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$99 on contract in black or white for LG's latest and greatest

A little behind rival carriers AT&T and Verizon, Sprint has today finally made the LG G2 available for pre-order ahead of a November 8 release date. You'll pay $99 today to reserve one on a new 2-year deal, though you'll be waiting almost a month before it hits your doorstep. You'll have the choice of colors too, Sprint will be selling both the black and white versions of the G2. 

There's a lot to love about the LG G2, and we've been playing around with International as well as AT&T and Verizon versions already. If you're interested, be sure to check out the other reviews at the links below. Otherwise, hit up the source link to get your pre-order on.

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Sprint LG G2 goes up for pre-order, shipping by November 8


Nice catch! They still had to put their mark on it though.....change some Ted Turner colorizing black and white movies

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LOL Right!? If reports are correct, the G2 will be Sprint's first Tri-Band phone, which is probably the reason why it was delayed so long, since they're the only one that'll have it.

Yep I might give up my S4 for this since it's tri-band lte, and faster etc. But I'm going to wait for the Nexus 5 to be revealed for sure. Not like the G2 will be released before then anyway.

That's exactly the reason, funny they didn't mention that fact that this phone will allow the use of sprints 800mhz lte which is as good & far reaching as Verizon's & att's 700 MHz lte, except it'll be unlimited & it'll also have the 1900 & 2600 MHz lte to add to the spectrum's. The 2.6 GHz lte is has a lab speed of 260 MBS, but real life speeds are assumed to be 100/150 MBS. NYC & Chicago are 2 of the 5 cities that are already using network visions multimode network.*I'm in NYC, so I want the nexus 5 since it's basically a G2* can't wait for there 40x40 tdd-lte using the 2.6 freq* it'll boost up speeds like crazy, but for now the 2.6 GHz lte is 20 htz. Sprint already has better reception than Verizon because they always had to use 4 towers to 1 Verizon 850 MHz towers, so now sprints 800 MHz towers are more concentrated & has way more bars in buildings & more, I get 12 to 15 MBS in my cement floored building apartment,in the bathroom. so I could imagine what benefits i might get.

..and isn't there a stipulation that you have to be porting your existing number to knock off the $100 off the regular $199 on contract price?

I dunno dude I don't think a phone that gets released on the 8th of November will be on sale on black friday for $0.01. Maybe $100 but after all the wait Note 3 might be the better option. Not to mention LG aren't great with updates.

No that's not true. Just pre odr mine and its 99 I gat a second line. With great plan my gets the s3. Its a good deal..

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Yes, that is BS. I'm a loyal Sprint customer whose contract expired LAST November. I have been waiting for LTE. In that time I've still been paying $80 per month for Unlimited/450, but I have to pay the bigger price for a new devise. It is like they want me to go to another ISP. I wish we had T-Mobile in my area. I use about 10G per month.

If you don't have a corporate discount to possibly lose, go ahead and move on. You can always come back.

I don't like the special treatment of new over loyal any more than you do but this 25% off I get more than compensates. Plus I'm that guy who buys stuff when it's no longer the media darling (S3 when the S4 was hot) and thus cheaper still.

I called and bitched because of the price difference. Didn't get much, but got the upgrade fee waived. Saved 40$. Then I bought my note 3 at best buy, at 299$ instead of 349$ and saved 50$.

Bottom line is I broke even with the 100$ difference between the existing customers price and the new line price.

Best buy had a promotion for a $50 card with an upgrade, so now I'm ahead when the card comes.

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Note 3 is $250 on amazon new and upgrade. Try to get to price match.

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Cha ching. Another 50$ off I owe you one answer to any question in the history of the universe.

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And att, Verizon or T-Mobile would give you the phone as soon as you want it? Sprint has the yearly upgrade as T-Mobile, plus they give you the unlimited my way for $65 for having the yearly upgrade plan. If you want a cellular confidant that'll would do better good luck because only T-Mobile *the only other company to do this, sorting had it first years ago* but T-Mobile voice isn't so good do to there low tower count & there lte data is starting to slow down a bit, just wait till more people join *still unlimited* either way just upgrade your plan because the every year upgrade with the 65$ a month bill is a limited time offer, if you miss it then you just get the yearly upgrades which is as good as anyone's.

Pre-order from Best Buy and you get a $50 gift card. And it's only $99 with a upgrade Ora new two year contract. Can't lose there.

Sprint, for me, just sucks period! I've been with them going on 9+ years now and I'm ready to make the switch, I just don't know which of the other evils are lesser. I hate research sometimes....

check out AT&T GoPhone. $60/Month for Unlimited Talk/Text and 2GB of LTE data. $10/1GB extra as needed. No contracts, prepaid, auto-fill bill pay. AT&T customer service. full freedom of BYOD/SIM Card plug and play. great expansive coverage.

