Sprint this morning announced that it's flipped the switch for 4G LTE data in new new markets. They are:

  • Altoona, Pa.
  • Asheville, N.C.
  • Columbus, Ind.
  • Elkhart/Goshen, Ind.
  • Hammond, La
  • La Crosse, Wis.
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Statesville, N.C.
  • Temple, Texas

You'll need one of Sprint's LTE-capable phones for the new high-speed data, of course, but current 3G-only phones also should see some improvement as part of the Network Vision improvements.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint fires up nine new LTE markets


Before anyone whines about "what about ABC city?? we are the largest city blah blah blah"

Please remember that putting up 4g in smaller markets is both cost effective, and quicker. To outfit existing markets with 4glte capabilities will be extensive and tedious. that is why sprint has decided to attack smaller markets.

How many of those are Sprint customers vs. how many Sprint customers do you have in a city like Pittsburgh, or Philadelphia? Seems like you'd get 4G to more people in larger markets. Meanwhile, I'll still be charged $10/month for services I don't have access to. It does get irritating...

Please research before talking about a 10 dollar charge for services you do not have. The 10 dollar charge you are referring to is a premium charge for smartphones that utilize data. This is not a charge for 4G access. All smartphones on Sprints network utilize this premium 10 dollar data fee. Whether 2G/3G or 4G, this is something that has been addressed many times over. So it is not new.

No, what's irritating is people like you constantly bitching and whining over $10. Get it through your skull once and for all: It isn't a 4G fee. It's a smartphone fee. If you never see more than 1X, and you're on a smartphone, you're going to be popped for $10 on Sprint.

Don't like it? Go over to Verizon and see what THEY charge. In fact, please do. I'm sick of people beating this dead horse. Hell, the horse has been rendered into Taco Bell meat by now. Get over it.

actually when they first started the $10 fee it was for their 4g WiMAX and then they changed it to a smartphone fee and that is a fact brothers

I was going to say 46,329 as of 2011, but then I saw I wasn't the only one curious about the real number.....

That doesn't make it a sound business strategy. You're not winning over your customers by avoiding the markets that had previously enjoyed good coverage.

I went from a solid WiMax connection to getting a barely usable connection. I just ran a speed test (which returned MUCH faster results than usual):

230 ping
445 kbps down
22 kbps up

The last time I ran a test in this same spot, I got 138 kbps down. With WiMax from this seat, I was getting 2000 to 4000 kbps down. I upgraded to LTE because they promised it'd be coming soon (I live in the Cleveland area).

Rolling out fast is all fine and good, but it DOESN'T MEAN CRAP when you're not reaching your actual customers.

I have noticed some of the release cities are getting larger, but Sprint needs at least one major city per state to really even begin to claim "nationwide LTE coverage." Do that, THEN hit the smaller, faster, and cheaper markets.

So they don't have "actual customers" in those areas? What would we classify the Sprint users in those areas?

I know. I'm in California and they are lighting it off in Los Angeles and San Francisco and San Diego. They've even started turning on some spots in Orange County? WTF? A whole county of poor people who can't even afford a cell phone. Simply ludicrous... when are they going to hit the big cities like Merced, Eureka and Lodi? But at least the 214 people in the little hamlets of Chicago and D.C. and Atlanta and Dallas and Miami and New Orleans and Boston have it. Am I right?

Hey, at least that's UNLIMITED .445 Mbps down & .022 Mbps up, right?? HAHAHA!

-Sent from inside my Verizon LTE market (since Oct'11) (25.55Mbps down & 16.02 Mbps up)

I'm not saying the people in the already covered areas aren't customers--I apologize if I came across that way.

I was simply getting at the fact that, if they want to advertise national LTE coverate (and I don't think they are yet), they need to cover at least one major city per state.

Example: I'm a real customer living the in the Cleveland Metro area of Ohio. There are two other "major" cities in Ohio: Columbus and Cincinnati. Even if they chose Columbus over Cleveland, I wouldn't be griping as much--but Ohio has ZERO significant LTE coverage (to the best of my knowledge).

I'd like them to show that they at least care about the customers here, just as much as they do in the cities already covered. Yes, everyone there who has Sprint is an honest-to-(deity of your choice here), bonafide, real-life, actual customer. :-)

I'm happy you have LTE. I'm just unhappy that so many people don't, and that major chunks of the map seem to be getting ignored. At least give me an official statement that says you're here and working, and I'll quit complaining so much. :-)

By the time Sprint "rolls out" LTE in Ohio I'll be rockin' out with my No Contract Nexus 5 (or whatever they'll call it). Sprint service has been degrading over the last year in Ohio.

