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Well, it's better late than never

It's been a good nine months since the Sprint Galaxy Nexus received its last OTA to Android 4.2.1, and now the jump to 4.3 is beginning its rollout. In a bit of awkward timing with the expected launch of Android 4.4 for other Nexus devices, Sprint has just posted on its community site that the update is rolling out now.

As is usually the case you'll have to wait somewhere in the range of two weeks to get the software update as the rollouts happen both gradually and at random. The latest software version is now "GJ04" if you want to make sure you're on the latest build — keep an eye on your phone for that update.

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Sprint Galaxy Nexus update


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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Android 4.3 update rolling out starting today


Wow. Expect 4.4 in June

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you


google dev 1: guys, we have a last gen device still running firmware 2 versions old
google dev 2: yeah, but it's a sprint cdma device. it's a red-headed step child!
google dev 1: ok, well let's just update it to 4.3 the same day we post the 4.4 factory images for every other nexus we don't hate
google dev 2: that should teach the world how much cdma sucks!!
google devs collectively: (sinister laugh)

But replace "google dev" with "Sprint/Verizon dev/qa".
You can already get custom ROMS for both Sprint and Verizon G-Nex with 4.3, so it isn't Android that is the problem. It is the carrier holding back updates for "testing".

Seriously. This problem, plus the fact that Verizon simply sucks in my area means I'm leaving Verizon as soon as I can get my hands on a Nexus 5.

That few extra months with the Nexus S4G and not pick up this phone was totally worth it. Held out for the Nexus 4 and made the T-Mo jump and have never looked back.

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Only until the Nexus 5 comes out, and then I'll be paying my ETF to get as far away from Sprint as possible. (...and by that I mean on a carrier with data speeds faster than a 1200 baud modem.)

I recently sold my used Sprint Galaxy Nexus on eBay for about $100. It was about time. The battery life was dismal. I am very happy with my LG G1, silly windowshade and all. With a a proper launcher, it's still a great phone. Better than the Galaxy Nexus ever was.

I had no complaints with my GPE GNex. I only replaced it because the charging port stopped working. Otherwise, it was a great handset, and the 4.3 update brought new life to it.

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So, maybe my Verizon G Nexus will skip the 4.3 and go to 4.4, like it skipped the 4.2.1 and went directly to 4.2.2

Wishful thinking

VZW warranty replaced mine with an S3 back in August 2013. :)

Thus, I'm contract free and weighing my options on my next device. Plenty ROM's out there for the S3.

Ehh better late than never. I can't wait to replace my sprint galaxy nexus with the N5, which should come to sprint.

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Interesting. I have been running a custom ROM on mine for awhile now. I will be turning in my Galaxy Nexus to Sprint next week when I One Up to the LG G2. After a Factory Reset, of course.


They should have waited. If 4.4 is supposedly better for lower specced phones I think people would appreciate 4.4 more. There should be no excuse for the G Nex not to get 4.4 due to specs the way the previous Nexus phones have had to be abandoned.

Did anyone notice the stellar signal strength in the picture? And 3g at that!

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Don't worry. According to the folks at sprint and s4gru it will get better in a few months, when LTE is rolled out. Yeah right...

Zero bars, typical. I'm surprised it doesn't show a triangle. Thank goodness for Sprint, coastal Southern California population areas are currently lighting up LTE ahead of T-mobile to stem customer migration.

Most likely Sprints going to get the Nexus 5 and they wanted to show the original galaxy nexus owners (myself), that they are still supporting nexus devices. That way they probably think people will stay with sprint and get a nexus 5....I'm on my way to GSM once my contracts up...sick of waiting, but 4.3 is a welcome update for me.

My son will enjoy it..he has my old phone and is still on Sprint...not paying EFT. Interested to see if my Moto X gets 4.3 or jumps to 4.4 and how fast.

I was able to clear data and force stop google services in order to get the update. It will take a few tries.

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This latest update is driving me absolutely nuts! It turned on sync to G+, and now I can't find anywhere to turn it off! It's draining my battery big time! It's synced photos I DO NOT want synced! It's crap. If anyone knows how or where this got turned on, I'd really love to know! I've check the global settings, application settings, G+ profile settings, OMG I've checked everything! And it's STILL synching.