As if today's surprise announcement that Sprint was selling the LG G3 in its stores today, one week earlier than expected, wasn't enough, the wireless carrier has something else up its sleeve. It is sending out emails to customers offering them a $150 pre-paid card if they purchase the phone from them via the Sprint Easy Play plan of $25 a month.

A tipster forwarded an email from Sprint to us, with the following message:

The new LG G3 proves that simple is the new smart — and so is getting it first. Order this great new phone on Sprint Easy Pay by 7/24, then claim your $150 American Express Reward Card. We're serious!

So that ultimately makes the purchase price of the LG G3 even lower than first announced by Sprint. The only small catch is that the line connected to the phone must remain active for at least 45 days in order to qualify for the card. It will be mailed out in about 12 weeks.

Be sure to read our extensive review of the phone before you make any decisions, however.

Thanks to Jean-Paul for the tip!

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Sprint offers $150 pre-paid card with LG G3 purchase via Easy Pay


That's pretty crappy compared to most other networks

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How is that crappy? I guess you must be getting 60mbps or higher on regular basis then. Even 15mbps is doable and worth the price you pay. If Sprint works for him then good for him. What does it matter to you? I just don't understand that.

Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App

I challenge you to venture outside Sprints LTE location (the very few that exists and where you live) and test out their 3G. More than likely you'll get little data or speeds that equal dial up. So yes Sprint's network is total crap, I should know, I'm a happy former customer.

Just speed tested there 3G 3.5 download 2.5 upload not bad as with any network it where you live T-Mobile sucks balls here

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That's awesome if you get that. The problem though is that most people don't. It US the worst network to be on if you want to travel. But where it really matters is your location. If you are more inclined to stay around the same area, you are getting a fabulous deal being on Sprint. I can't though. Their network sucks here. I hear so many complaints about their network though, that I'm surprised they are still in business. Definitely NOT surprised they are last place even though their prices are better than the competition.

I travel allover Massachusetts and New Hampshire Maine Never have any problems at all even when I go to Florida still works great

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With consistent data? Try that on the west coast and see if you still approve. Lol. If it works good where you are at, great. But for most people that's not the case. They are last place for that reason.

Yes with constant data I have lte just about everywhere if I had T-Mobile I would be slower than molasses going up hill in the dead of winter

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In Houston, the speed is very good. I have the M8 and I get, on average, 5-10 in most areas. In office buildings, it drops to 3g and the service can be spotty but that also happens to my Verizon and AT&T phones. Yes, they are not as consistent as Verizon and AT&T but they are very usable and I have very few issues. At home, in the Cypress area, I get around 20-25 mbps. They have gotten a lot better.

Cybertec69 desperately trying to get a moot point across as many Sprint customers get great speeds on their network, not to mention if you are on Spark which has proven to run 40-60mbps consistently.

Either way, average speeds of 6-30mbps on the non Spark network is plenty fast to do just about anything, including stream HD video.

So tired of them so I decided to use only roaming and
Just got to the 165gb usage on roaming
Waiting for that letter patiently to leave sprint

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It's a great deal for off contract. Can't beat $450 after rebate for a brand new flagship device off contract.

It's a shame it's on Sprint and not T-mobile or AT&T where you have real unlock options.

When was the last time you used the Sprint network. No issues with service or reception here. I use Verizon and have a Sprint iPhone and Spark hotspot for work, both perform very well and speeds are close to Verizon, coverage is also very good.

I'm still on a 1500 minute plan with unlimited data;

A) can I do the easy pay while staying on my current plan?

B) do I have to sign a new contract because I'm still leaving them in 6 months.

C) is the sprint G3 tri-band?
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A) as long as you are off contract yes

B) No this isn't a contract but the remaining balance on the phone is due when you cancel your plan. Who are you leaving Sprint for unless you are still going to be on a Sprint MVNO it makes no sense to buy any phone other than the Nexus 5 which can be used on AT&T and T-mobile networks saving you money from not having to buy a new phone in the long run.

C) Yes

It will be AT&T or TMO. I thought about getting the nexus 5 but I really like the G3. And maybe the tri-band will be enough to get me to stay.

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If you are OK with TMO you could leave tight now since they Pay your etf. I'd say test drive and if it works go for it.

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Where did you get that information? Some of their phones (I expect the G3 is) are world phones which can take in SIM cards. But they have locked out domestic GSM carriers. So you can't buy it from Sprint and use it on AT&T or T-Mobile.

In your case, in or out of contract, if you do easy pay, they will make you change your plan to framily(don't do it). You only have the 2yr upgrade option if you want to keep your plan. And yes, the phone is tri band

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They shouldn't "make" you leave your plan, but they'll strongly suggest it, as doing easy pay on a subsidized-device plan usually doesn't make much sense from a financial standpoint.

No. Easy pay will only work with the new framily plan now. I'm on the 1200 everything data plan and they were trying to get me to change.

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Sprint is pretty lenient on credit for easy pay. Worst case scenario is they may require a down payment (which reduces the monthly payments)

What are the benefits of Sprint easy pay? It says you can pay $25 on top of your monthly payment for 24 months with easy pay. The phone on contract right now is $200, it should go down to $100 real soon because that's what AT&T and Verizon is selling it for, and it'll probably be free by Thanksgiving. Either way you're stuck with Sprint for 24 months

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You are off contract. Your not paying the extra fees for that subsidy after 2 years if you keep your phone. You get annual upgrades. And actually you are not stuff with Sprint for 24 months. You can leave Sprint at any time by paying off the remains balance. It's the same thing as T-Mobile. You clearly didn't do a bit of research.
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That will work. You just have to sell your t-mobile phones or pay them off completely.

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Sprint is a sinking ship with the worst network ever and they should pay their customers to leave them.

I couldn't agree more. You don't need Sprint to pay you to leave though, T-Mobile will happily do that for you.

Too bad I am going to do the 2 year contract thru best buy and get it for basically free after trading my S3

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This is awesome! Wish T-Mobile did something like this. I think it's strange how T-Mobile was the first to announce their availability yet the last to actually have it in their store for purchase.

Not sure if it had a SIM slot but Sprint would refuse to unlock it for domestic even if it did. I'm not sure why someone would drop $600 on a Sprint phone since you're pretty much locked to Sprint or one of its MVNOs or you may be able to get it unlocked for international use if it did in fact have a SIM slot. Sprint phones by far have the worst resale value. Don't waste your money on this, get a G3 with a different carrier. Sprint by far has the worst network and customer service.

I left Sprint after 15 years due to lack of coverage at my home and the surrounding area. I switched carriers and I've received the excellent 4g LTE coverage from ATT.

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