Please Google start your own mobile virtual network/buy Dish/or whatever your plans to be a cell phone carrier are...DO IT.

It boosts their market numbers for commercials and advertising. This route of small areas before major cities services less overall customers.

Sprint is not rolling out smaller cities first. They are rolling big and small cities at the same time. The small ones just finish first, so they announce the finished cities, which just happen to be small cities.

Yes, because clearly the solution to a long rollout time in major cities, is to do small cities now and then have a long rollout time six to eighteen months later.

Agreed. Ironically enough, the last two 'major' rollouts included Columbus, GA and Columbus, IN. It's like they're trying to send a message...

I think it's funny that there are 3 Columbus's rolled out with LTE (GA, MS, and IN) but not the largest/most well-known, Columbus, OH.

I completely agree!! I left AT&T because Sprint had better prices and were SUPPOSE to be getting LTE in Ohio over a year ago. . . Every time they do a new rollout, Cincinnati, Columbus etc is NEVER included but they give LTE to Oklahoma -_- I'm seriously debating going back to AT&T... Tired of these horrible 3G speeds.. Thank goodness for wi-fi

Just an FYI: They are currently getting permits throughout Ohio and actual work on the towers and back-haul will start soon.
The reason a small city gets announced sooner than a large city is there are a lot less towers to complete and the permits are easier to get or are not needed at all. Work in the large cities is being done and towers are lighting up but they will not be announced until the city is basically finished.

So glad to be done with Sprint. Network has steadily degraded in Ohio, no upgrades in sight. Don't miss my 0.5 mbps download speeds a bit....

Mine's usually slower than that. :-( I started off with killer 3G and solid WiMax--now that I have an LTE phone, I get crap for service (though this has been a fairly recent development).

My WIMAX was never consistent. Could usually get a signal outside, but never maxed out more than 6-8 mbps. But I don't even bother with it at this point since the signal is so spotty. This morning my 3G was 0.8 mbps - higher than usual. But the other night I ran a test outside in a 'strong' signal area and got .12 mbps down...

Even though it's not set for August, Grand Rapids Michigan has a little bit of LTE love. It's not very wide spread but it's a start.

Way to go Altoona. Maybe someday Sacramento, CA with over 1.4 million people will get LTE. Verizon had had LTE here for years already. They did things right. Sprint's low dough roll out is laughable. At least Puerto Rico is finally fully covered...

Sacramento, CA has a population of over 3 million actually. NV has just begin in the UCV and Sacramento should be getting spots of LTE in the next 2-3 months.

Statesville's one of the fastest growing areas in NC. The wife had LTE on her iPhone there a few weeks ago. Pretty cool.

First time i've ever heard that. Why is it growing so fast? Isn't unemployment pretty high there? Also, it would be stupid not to include the Hickory area. Is it also part of this addition?

My brother lives there. I'm still disappointed that the area to the East which was an early adopter for the WiMAX deployment has NOTHING. OH, and our 3G service is starting to suck bollocks (and not in a good way).

I wish Sprint would just service their existing towers. I finally moved to AT&T since Sprint refused to repair their tower a half a mile from my house(leaving me without service at home for 13 months). They fixed it after I switched but it only lasted for a few months and it's been down again for 3-4 months.

Sprint forgets about the people that supported them early on.

My parents are sprint customers and live in La Crosse and they asked me to look at the options for them. After pricing out sprint, verizon, straighttalk, net 10, and t-mobile (which took a long time) I found that your only option in La Crosse is Verizon or Sprint. Sprint is WAY cheaper, but their 3g speeds are terrible. Long story short, with LTE available in their area now, Sprint is the "best buy."

Just left sprint last month. Actually went the prepaid route... And I couldn't be happier. Paid full price for my phone, good service and coverage, at the very least, comparable to sprints and unlimited everything. And I just paid me and my wife's bill Saturday for a grand total of $87.00. just not impressed with the major carriers anymore. You get locked into a 2 year contract, given a nice phone (that will be irrelevant in 6 months) with a recent android version (then pray you'll get at least 1 software update) and then find out all the ways said company will rob you. I paid $192.00 a month with sprint with no 4g lte. I'm also in Cleveland and sprints coverage here is a joke unless you're downtown and even then don't go into a building. Wimax is going the way of the dinosaurs and I couldn't see myself signing up for another 2 years based on sprints word. So all those who did I hope it's worth it. At any given time I can drop this phone and sign another contact when a provider actually offers a plan worth it. Just couldn't drink the kool-aid anymore. $2300 a year for shitty service. Shitty phones, shitty service. Like Aziz Ansari said on parks and Recreation "quick I need a ipad or galaxy note, something with 4G. I don't have time for the now network" LMAO

What carrier did you go with? I'm in Cincy but facing a similar situation. I moved to ATT only because my work pays for my phone now, but my wife wants a Nexus so I'm thinking of moving her to prepaid. Our Sprint bill has been $150+ even with a good discount. Just tired of the constant network degradation in our area while the other carriers keep getting better.