Do you know if the GoPhone allows you to roam using the att network the same as contract users? I have been looking for the answer, but unable to find out.

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The nexus 5 should be coming out on sprint, the radio docs from the fcc support sprint bands. It was a sprint site that leaked those docs

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No. they didn't. They proved they can barely break S4 performance using AMOLED Screen + dual core. The Nexus 5 won't have that. It will have a snapdragon 800. So you have not comparing apples and oranges.

People are assuming google has made optimizations to battery life but you have looked at every version of google stock vs custom oem, you will that's completely wrong. s4 google edition does not give better battery life than the S4 samsung edition. Google DOES NOT optimize it for battery. Their job is to create a developer based platform in which android becomes to baseline. This is why there is no sd card and smaller battery life on all nexus + crappy camera.

How people have been getting better battery life is by having complete power of the rom and bootloader and control the options to maximize? But there is only so much a 2300mah battery will do. Will you see better battery life than nexus 4 yes, and that's probably because of the inclusion of the LTE radios in the SOC. But it's still a far cry. 3000mah needs to be the standard. period.

Sprint's pre-order site shows that it does not have any WiFi.
I guess either there was no room for it with the Tri-Band radios or they really want you to get your monies worth with their Unlimited Data. ;)


Richard can you find out why the Wi-Fi symbol is x'ed out with a little red x on the Sprint pre order page?
I now it would mean no Wi-Fi but I want to know if this is true or a mistake.

Go Hokies!

Just to answer.

With SoC it is on there but could be programmically disabled.

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Oh ok, thanks. For some odd reason, I thought the Wifi antenna would be a separate component.

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My post was very facetious.
Figured it was an oversight on the landing page. It's got WiFi.
Thanks for the pic.


It's "funny" how every Sprint article - be it about a handset being released or the company itself - ends up with people discussing their hatred for Sprint.

Is the service really that bad?

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Its pretty brutal in a lot of markets, and nobody has been more pissed off than me but believe it or not, its improving slowly. Slowly.

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LOL, yeah I know what you mean. Not sure why the mouthbreathers feel compelled to post how much Sprint sucks. One would think they would have better things to do.

I have great coverage here in the Chicago area so I really have no complaints. Plus with the new Tri-band phones rolling out soon, it should be even better.

Look we all know Sprint is behind on the NV upgrades, but it's getting better. But if you just can't deal with the slow data speeds, pay the ETF and jump to another carrier.

It was and in some cases still is pretty horrid. I was a customer/fan/advocate then it got so bad they lost me and I became an ex-customer/hater/detractor/bitcher and now that they sorted my area out again I'm a defender but not as fanboy-ish as I was initially.

In other words, I'm fickle.

Take a gander at the forums, specifically the thread with screen shots of 3g data speeds. It's makes the Edge network ,circa 2003, look like LTE-Advanced.

Is it that bad? No, it's worse.

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For some people, yes the service is bad with Sprint.

For me, I get good LTE service at home & at most of the places I go (with the painful exception of where I work). I do wish the people bashing Sprint would understand that there are trade-offs for any cell carrier in the US (I need unlimited data, even if it's slower than ATT or VZW).


If you want cheap and fast and seldom leave major metros, go with T-Mobile.

If you want great coverage and don't mind tiers and restrictions and large bills, go with AT&T or Verizon.

If you want unlimited data in the truest sense, don't mind not having e-peen speeds, and don't mind a reasonable bill for that unlimited, go with Sprint.

I am lucky that where I live, sprint has fantastic coverage (except the dive bars built out of lead I go to) and fantastic speeds, lte.

Finally living in this hole has paid off...

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I'm pretty solid too. Still randomly get a voice mail with no ringtone prior though.

The only carrier that doesn't cover here is T-Mobile. It's 2G which, in a world of expanding LTE, I don't count as coverage.

Not Just New Customers also Upgrades.
I did the price estimate for Upgrades and it was $100.
Secondly, you are better off buying this phone for $100 and then paying for the termination fee $350+100= $450 than paying for the phone outright ($550).
Plus, this phone uses the 800mhz band for the new network they are rolling out.
Too many advantages. I'm also going to wait for what the N5 has, but this seems to be the superior phone spec wise.

No, when you sign the contract, you're required to have service for a set amount of time, or you end up paying the full cost of the phone or handing it over with the ETF. I believe you have to have service for a minimum of 30 days.

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I have the G2, on Verizon grandfathered. This phone is sweet. Everything is fast. Great screen. And truly unbelievable battery life. If you get the G2, you will not be disappointed.

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