Sprint's LG G2 is finally getting an update, and it's bringing along with it LG's famous Knock Code. The update, which brings the build version to ZVD (at least according to Sprint's nomenclature) also brings a few other improvements.

  • Improvements for group messaging
  • A patch for Google
  • HD Voice icon (to join your Spark LTE icon)
  • And an updated email signature

The update will be rolling out to Sprint LG G2 owners today. It'll push over-the-air, but should you want to get it immediately, you can check for availability by opening Settings, tapping on "System updates", and selecting "Update LG software."

Once you've got it, let us know what you think!

Source: Sprint; Thanks to Josh and everybody else that sent this in!


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Sprint LG G2 update brings on the knocking


I'm just waiting for someone to take the OTA and do a ROOTED BACKUP, and then put it on XDA....!


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And does it bring the new "modern ui" from the LG g3? No, and that's why I only Trust HTC and Sony right now when it comes to updates.... Apart from Android updates, they provide updates to their skins as well

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I am sure that it will eventually get it. Just like the Samsung phones do.

While I like the new UI it is not all that huge a difference.

As someone mentioned the s4 didn't get it..

And I got tired as h*** when I was waiting for my s3 to get the new ui when the gs4 was introduced.. Sure they added some new design elements(6 months later) but a lot was deliberately left out..

It's their cheap way of making you tired of your less-than-a-year old phone.. Unfortunately alot of Android OEMs do this, and media barely write about it because they only report on updates to Android version(yes they're important I know)..

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Just go to Google Play and search for the LG Home app. It gives you the new launcher, .icons, and weather widget from the G3.

It's too bad that spark doesn't let you talk and use data at same time. It's like Sprint takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

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I totally agree. Spark is cool and all but no spark and talk at the same time. No text and internet at the same time too. Spark just cuts out when a text comes in.

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While I have no hard facts, it seems like this update is more like a maintenance update rather than a complete software update which might or might not overhaul the UI along with bringing the device and up to the latest or semi-latest version of Android

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My Speedtest result in Greenville for Sprint (LTE) : 11.05 Mb/s (download) & 3.13 Mb/s (upload) via #sensorly

It's not bad everywhere.

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Problem is that's probably your best and most times you're at 2-3mb down. I'm in Chicago and Sprint was only consistent about being inconsistent... I switched to T-Mobile last week and ALL test have been 11-35mb down and I have been on lte 100% of the time. With Sprint, we were one of the first spark city's and I was on lte maybe 70% of the time. So happy I switched, I was sick of trying to justify the poor coverage I was getting.

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My Speedtest result in Greenville for Sprint (LTE) : 14.94 Mb/s (download) & 3.25 Mb/s (upload) via #sensorly

The upload is pretty slow today, it's normally around 7-8Mb.

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Since 20+ billion cash injection from Softbank, the new Sprint network keeps getting better. With changes over the last 6 months, it's NOTHING like the old network in Northern VA and DC area. In three different locations I'm consistently getting speeds like: 27.95dl/6.62ul (Alexandria), 17.99dl/4.47ul (downtown DC) and 37.89dl/14.47ul (Cleveland Park, DC). That's unlimited data for $60/mo on a 2-year subsidized LG G2 plan with 2 other people. There are still a few pockets that drop back to 3G, but these aren't places that I frequent. Test your phone/area signal first before committing to ANY carrier. T-Mobile coverage is NOT great everywhere plus a lot of people don't realize T-Mobile lower tier "unlimited" data plans drop back to 3G speeds after usage caps are exceeded.

My wife got a new g2 from sprint 3 Weeks ago and it already had the knock code on it

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Very true. It's taking me a while to adjust to the Knock Code, I keep forgetting it is on. It is nice though. I only wish it would give you some kind of feedback (vibration) to let you know you entered it properly and the screen is getting ready to appear. There is a little delay sometimes.

C'mooooooooooon Big Red! You gave us crappy back buttons, now give us knock code, and MAYBE we will forgive you

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I hate lg.. Ever since i got the 4.4.2 wifi bt data/sig have been a complete mess.. So bad in fact I'm on my htc one via wifi right now lol f*ck lg i want a m8

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Dear All,
I am from Pakistan, and I have LG G2 Sprint Spark, and I also got android update and downloaded (630.2 MB), problem is that, when i restart my phone for taking effect of newly downloaded update, phone restart and shows the progress bar, when almost 25 % bar is completed , progress bar goes immediately 100% and phones gets restart, when restart there is no change in the phone, nothing changed, same old kitkat 4.4.2 (ZVE) version, then after 2, 3 days phone starts downloading the update again when download finished it restarts and doing the same thing as i described before, now it downloads the update after every 2, 3 days doing same thing again and again, dont know why it is not updating in new version. can any one help me.
if possible please email me at ahsan.edm@gmail.com, thank u