1. Who did you go with?

I had lte last month in front of my home, this month, no lte.. don't know what to say but I barely get0.02 down in Hollywood florida anymore. Speed is so slow that I don't even go online anymore except when I have wifi.

I say with sprint cuz I'm a sero-p user so I pay prepaid prices.

I live in Illinois and luckily I have LTE pretty much everywhere I go. All the way from Rockford down to Kankakee. I know I'm one of the lucky ones. I know I felt the pain for around 8 months but it's all good now. I don't blame anyone for leaving though.

Just came by to read the standard "screw Sprint! That town sucks; my town is better; they're purposely withholding LTE in my city because they have a personal vendetta against me; there are only 11 people in that town and people in small towns don't need data; I'm a marketing exec. and I can tell you why Sprint is doing it wrong; Verizon is better; AT&T is better; Sprint sucks." comments. I still don't have LTE either, but I see the tower work going on around me. I've even snapped some pics of it. And I know that when they announce the Inland Empire gets the switch flipped people will come here and bitch about it, even though that area encompasses a couple million people.

I was well aware that it would be a couple years before they got coverage all over the place, but apparently I'm one of the few. Everyone here acts like Verizon lit off the entire country in the course of one week. If the grass is really greener on the other side then take your lawnmower over there and have at it.

Well you hit the nail on the head. People are not well informed or don't know what Network Vision is all about and why it's taking so long. Sprint is literaly building a state of the art network from scratch. Not cobbling an LTE network together like AT&T and Verizon are doing.

Yes it will take a couple of years to get to everyone. Hell even AT&T is still adding LTE sites. But Sprint needs to let it's customers know what is going on, instead of being coy and keeping it's customers in the dark. Thankfully there are sites like s4gru that is all about Sprints LTE network rollout.

I'm in Chicago and Network Vision is pretty darn good. Hopefully when this Softbank merger is complete they can ramp up the rollout.

But For all those who are not happy with your service, pay the ETF and leave. Simple as that.

Last time I said this I got flamed to death.

If you don't like the service, leave.

Let more whining and b1tch1ng commence...

Or call Sprint CS and complain about the service. When they were rolling out Network Vision here in Chicago it was pretty bad. I called 3-4 times to complain and each time I got a $30.00 service credit.

yes, but they just slapped it up. They are reaching maximum capacity on lte already. That is why the speeds are slowing down. When they have to install all new equipment like sprint is doing, all the whiners will be coming back. I am on the edge of lte in the Austin market. I am amazed at how fast it is and how quickly they are moving.

I find it funny whenever I read that a Sprint customer jumps to Verizon. Then gloats how great it is and we're all essentially a bunch of morons for staying with Sprint.

Then you read all the posts in the Verizon forum of how people are sick and tired being the last to get updates, the high prices, crappy CS and just being jerked around in general.

While I'm perfectly happy not having LTE in Madison, WI (every time I've gone into an area of Chicago or the Twin Cities with LTE my battery plummets) I'm still surprised/confused that Eau Claire and La Crosse get it before Milwaukee and Madison.

I moved from Sprint to Verizon and love it. Plan cost is the same, but service is way better. Wife and I share 2gb data and that has been enough. Unlimited data is bs if you can't pull it down. Maybe when my contract is up Sprint will be a viable choice for me again.

I went to revol wireless. All in all I get the same shitty service without paying $200 bucks a month. Didn't think so many people would want to know where I went lol but I see I'm not the only one who sees the cell phone industry is a jerk off in Ohio. My contract with sprint ended in Feb. Leading up to that I was gonna go T-mobile but couldn't find a device worth signing for 2 years. So I looked at prepaid. Any smartphone can be flashed to he company I'm with but boost mobile has nice phones and they use sprint towers and are lighting up 4g lte along with sprint for half the price and virgin mobile as well. Virgin uses sprint towers. Boost definately does because sprint owns them. I used to be happy with sprint because it was unlimited but almost all prepaid carriers offer unlimited everything for literally less than half of sprints price. Revol has a nice signal but I use wifi a lot. Calls and texting, no problem. Unlimited data. I'm not a prepaid fan boy, I'm just biding my time until things make sense again. At&t is cool but the people I know say their customer service blows and they're not unlimited. T-mobile gives you a signal comparable to sprint and for that case revol while charging a similar amount and being locked in. I really like Verizon. Like their devices and signal but Verizon customers are not happy. Verizon customers, they're like dogs in a fenced in front yard watching other dogs play while they're sad as hell lmao. It's kind of sad right now. That's why I went prepaid. The price just doesn't match the service. If I'm gonna get shitty service let me get what I pair for lol. But my prepaid service is surprisingly un-shitty lol

