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Owners of Sprint's LG Marquee (a distant cousin of the LG Optimus Black) will be pleased to see the roll-out of a new software update for the device. The new version LS855ZVC fixes one glitch that's been particularly frustrating for some users -- a bug which sometimes resulted in the phone locking up during calls. In addition, Sprint says the update improves the Marquee's security, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on whether you're interested in rooting the device.

Head on over to "Settings > About Phone  > System Updates > Update LG Software" and check for updates to see if yours is ready. As ever, these updates are doled out gradually over time, so don't be too alarmed if you don't see anything just yet.

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Sprint LG Marquee updated with call lock-up bug fix


Anyone received this update yet or read more detailed release notes? I have 2 days left to get out of my wife's Marquee and she went from loving it to hating it in 12 days because of poor battery life, poor signal, intermittent complete power offs and reboots. I'm curious what exactly they've addressed with this update.

The Marquee is receiving a Software update. The new update (Ver ZVC) will address the following items.

Google security patch
Pre-loaded app updates

Performance improvements
Touch screen
To prepare for the update, Make sure that you:

Keep the battery charged as much as possible, or leave it on a charger. Don't start the update if your Battery is low! A low battery could drain completely before the update is complete and damage your phone.
Don't try to use phone during the update! The Phone will not be usable during the duration of the update.
Leave the phone alone while it's updating! Moving the phone could cause it to loose its signal and cause the update to fail, which could damage your phone's software.
The update is being delivered straight to your phone sometime during the next few days... The phone should pompt you when the update is ready. If the update comes at a bad time, or your battery isn't charged, you can decline the update and then manually update your phone at a better time. Later you can request your update without waiting, when it's convenient for you. To manually get the update, do the following.

From the Home Screen, press the Menu Button.
Select Settings, and then Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and select "About Phone"
At the top of the About Phone window, select "System Update"
From the System Update window, choose "Update LG Software"
The phone should start updating. The process will take at least 25 minutes and could be substantionaly longer, depending on your Internet Connection Speed.
The update should be available to update your phone for the next two weeks. Around the 11th of April, it will be removed from the server.