anyone out there still using Sprint Picture Mail? And what do you plan on switching to?

Source: Sprint, via Sprint Forums


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Sprint Picture Mail storage being discontinued on April 30


You may wanna correct the title to say picture mail storage is ending, not the actual service of sending picture mail. You are about to scare the shit out of a lot of people. Although this is rather OLD news...

I've actually found worth in this service. When stuck in a place with crappy network but good wifi, I can just pull up Sprint's Picture Mail site when my phone notifies me of a new MMS. Security aside, it's a neat service.