For the record, the Dallas/Ft Worth area has really improved lately. I'm getting a pretty decent 4G signal just about everywhere I go, and man, it's nice.

I was getting Sprint LTE in Temple around my Mother-in-Laws back in November. Saw 14Mpbs+ in some parts of town. Nice to know this is official now.

According to Sensorly Minneapolis has a bit of LTE. I assume it is a fairly "major" market. It is no where close to being considered live though. I'm jealous of my dad's verizon smartphone when he stops over. It has a solid LTE connection. The funny thing is he would probably be happy with 1x for what he uses his phone for, lol.

Fairfield, California, where I live, has supposedly had 4G "rolled out" for months now and I NEVER get 4G coverage. Hell, I barely get any signal at all, let alone 3G or 4G. After this contract's up I'm out.

I can't believe that they forgot about NYC AGAINN !!!! I've been with Sprint SO MANY YEARS and can't believe they keep forgetting about NYC...Like wtf???? I HAVE BEEN PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THE LTE TO FINALLY FREAKING ARRIVE IN NYC AND THIS IS F**Kin RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

West of Portland, OR in the Aloha and Hillboro area they are firing LTE up. I hit 5 around in some areas and 10 in others. Not blanket coversge but nice to see some effort going on. Not sure of any place else in the metro area.

Say what you want about the $10 fee and the markets that are getting LTE. I pay the fee and I want LTE. I don't think that Sprint will get to Canton, OH until 5G comes out. Then it will be too late.

I've noticed everybody with LTE in their area are the ones who sit here and say "stop whining" Screw what y'all say! You damn right I'm gonna whine and throw a bitch fit. No LTE in Washington, DC is a miserable fail. I've had this EVO LTE since the day it was released. Been patiently waiting but I see Sprint doesn't give a damn. So on to T-MOBILE. Fuck Sprint and all of their employees...Yeah I said it...YOU MAD?

I just turned on my LTE for the first time in a few months and was getting 4G in Grand Rapids, MI (Grandville to be exact). The speeds weren't great (5.12 up and 2.94 down) but better than the 3G.

WTF Sprint. No Denver nor Colorado. Denver got a population of 600,000 people = NO LTE AND BAD COVERAGE. Putting LTE in a town in the middle of nowhere or putting it on an island that is in the caribbean = LESS LTE POPULATION, BAD SELLS FOR SPRINT, ANGRY PEOPLE AND STUPID ENGINEERS. It doesn't add up. Who ever is in charge of LTE development and deployment should get FIRED.

Soooooo lame!!! I'm here in Sacramento, CA and just like the rest of you get shit for service less than 1mb up and down everywhere I go!! yea I get it sprint is trying there best and blahh blahh blahh but it's getting ridiculous! I. got my galaxy s3 in November on black fri. and I asked the Sprint rep worker there how long it would be until sac gets lte and he told me and I quote"2weeks" all I can say is FUCK YOU YOU LYING SAC OF SHIT FUCK SPRINT

I live in Cincinnati ohio. Got my note 2 in september or October. The sprint rep told me and I quote." It will be here in december. January at the latest. Went to the sprint store yesterday (5 /28/ 2013)to get something fixed on my phone. While i was there i asked whats up with the 4g lte?. I even gave him an out. I told him if you dont no. Just say you dont no. He told me it will be out here in December January at the latest. Lmfao!

Everyone in the large markets are complaining but no one has thought of who they are screwing the worst. The phone suppliers like htc who always gave sprint there best phones it took the I phones over 2 years to get to where it was up to the first evo. sprint screwed them on the evo 4g lte because they limited the market servilely you think they will offer there best to sprint again I know if I was them I would not. evo 4g lte was the best htc of all the ones they offered when lte rolled out that's way apple tried so hard to slow them down. In the long run this is what will hurt all of us sprint users we will be limited to the 2nd best and have to wait on the latest tech. somewhat like we are for lte service here in St. Louis. I know the htc1 was on apples list too but the evo had the most features.