Sprint Optimus S pricing

What's better than a $50 LG Optimus S on Sprint? How about a $20 LG Optimus S on Sprint. Hard to argue with that for what is an above average mid-level Android smartphone. Our only thing is that you're tied into a two-year contract for something that's not cutting edge hardware. Anyone out there biting? Submitted via the Android Central app


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Sprint LG Optimus S about to hit $20


What's this "mid-level"? What Android smart phone is below an LG Optimus such as the Optimus S?

Sprint users, me included, seem to be quite happy with the phone except for the lack of internal storage/poor usage of the microSD card to extend storage.

Sprint must have sold (for $49.99 or free around Thanksgiving 2010) a lot of them.

Yet the retail price for that is more and the capabilities seem higher, even though the build quality is definitely Kyocera and not Sanyo quality.

Low quality doesn't exactly mean low end, does it?

I definitely agree with your memory comment. My wife has one and space is always an issue. Other than that it's a solid phone

More importantly, why isn't the Nexus S 4G listed on this upcoming devices list? Are they really going to make us wait till after May 8 for the Nexus?

All the upcoming devices listed have official release dates. The Nexus S doesn't have one, despite the likely April release.

That's exactly what I'm saying. Based on the rumors we've heard the Nexus is supposed to be released in April, but if that's true why isn't it on this flyer? Makes me think the rumors aren't all that accurate.

I certainly hope they are though...I'm tired of waiting for my Nexus!!

The key word is official. Regardless of whether it comes out in April or May, there's no official release date to put on the flyer.

I do think it's a May release, though, despite preciously calling the April wind"likely". Sprint needs to give the Echo launch some breathing room, and the Google Voice that's being integrated into the NS probably needs more testing. I've read a few forum posts from beta testers about usability issues with SMS.

They probably don't sell many anymore after the non-4G phones got hung with the extra $10 data fee.

I got my Optimus S free from Sprint back in early Dec.2010....best basic entry smartphone....I'm not paying the extra $10.00 a month which is a good deal...

My daughter lost her Zio so this may be a good replacement. But not if they want to stick us with an extra $10. I'll have to see what they say about that.

i really like my optimus. it's a pretty solid phone. memory is a little low but for the price its great.

i think only reason i would get another phone is if sprint gets the LG Optimus 2X

Great starter android phone! Much snappier and appears to have better screen clarity than most including the samsung intercept which is more sturdy. however, I wouldn't want it under contract. I spent the $130 and got it on virgin mobile for my niece with the $40/mo no contract plan.